My Wife Wants To Share More (Before & After)

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My wife went from being painfully shy to really opening herself up and becoming a hotwife. She has lots of images that she wants to share with you but for our privacy, they are locked inside of the membership. Once you’re inside you will see hundreds of other pictures from other wives, videos, captions, Jerk off instructions, stories and so much more. It’s so great in there, we are a great community and can’t wait to meet you.

After my last post, my wife had a surge of confidence. Seeing your comments and messages has really opened her up and made her realize just how hot she is. She went from never taking nude pictures to taking these with me. She has completely transformed and now we are just waiting for that first threesome.

My wife was once really shy and since sharing lots of her pictures here she has seen just how beautiful she is. When she is ready the next step for us is a threesome and something tells me we are going to have an amazing time.


  1. Happy to see your wife has now joined the club 馃槈

  2. I get that she’s shy, a lot of women are, but please tell her that she is just amazing and we would love more content from her. Stunning she is

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