Hello lovely! It’s Sarah and this is our about page where you learn who the F we are and why we created this cuckold/hotwife blog.

First off, I’m the girlfriend from the stories, my name is Sarah and I’m in my late-twenties.

Jack and I have been together for most of my twenties and when we met we hadn’t really tried anything crazy in the bedroom, over the years we had a few late light talks and decided to open our relationship up, you’ll learn why we did it and a little more about us on this page.

Who Is Behind Cuckin?

So, right now we have a few people who help run the blog



I’m the hotwife of the blog.

I write my stories, do most of the social media and I do a lot of the site admin, if you’ve got a message from us, you can probably guarantee it’s from me.

We’ve now been part of the lifestyle for 4 years, which is pretty small compared to a lot of the couples and men/women we’ve played with.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mizzhotwifeEmail: sarahhills1993@gmail.com

Jack Siggs


Hey, I’m Jack, I’m the cuckold of the blog.

I created the site and I write most of the guides and tell a few of my stories.

When I first started being a cuckold and sharing Sarah, I felt shame, I felt like people would think I was weird, it was awful.

Then after a few months of playing, I met a few other people who shared the fantasy, a few more months later, I met loads more and I realized there’s so many people who share this fantasy and there’s nothing wrong with the feelings of wanting to be a cuckold or hotwife.

So, I created this blog to help normalize cuckolding and help others try it safely.

I’m still new to this whole thing and I’m always open to feedback, I just want to create the best cuckold site, with the best resources and best membership, if you have any ideas let me know.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thecuckinEmail: Imjacksiggs@gmail.com

group of women who write for cuckin

Guest Writers (Our Friends)

Most of our friend group is people who are in this lifestyle. Not really sure how it happened, me and Jack were both pretty awkward before, but slowly this lifestyle has opened us up.

This has been amazing because now we have a base to share stories and people with stories. Some of the guest writers are IRL (in real life) friends and some have been met on social media/through this blog.

These are the writers who have shared their amazing stories on Cuckin, understand that we use their usernames to protect their identity:

  • Queen Femdom
  • Lucy (BigDickLover)
  • NaughtyHotwife
  • Ken
  • Ethan
  • LookingForHung
  • Louise
  • Emma and Bill
  • Mr.SmallDick
  • Cheater
  • BigDickBull
  • Kinkywife
  • Larry
  • ConservativeWife
  • ShyWife
  • ProudCuckold
  • RedheadNewbie

You can find out more about the people who write for cuckin on our authors page.

If you have an amazing lifestyle story and you want to share it, hit us up on social media or on the contact page, we only let people we are friendly with write on this blog, so say hello and let’s see where it goes. ❤

Why did we start cuckolding?

Woman in short skirt

Have you ever had a moment where you just thought “fuck it, I need to start living!”?

A series of events happened and we both decided to start living and doing the things that we actually wanted.

We stopped listening to everyday people, the same people who think kinks are weird and have judgement and we started exploring ourselves.

We created lists of things we wanted to try and got started ticking things off.

It was like we had a new lease of life and before we knew it we unearthed deep fantasies and kinks we never knew we had:

  • Cuckolding.
  • Hotwifing.
  • Threesomes.
  • Voyeurism.
  • Large play (big penises).
  • BDSM
  • Chastity

Just to name a few.

We love each other and have complete trust, we share what we like and both of us do what we can to make it a reality.

Why did you risk it all?

wedding rings

We both wanted to be with each other for the long run, but both had so many things we’d like to experience sexually.

Let’s face it, the thought of never sleeping with a new person again when you’re in your twenties is crazy and seemed a little over the top.

After about a year of talking we both knew it would be healthier to explore sexually together with complete honesty than keep everything in our head and one day either have resentment or cheat on the other person.

Sometimes the risk of not doing something is higher than the risk of doing it, this was one of them times.

We created a few rules

list of cuckold rules

We created a little rule book, at the start there were far more rules and eventually, we ended with this:

  • We come first over any other person we’re with.
  • We document everything we do and leave no detail untold.
  • We always ask permission.
  • We make no impulse decisions (this was later added, once we learned from our mistakes)
  • We never relax with the new lover (no Netflix, cuddling, sleepovers, spa days, etc) – sometimes this is broken when my boyfriend is present.
  • We focus on our own sex (We always make an effort to have sex with each other) – Many couples forget this and end up going elsewhere for all their sexual needs.

It’s pretty straight forward.

We have a few more rules that can be broken depending on situation:

  • Condoms
  • Blowjobs
  • Anal
  • Swallowing

It depends the lover we’re with, but at the start all of the above was off limits, now it’s a treat <3.

What We Want From Cuckin

We want to create a place for people to learn and explore cuckolding, cuckquean, hotwife, threesomes, and consensual cheating.

A place with real stories, experiences and guides, something that would turn you on, let you know your fantasy is normal and teach you how to make it a reality.

We also wanted to make a community for people to talk freely about their kinks (coming soon with your help).

It’s been a lot of hard work, but honestly myself and Jack have made so many friends, met some new lovers 😍😏😉 and found people who are the same as us.

sarah in short skirt

We hope you enjoy reading our content and if you do let me know. ❤