Our Authors

Myself (Sarah) and my partner Jack created this blog and did a huge majority of the content at the start of our blogging journey, but as time has gone on we have made a few very good friends who have regularly contributed to cuckin.com and to our private membership and this is a page about them.

List Of People Who Write On Cuckin.com

This is a list of everyone who has created something for the public side of cuckin (we have a lot more on the membership for those who prefer keeping things private).


Jack and Sarah (The Creators/Owners)

We own and run the blog, this was all created from a silly idea and we are so glad that we did.

We started the lifestyle just to spice things up and try new things. We wanted to experience more and have slowly uncovered kinks we never knew that we had. Most of our kinks are centered around the hotwife and cuckold fetish.

We have a whole about created about all the how’s, what’s, when’s and where’s, so, if you’re interested, check that out.

Our Twitter: @thecuckin – Jacks Email: Imjacksiggs@gmail.com

My Twitter: @MizzHotwife – My Email: sarahhills1993@gmail.com

naughtyhotwife holding a sign with her name on it


Most of our friend group are people who are in this lifestyle. This lifestyle has really opened my husband and me up to new things and new experiences. I have tried things I only ever dreamed about before and so has my husband.

Finding Sarah has been amazing because now we have a popular base to share our stories with along with like-minded people who enjoy and learn from our submissions. Some of the guest writers here are IRL (in real life) friends and some have been met on social media/through this blog, all are wonderful and we love seeing a new submission from them all.

Naught Hotwife Twitter: @mysluttyproblem

queen femdom holding a cuckin sign

Queen Femdom

My husband was harboring a kink even he didn’t know that he had, he was hiding the fact that not only did he enjoy humiliation, degradation, and cuckolding but he also enjoyed being a cum dump sissy and now our sex life has changed dramatically for the better.

I love submitting our tales here, it has been eye-opening for us and I am forever grateful to Jack and Sarah for allowing us to share our lessons and stories.

shywife profile picture


My wife was very shy, it has taken her a lot to share on the blog but we have progressed a lot and she has seen just how beautiful she is. It has opened her up to a lot of new things and she has never been kinkier, it’s like being with a new woman. She now has so many new fantasies and ideas and cuckolding is now her ultimate goal. By reading and submitting to this blog has given her a burst of confidence that has not just helped her but me and our relationship too.



I chose the name Kinkywife because that’s what I am.

It took me a while to come to terms with my sexual preferences and somewhat taboo kinks but I am now fully acceptant of them and although I am still learning every single day, our cuckolding journey has been magnificent and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

Isabela in her bedroom


We feel like the newbies of the cuckolding lifestyle, although we have dived in feet first, we still have a lot of learning to do and we are still establishing who we want to be in this kinky world.

We have loved sharing our stories with the readers of this blog and love the feedback we receive for doing so. It has really helped us and we hope it may help others too!

emma sitting on bed

Emma and Bill

We have known Sarah and Jack for years, we met them when they were just starting out and we guided them on their journey.

We have a great amount of respect for them and for their incredible blog. Bill and I are a normal, ordinary couple when we aren’t enjoying the lifestyle but between the sheets, it’s very different and we love it.


Miss Kat

I’m Kat and I am constantly creeping on this blog.

I was honored to be able to share my story and explain my side of the lifestyle and my kinks.

I am very confident with my body, I love being naked and I am enjoying just exploring and learning new things about myself and what gets me off every single day.

Lookingforhung in bedroom


My wife is a big lover of big cock and unfortunately, I can’t provide her with that so we are constantly on the lookout for a big, hung bull that she can enjoy.

She loves being stretched out, filled up, and explored by a big meaty member. We are a very horny and open couple who adore this lifestyle.

Lucy selfie

Lucy (BigDickLover)

After 9 years of being a normal marriage, my husband and I decided it was time to try something new and we took the nerve-racking first steps into the cuckolding lifestyle. So far it has been great and although we have come across some issues, especially at the beginning, we are set on enjoying everything that is thrown our way and taking it in our stride. Communication and respect are the keys to making it work.

Other Writers Who Have Contributed

There are some more people who have contributed who preferred to have a smaller mention for privacy reasons and here are their display names, make sure you look out for them on our blog:

  • Ken
  • Ethan
  • Louise
  • Mr.SmallDick
  • RedheadNewbie
  • Cheater
  • BigDickBull
  • Larry
  • AmberAndEli
  • ConservativeWife
  • ProudCuckold
  • RedheadNewbie

As I mentioned before, these are people who have contributed to the public blog. We have loads more amazing people that contribute their content to the private membership.

Want To Contribute To Cuckin?

Are you a cuckold, bull, or hotwife with a story, experience, advice, video, or pictures that you would like to share?

If you are you can contact us as we would love to hear from you. We have built a pretty nice community of friends inside this fetish and we always welcome new ones.