My Big Dick Problems Is The Reason Your Wife Fucks Me Behind Your Back

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Jack and I have been very fortunate to have a friend of ours who wanted to talk about having a big dick and the problem that can occur during sex and cuckolding. Another friend of ours wrote this: Small dick problems and having both sides explained and explored is great for anyone looking for information or just a general insight into their two worlds which may not be too different after all. We hope you enjoy it!

I am a bull, I found a kink within myself that meant I enjoyed fucking other men’s wives with or without them present. It’s the thrill of knowing she is enjoying you far more than she has ever enjoyed her husband and leaving her cum soaked and totally satisfied that gets a lot of us bulls off. I am quite a niche bull as I have a big dick in which a lot of couples seek out to either try something new or to really dive deep into the cuckold fantasy with their partner who wants to feel totally inadequate when compared to my dick.

How Big Is My Dick?

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My dick is a little over 8.5 inches in length and 6.5 inches in girth. This is my actual length, I think a lot of guys lie about their length because every woman I’ve been with tells me she’s had 8 inches before and then gets really shocked when she sees my cock. I don’t blame guys for lying at all but it gives the women they sleep with a distorted view of what 8.5 inches actually looks like.

My Main Big Dick Problems

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You might be thinking ‘What could possibly be bad about having a big dick?’ and whilst I understand why you may ask that question there are actually downsides sometimes. I am very happy with my dick but it isn’t always met with all smiles and I have had some pretty intense situations where my dick has given a woman more pain than it has pleasure.

I’ve found it hard over the years to find women who can take and enjoy my size, with cuckolding I found that most of the couples I find are looking for a big dick, you just have to know where to find them. However, I do have some setbacks and it’s mostly because of these reasons below:

Women Have Refused To Have Sex With Me

This doesn’t go for most cuckolding couples but for women looking to date or hook up with me. When they refuse to have sex with me it’s because they are worried I’ll stretch them (even though the vagina goes completely back to normal a few hours later) or they just are not into big dicks, I’ve had women who were about to fuck me take one look and tell me that there’s no way I’ll fit inside of them and then just get up and leave. It can be really hard to deal with sometimes.
It’s a big compliment that someone won’t fuck you cause your dick is too big but it also sucks at the same time.

Hitting Her Cervix

Hitting her cervix with a big dick is so uncomfortable for her, it hurts and I have had women straight out stopping sex, crying, and then leaving. It’s impossible not to hit their cervix in certain positions and so you have to stick to the same ones with certain women and you have to be ultra-careful with how you penetrate her.

The worst position for cervix hitting is doggy style, yet a lot of women love it and can’t understand when I tell them it’s best if we don’t. If you go really slowly you may be able to bypass the pain from hitting the cervix in doggy style but it’s best just to avoid it with a bigger dick along with some other positions such as cowgirl and missionary with her legs up around her shoulders.

Quickies Are A lot Harder

There is a certain type of woman who is able to have a ‘quickie’ with a big dick but this type of woman usually has a fetish for big dick and these can be quite hard to find. With other women it can be hard to just ‘have sex’ as foreplay is so important, you have to warm their vagina up, get them all loose and ready for your dick, and ensure they are aroused enough to take you.

Whilst I love foreplay and have no problem pleasuring a woman for hours on end, it can still be hard when you both just want to do it quickly and spontaneously.

Partner Feeling Pain After Sex

This doesn’t happen to me all of the time but I have been with women who have complained afterward that they are sore and aching, now that I have found my people inside the cuckolding community I know a lot of women love this sensation but in the day to day world most women don’t and it can be a real burden knowing someone is hurting because of you.

Telling A Couple About My Problems

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I was on a dating site and I got talking to a couple who were looking to have a cuckold threesome. I had never done it before but I was horny and figured why?

We got to the point of sending pictures (mostly nude) and before I sent my member I started telling them about my big dick problems and that it had held me back, giving them some warning so that they wouldn’t just start ghosting me, which has happened to me before.

The husband laughed and had no idea having a big dick would bring any kind of problem, he said that it was what he and his wife were looking for.
I sent a picture and they were more than happy with it.

I then asked if she had ever been with a guy who was this hung. He said that she had only ever had average lovers, but she wants to try it out. He also explained how the whole me being bigger than him ‘thing’ was a real turn on in the bedroom. I was worried and explained again that big dick can equal pain but they both agreed that they understood and we arranged our meeting.

We Met At A Hotel

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She was I would say just over 5 feet tall with a great body, I’m a big guy 6,4 and I was worried this whole meeting would be ruined by my cock. She was petite and she just didn’t look like the type who could take a big dick. We went for drinks, we talked, flirted and eventually, we got to the hotel room, her husband was going to just watch us from a couch in the room and we were to play as we pleased in the hotel bed.

I was really aroused and so was she as soon as we started making out, I slowly kissed and touched her body, put my hand up her dress and I could feel her wet pussy through her lingerie.

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She felt for my dick and when she pulled it out of my pants she was shocked at the size but she just smiled as she kept on kissing me. I played with her vagina and then she decided to go down on me, she sucked my dick dry, she was so good at it. I looked over at her husband who was watching on, intensely staring at his wife.

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She then shocked me by straddling me and pushing my dick inside of her, she was so wet and it wasn’t a squeeze to get in because she was so aroused. She wanted to please me and prove she could take every inch and seconds later she had taken my whole dick inside of and was riding me. It felt incredible.

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After I knew she was comfortable with my dick I fucked her, enjoying every inch of her wet vagina and seeing her lost in the the throws of pleasure, whimpering and moaning as we fucked for hours was like an addiciton to me.

A Few Days Later

She texts me asking if she did okay and that there was not one problem with my dick for her, just pure enjoyment and whether she could try me again. She told me how much her husband had gotten off to the whole setup and how they had both realized that big dick was the way forward for them.

I had no idea about cuckolding and hotwifing. I realized there were women out there who wanted my dick, most of them just in relationships with you.

I’ve Become A Regular Bull

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After that initial meeting, I realized that there was a niche for me and I loved being in it and fulfilling somebody’s fantasies. I love having respectful, passionate sex with hotwives.

They know what they want, their husbands know what they need and sometimes they are shy and want me to bring out their kinky side, but they know exactly what they are getting and I’ve not had one problem with dick size since becoming a bull and discovering my own kink for it.

What’s Different About Fucking A Hotwife

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There are different reasons couples look for bulls like me and there are different pros to all of them so I just wanted to share with you a little bit about some of those reasons:

Being with first-timers: I’ve had been the first bull for a lot of girlfriends and wives and seeing them trying to fit every inch of me while they shake, moan and try to please me is ecstasy. If you’re their first experience then their arousal is usually maxed out just by kissing and them giving me a blowjob, so usually even with girlfriends/wives that have never been with someone bigger than 6 inches, I slip in without a problem.

The Women Who’ve Done It Before: I can use more of my power and go full force (if that’s what she enjoys), seeing a small wife take my whole 8-inch cock in doggy style while begging me to go faster is something I’ll never get tired of seeing.

They Look For Size (Most Of Them): A lot of hotwives look for men with bigger dicks, they want their bull to be bigger and better than their husbands in every way. Searching for a bull who is respectful and understand and who has a big dick is exactly what a lot of them want and fucking these types of hotwives is usually a whirlwind and very messy.

Knowing that she won’t be able to feel your small cock after: For a lot of cuckolds knowing that your cock will feel like nothing once I’m done inside of her, unless you put something like a penis sleeve on is a huge turn on. Knowing their wife is all used up and has been fucked in a way you never could is why a lot of hotwives come to bulls like me.

Are You In Florida?

If you’re in Florida and want a hung bull who understands cuckolding/hotwifing, leave a comment or message Jack/Sarah to get in touch with me.

I’ve become good with first-timers, I understand the difficulties and the requirements and I’m cool with rules if you just want your partner to play, suck or just see my cock let me know.

Having a big dick can come with its problems and not just within my real life but when being a bull too. I want to share the issues I face and the experiences I have when women just want my dick and nothing else.


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