Just An Asian Cuckold & Hotwife Who Love Hung Fun

We are a fairly ordinary couple who enjoy this lifestyle. It has brought us many adventures and exciting opportunities that have shaped our relationship and our wants and desires in the bedroom. Unfortunately, it hasn’t always been plain sailing, we live in a very conservative city, and finding people like us is extremely difficult and when we do find them, they always seem to live hours and hours away.

My wife is a hotwife, she loves big cock and bulls that can satisfy her cravings and I am a simple cuckold, I love watching my wife with these men and watching them have a good time. I don’t always sit in with them, I will frequently wait in another room, but I always like to be within earshot of their lovemaking.

Being An Asian Cuckold Can Be Hard

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I feel like being an asian cuckold/hotwife is hard right now. We’re super busy with work a lot of the time and in the part of Asia that we live, it’s hard to find people who don’t flake on you at the last moment and everyone is so worried about their privacy that they never really commit to anything. We are conservative about our privacy too but the people we seem to meet want to not even share their names with us which we are not comfortable with.

We have been lucky enough with finding a few of the right people and have a small group of friends that my wife regularly plays with, but it’s still not enough for mine and my wife’s appetite and we desperately want to branch out further and enjoy even more couples and bulls from all different walks of life.

My wife also loves big cock, she has a real craving for it and so finding the right man for her is often essential.

We Have Had A Lot Of Vacation Romances (Safer & More Fun)

We find that people when traveling are the most fun and far more likely to be open to new things. We think it’s something to do with being away from home and people that they know that allows them to open up and do the things they want too. They are also so much easier to find, down for a good time, and usually leave pretty quick after which stops awkward meetings at a later date. Plus they are more than likely to use dating apps, which is an easy way to find new people to play with for us.

We have had a lot of success with romances when being on vacation, it seems as though people are more confident, freer, and have far fewer hang-ups and worries about privacy.

The only issue with vacation romances is that you will probably never see them again, it’s not consistent and it can only happen a few times a year depending on how often you can get away on vacation.

We Usually Only Play With Hung Guys

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We aren’t opposed to guys who aren’t hung but my wife does have a thing for hung men, she loves the feeling of her pussy being all nice and stretched out, we’ve tried penis sleeves, but nothing feels as good as the real thing for her and my wife likes to experience something new, so we usually just go with guys that are bigger than me, which isn’t too hard to find.

My wife’s love for big dick has always been there and luckily when we ventured out to explore our cuckolding fantasy, I found that seeing a big dick inside of my wife was a big turn on for me and it adds a little something to the evening. Knowing she is enjoying a cock I could never provide her with tickles something inside of me and satisfies a kinky urge that I have.

We Love Going For Dinner And Drinks (Seeing Where The Night Goes)


My wife is far from shy and if she likes you she will let you know. That’s how I think it goes so well for us, we are often the couple showing people how it’s done, reassuring them and letting them know that their kink and lifestyle is perfectly normal. We love having fun with new people and it always gives us both the same thrill as it did the first time. 😊

We will often meet someone online, meet them for a drink and maybe some dinner, see if we are a good match and make sure there is some chemistry there and then plan something for that weekend or even that evening depending on how it goes. It’s a nice way of doing things and it has allowed us to vet a lot of men that we were otherwise unsure about.

What Do You Think Of My Asian Wife And Her Lover

So, this is my asian hotwife and her bull, these are just a few of the pictures of their last time together, they play together quite often and she always comes home all stretched out and satisfied.

Let us know what you think of her in the comments down below, we would love to hear your dirty thoughts.

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If you want to see all of our pictures and of course see them uncensored, We upload and frequent inside the cuckin membership this is due to privacy reasons and wanting to keep ourselves away from the prying eyes of people we may know, it’s also a great place to hang out with people like us. We leave comments and interact quite a lot inside so maybe we will speak to some of you in there. We are also thinking of doing a rate my wife so we can get a real feel of what you think about my wife and share some more of her naughty images.

Any More Asian Cuckolds/Hotwives Out There?

It seems like there are quite a few cuckold/hotwives around, but we have a hard time finding people who understand privacy and who actually show up. Of course, we are open to all backgrounds and ethnicities but it would be nice to play with some new people in our hometown. Not sure if anyone has any advice on how we can make this happen?

We find a lot of our lovers using dating apps like Tinder but it seems as though it’s a lot of work for sometimes little to no reward. We are not sure if there’s a better way for us to be finding bulls to play with nearby, but would love to know as my wife has never been so keen to play as she is right now and I am having the best time ever exploring my cuck fetish and seeing just how far I can go.

We are a fun couple, always looking for new bulls my wife can play with. We enjoy traveling, board games and we do dabble in amateur salsa dancing from time to time!


  1. All I can say is, she looks great. My first sex was with an Asian woman (well hooker) but, I loved it. Never been with one since then. Now I’m a sub male and serve a Mistress.

  2. Would love to connect on how you both got into the lifestyle without issues

  3. I love playing with Asian couples. Your wife looks stunning and the men you select are very lucky. Always like to hear about positive couples hotwife/cuckold experiences. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I wish I had a big dick for her

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