I Converted My Straight Husband Into A Bi Cuckold

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The first part of this story is here and it explains how my husband went from being a straight cuckold to cleaning up my bull’s cum to blowing him. It was a bit of a process but it did eventually happen and since then we have progressed into something even better.

I just want to be clear my husband is a cuckold who gets off on humiliation, degradation, and me being pleasured by another man who is superior to him in many ways. I know not every cuckold enjoys such intimacy with their wife’s bull but every relationship is different and my husband wanted to try something new and get off in a way he had never done before.

My Husband Was Completely Straight, Now He Is A Bi Cuckold

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How was I going to convert my straight husband to a bi-cuckold?

We started with threesomes and then we progressed into sharing during threesomes where it would be one man and my husband and the other man would really get most of the time with me and then we stepped it up to cuckolding, through all of this my husband has been 100% straight, then I put him in a cock cage, stopped letting him cum and saw how far I could push him.

My husband has always been a ‘try it once’ sort of guy and when the idea first surfaced about him cleaning up my bull and even blowing him my husband warmed to the idea of trying it once and he actually found due to the cage, orgasm denial, the teasing and the whole humiliation aspect of it, he really enjoyed himself and didn’t see it as a ‘bisexual’ thing he just saw it as all of us getting off and doing something we really like.

How I Got Him To Crave Being Fucked By Another Man

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I knew that the ultimate degradation for him would be to be fucked by my bull too. It was a big thing, I knew he would want to practice first but once I explained how hot it was and how degraded he was going to feel being fucked by the man who fucks me, he really started getting excited about the idea.

He doesn’t like labels, he wanted it to be a purely experimental, three humans just trying out new things together. He wanted it to flow, he wanted it to feel great and for us all to get something from it and I knew just by looking at my husband that it was going to be great.

From Cleaning Up Cum To Sucking Cock

If you read part 1 you will know that the transition from cleaning up my bull’s cum from my pussy and from my bulls cock was the first step, getting my husband to then blow my bull was the second step, it took me a while to get him horny enough, really make him wait for that release and after a few weeks, it was time.

He really enjoyed it and he told me how humiliated it made him feel tasting me on my bulls cock and tasting the bulls cum that shot down his throat. Once he was done he got his orgasm and I have never seen him cum like it before.

Fuck my ass and pretend it’s another man’s ass

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In the weeks leading up to the whole event, I decided to let him do something reserved only for my bull. I let him fuck me in the ass and while he was inside of me, I told him to imagine I was another man he was fucking in the ass, he came inside of me within seconds of me saying this.
I knew he wanted more. He loved the idea of anal, something that was virtually never rewarded to him and when I mentioned the idea of him fucking another man, he practically shivered with desire as he came.

I Then Pegged My Cute Hubby

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I kept him caged up for a while, teasing him as I usually do by licking and sucking his cage, teasing him by touching myself in front of him and denying him of all pleasures. When I knew he was ready I pegged him, I made sure to build up over a week or two as I wanted him to feel lots of pleasure.

woman pegging husband

I was stretching his little ass out and getting him used to anal penetration and every time I’d say imagine I’m a man fucking you his little cock would cum. It was an amazing experience and once he started getting off on the anal pleasure I knew he was nearly time for my bull to have a play.

We Started Using My Bi Husband As A Cum Dump

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Once my husband was ready it was time to turn things up a notch. The only time I would suck his dick is when another man’s dick was inside of his mouth. Double the pleasure for him and fantasy fulfilled for me.

When I’m generous I let my husband have my bulls load on him or inside of his mouth instead of me. My bull loves coating him and making him swallow his cum. He sometimes just cums on his caged cock, sometimes cums in his mouth and recently he’s been stretching his tight ass (just the first few inches so far) very slowly with his hung cock and then blowing his load inside of him.

My husband became the cum dump and to say he loved it is an understatment, he was ecstatsic with his new title, especially after being locked up for so long and finally getting some pleasure.

His Job Is To Please My Bull

My husband will lick my bulls ass and balls whilst he fucks me and gives me unparalleled pleasure. He will lay underneath us when we are in doggy style and lick my pussy/his cock and clean up anything that drips down or anything that we order him to clean up.

After a few times doing this he will now do anything for my bull, it’s kind of funny seeing how far I can push him and how much pleasure he gets from it.

Last Night I Think We Broke My Hubby

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It was time for my husband to get fucked properly by my bull, he was all ready and horny desperate to try it out. I had teased him non-stop and he was practically begging me to cum.

Once my bull had arrived I had my husband get him ready with his mouth, it really turns me on watching and I know my hubby and my bull love it too. Seeing him on his knees getting my bull ready to give me pleasure is thrilling. He also went down on my to lube my up for my bull’s cock.

My bull then fucked me and something about having my caged cuck wait his turn while I get fucked is so hot. My bull made me cum hard, I was screaming his name and watching my hubby’s face as he saw all of the pleasure my bull was giving me. He told me he was about to cum, he pulled out of me, got my hubby on all fours and put his cock in his ass, I could see my hubby’s dick become rock-solid (even with his cage on) and he started moaning loudly as my bull thrust himself into him, he took every inch like a good boy and then my bull came in his ass, filling him up and then leaving him like a cum dump.

I was so turned on when my bull left I had to masturbate whilst my husband watched, he was desperate to cum but I wanted him to hold on a little bit longer before I gave him the pleasure he deserved and once it was time, his load was so huge I didn’t think it would ever stop.

Sometimes I Just Watch

Haha, I’ve become the cuckold, sometimes I just like watching my bull’s hard cock push against my husband’s body, I like watching him dominate my husband while he looks at me like I’m next. I like it when he treats my hubby like just another hole and then does the same to me.

From a Straight Cuckold to A Bi Cuckold

My husband now enjoys it, he loves sucking, cleaning up, and getting fucked by my bull and all of this just makes my bull more attractive to me. I love my hubby like a friend, but seeing a real man fuck us both and make us both cum is what really turns me on. The humiliation is a huge turn on for my husband and he has loved trying something new and being made to feel like the worthless cum dump. I know this isn’t for everyone but for us it has worked wonders.

Would You Let My Bull Fuck You?

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Well, would you? Would you like it if you were my partner and my bull fucked you aswell as me? Treated us both like holes that needed to be used up?

You would have to lick his ass, lick my pussy for him, lick my pussy clean, become a cum dump for my bull, and even watch my bull as he fucks me raw?

Not everyone is up for the challenge.

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Update: There’s A Part 3

We now have a part 3, my husband is now being training into a sissy and I shared the whole process here. Never thought our relationship would get to this point, but I’m so proud. 🥰

I love submitting our tales here, it has been eye-opening for us and I am forever grateful to Jack and Sarah for allowing us to share our lessons and stories.


  1. I love your storys wish it was me

  2. I love your storys wish it was me doggy style is my favorite under Neath you both. Licking and suckin

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  4. usually it starts with anal penetration of the husband by the wife and then gradually turning him into a cuckold

  5. I loved your store. I would love to be your cuckold and service your bull. I’ve been a sub male sissy slut for a Mistress. I have offered to be her cuckold several times but, she doesn’t want to mix her dominate life with her regular life. One thing you said bothered me. You said you now love your hubby like a friend. To me that would signal the end of your marriage. I hope not.

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