I Love ‘accidentally’ Flashing My Husbands Friends (CMNF Story)

woman wearing colorful panties and socks

Today we have a reader of ours who wanted to share her story and her tiptoe into the CMNF world. It’s a big eye-opening step for a lot of people and she took the leap and now wants to share her findings and experiences with that with us.

Hi, my name is Kat. I am a big fan of this blog and of Jack and Sarah and I wanted to share my CMNF story somewhere it would be seen by people like me. I want to share with you my first-hand accounts of this way of life and of this kink and let you in on how it is for me and how it all came about. Once you read my story if you have any more questions, leave them in the comments done below and I will get back to you.

Do You Know About CMNF (Clothed Male Naked Female)?


It’s always been a kink of mine that I didn’t know that I had, I discovered I had a liking to it in my early twenties and it grew from there. It’s something that I’ve talked to my husband about and over the years he’s let me explore this part of myself.

If you don’t know CMNF is basically a situation where more males are dressed than females. A group of guys with one naked female is the perfect example. Trying to find places where this happens can be extremely difficult but if you do it right and you know the right people, it can become a serious reality. If you’re a male and the thought of this turns you on or if you’re a female and the idea of being the only or one of very few naked women in a room full of men turns you on, then this kink may be for you.

Being Naked When Everyone Is Dressed

group of naked women

My husband was really turned on at the idea of me being into CMNF, he asked me about it and we researched it all together. He isn’t the jealous type so him knowing that strangers or people we knew were looking at me didn’t affect him, in fact we realized it turned him on. He liked his friends or strangers knowing how good I looked under my clothes adn he encouraged me to step further into the kink. I had experimented with it before but never to this degree.

It started when we went to beaches, I’d be invited to a boys beach day with my husband and his friends and I would strip off into nothing but a micro bikini. His friends would be constantly glancing at me and making no attempt to look away when I caught them looking. It was thrilling to be there with them, wearing nothing but a tiny bikini but I wanted more, I wanted to be naked and not restricted by a tiny piece of material.

Once we both realized what a turn on going to the beach was and experimenting my kink with me wearing just a micro bikini my husband and I would plan what I’d do when his best friends were over.

We decided on casual things at first because I’m only comfortable doing this with his two best friends, but there’s a third one that I’d like to try it with, just need to get to know him a little better. Sometimes when they were gaming or watching TV, I’d walk in from a shower looking for my underwear/clothes.

I’d see his friends try not to look, but they always would and I’d even sometimes notice a little movement in their trousers, which I made apparent that I had seen.

My husband would look at me too and not acknowledge my presence or he would call me over for a quick kiss, right in front of his friends.

His Friend Needed Help Buying Lingerie For His Girlfriend (I helped)

woman in micro thong

My husband’s friend came to me asking what he should buy his girlfriend for her birthday, I suggested a whole host of things and I also mentioned that a nice lingerie set would certainly go down a treat. I took my husband and his friend shopping for lingerie and it was so hot, I’d pick a lingerie set that he liked and because his girlfriend has the same build to me, I’d try it on and show him in the dressing room.

woman bending over in thong

90% of the lingerie I tried was sheer, some crotchless and I just pretended like it was nothing. I was so wet. He picked it all so he wanted to see me in it and seeing his and my husband’s face as I paraded around the changing rooms was amazing.

Once he had taken a good look I would even leave the changing room curtain a little open so they could get little glimpses of me as I got changed. I caught his eye a few times and honestly my heart was beating out of my chest with excitement.

Making All Of My Husbands Friends Hard

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These are just some of the ways that I enjoy my kink and participate in the CMNF lifestyle. You may do the same thing, be turned on at my ways, or be curious as to how my husband reacts or his friends reacts to this but it is all positive and everyone loves it.

1. We have a pool and I always sunbathe next to it completely naked, when my husband’s friends come over, they will drink by the pool and I’ll be completely naked and I’ll occasionally ask one of them to go get me a drink, just so I can see their hard dick in there swimming trunks as they stand up, it’s so funny, they try to hide it but, I can always see. I love laying there and feeling their eyes on me.

2. I wear tiny loose shorts and no panties and when we watch TV, I sit with my legs open. It’s so funny how weak men are, I can always see them staring at me and just feel how much they just want to look when they are trying to be discreet about it. My husband always winks at me when I do this as he loves the view.

3. Whenever I get new lingerie, summer dress, short skirt, etc when I have been shopping I ask them if they like them and treat them like a girlfriend. I then get changed in front of them, showing off my new outfit while we casually talk.

4. At cookouts I generally like to flash them my tits or open my legs as well sit and talk. It always goes down a treat.

5. I skinny dip in our pool and when they come round once I am done sunbathing I cool off in there, no matter if they are in the pool already or not.

6. Dropping my towel by accident was something I used to do right when I first started getting comfortable with CMNF. I would come out of the shower, grab a drink in front of my husband’s friends and my towel would accidentally come loose.

Comforting One Of His Clothed Friends With My Naked Body

cmnf blowjob

The girlfriend I helped buy lingerie for, broke up with him. They weren’t a great match anyway but he was still understandably upset about it.

My husband invited him over to make him feel a bit better and we had a bit of a kinky plan. My husband asked if he would like a little release, using my mouth. He agreed instantly, he had always been eager to fuck me. I was outside, my husband came and got me and he waited outside of the door, listening in on our little meeting.

I got completely naked, pulled out his cock from his jeans, and gave him a blowjob. From the way he was moaning and how from how hard he was you would have thought no one had ever touched his dick before (he later told my husband that he never really had sex with his ex nor did she enjoy giving blowjobs) because he came in my mouth in what felt like seconds. I told him if he ever needed more of a release to let me know and we could arrange something straightaway.

My husband walked in just after he had zipped his jeans back up and they acted as if nothing happened and got back to doing whatever it was they were doing and I headed back outside, except this time I was naked and I was terribly horny.

It’s probably the kinkiest thing I’ve ever done and after I did start to feel a little bit worried that my husband’s friend would mention it to everyone but he didn’t and my husband told me how much his friend had enjoyed it. Luckily for me since then, we’ve actually started experimenting with him and have done some pretty kinky stuff all together.

The clothed male naked female lifestyle isn’t for everyone and not everyone takes it as far as I do but we love it and it’s something I just see progressing forward in my life, never something I will ever shy away from.

If you have any questions or if you want some advice feel free to leave it all in the comments below and I will make sure that I get back to you to answer any kind of questions you may have.

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I have a big thing for getting naked and showing off my body. I love making my partner's friends hard and it's just a kink I've had for a while. Hope you enjoy my stories.


  1. This is so hot, a dream of mine to have my wife naked and my friends watching her move around a room and then I want to share her with them. Ah, I can dream at least!

  2. I’ve heard of (Clothed Female Naked Male) but, not the other way around. Depending how your husband feels, it could lead to all kind of possibility’s. Just have fun with it and maybe more will happen. It would seem that cuckolding your husband would be at the next level. I know it would be a big step but, your already half way there.

  3. All i have to say is. Please tell me your husband needs a new friend. Because i would love to be his friend.cant wait to see you

  4. My wife and I love the CMNF lifestyle. My wife is 5’9, 110#, 36C. We basically got into this from enjoying nude beaches. I rarely got checked out (what else is new) as she always got very appreciative stares. So like Kat, we started at home with “accidental” flashing. Robe accidently opening. Caught out of the shower. Loose tops and bottoms. I have 4 friends who play a monthly rotating card game where she used to dress with more and more see-thru, and then less and less clothing. To finally offers consolation prizes.
    The guys helped finish my basement so we ONLY play cards at my house, once a month. Buy in is $100.
    1st to lose everything gets a hand-job
    2nd & 3rd to lose get a blowjob
    4th can 69 or just eat her out
    The one who wins it all, she will ride them until both reach orgasm! Regardless who the winner is, I record from start to finish.
    The wives are perplexed as to why after losing $100 every 2 weeks their men come home happy, lol

    • Where the game held at

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