Cuckold Condom Advice: Do We Use Protection With Bulls?


When it comes to cuckolding, swinging, threesomes, and all things fun, there is a question on everybody’s minds and whether it’s right there at the forefront or hidden somewhere at the back and that question is: Must we wear a condom during cuckolding or not?

It can be difficult, especially between people new to the lifestyle and many couples regret their decision and wish they had set clearer rules about rubbers. Today I wanted to expose my truth to you and show you how my husband Jack and I do it, what our rules are, and where we stand on condoms and cuckolding. Hopefully, this will give you some insight and advice on where you stand on rubbers.

Disclaimer: I always recommend you practice safe sex. You should understand that the following is my experience and what I do and shouldn’t be used as a guide on what you should do.

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The Truth About Cuckolding and Condoms

a penis without a condom

You may see a lot of people not using condoms with their bull, this is more of a first-timers mistake, it even happened to one of our friends who let his friend accidentally creampie his wife during their first experience, (this is what happened when he accidentally creampied his wife) which didn’t go down too well once he realized how much he didn’t want that to have happened.

Most people who share often use condoms 100% of the time, if you are a guy who hates condoms you will probably get rejected by 100% of couples.

However, as a hotwife myself, I have had unprotected sex with a handful of men on a few occasions, one or two have been the heat of the moment things, which I probably regret as it’s not worth the risk and the others have been planned and we have both been tested and know we’re safe, this is more for the regular men that Jack shares me with and the bulls that we know and trust. This is always planned and even after all of this time Jack and I talk about it and make sure no condom being used is the right thing to do and we ensure that we are both comfortable with it.

Do I Make My Bull Wear A Condom?

woman holding a mans penis

I have a few men who are friends and I consider them my bulls. We don’t use condoms, very rarely at least and we will usually pay for them to get tested, this takes away all of the risks.

I’m not a fan of condoms, they don’t kill it for me, but bareback sex adds a whole new dimension to cuckolding, it’s taboo and the thought of another man cumming in me and then Jack having sex with me and cumming in me too and feeling there leftovers, just does something to us both.

If I’m playing with someone new we always use condoms, I also bring my own condoms everywhere I go, normal and extra-large. There’s some fun to be had when a hotwife removes the condom and gets to see the excitement in her bull’s eyes, this should always be pre-arranged with the cuck and the bull but it’s so exciting and it adds a nice kinky twist to the already kinky sex they are having together.

Do I Make My Cuckold Husband Wear A Condom?

condom out of its wrapper

This is a tricky one because the answer is yes and no. My husband is a horny cuck, he likes to be humiliated and to feel inadequate in the bedroom at times, especially after my bull has been round.

We had a deal going on where I would let my bull fuck me totally raw, without a condom on and then I would make Jack put a condom on afterward when he fucked me. It was as if my bull was better than him, his cock more worthy and his cum far more important to me. Jack loved it and we did do this for quite a long time before moving onto other turn-ons and kinks, however, we do revisit this fantasy every once in a while and it’s always as exciting as the first time.

What About Blowjobs?

cum dripping down a womans face on-to her top

I don’t think I have seen someone specifically using condoms for just blowjobs, however, that doesn’t mean It doesn’t happen, it probably should happen, especially if you don’t know the person you are playing with. One of our friends, actually only gives blowjobs to bulls as she has a cum fetish and she loves men who cum in her mouth and let her swallow all of their seed.

I have done it for fun after sex, I will take his cock out of me, get on my knees and give him a blow job and lick myself off of his cock, it’s just easier than taking the condom off and re putting it back on afterward when you are ready to have sex again. It’s also something a little different and it’s really sexy to be on your knees tasting your own juices.

However, there are risks from having unprotected oral sex and I know that any man that acted weird at the idea of a condom blowjob probably isn’t the type of man you want to have sex with anyway. Again, I play with a lot more guys that I’ve known for a long time and men who I trust, but if I go to a play party or hook up with someone new I would not be against bagging him up during a blowjob.

What About Bareback Anal Sex?

woman wearing a blue thong showing off her butt

I once had some of the best anal sex I have ever had in my life with my bull ‘Mark’ and he came in my ass. I am not opposed to bareback anal sex as you may have read but as I mentioned before, there are risks, and using a condom, especially with a new bull is the best thing you can do.

I like anal sex, I enjoy being stretched out but I would only go bareback with a bull that I trusted, I also know that Jack feels the same and would want my bull to be wearing a condom if we didn’t know him all that well.

Used Cum Filled Condom For Clean Up?

cum filled condom

Jack and I haven’t ventured into the realm of clean up ourselves yet, but we’ve had a lot of friends and readers share their stories with us, most of which are based around the cuckold cleaning up another man’s cum. This usually starts with a bull leaving a mess to clean either inside of their wife or somewhere on their body and even sometimes the naughtiest of cuckolds clean their wife’s bulls cock after they are done fucking them. This is really hot and my friend Emma found her husband enjoying cleaning up another man’s cum.

Whilst we haven’t used a condom for clean-up, a friend of ours always gives her hubby the condom of the men she’s slept with, if she’s on a solo date, she’ll ask for it when he is done and if he’s in the room with them, she will hand it to him right after the bull is done with her. It’s pretty humiliating but very sexy to our kind.

Has A Condom Ever Broke On Me?

I have never had a broken condom, I know it can happen and I know it has happened to a lot of people but for me, it just hasn’t occured. If it was to happen I would like to think the bull or person I was with would tell me out of respect. It definitely wouldn’t ruin the moment, in fact, I could tell my husband it was because my bull’s cock is so thick that it burst out from the seams and tease him about his never doing that.

What I Like The Most

used condom on yellow background

I like building relationships with people I trust and when you can be completely open and do things like STD tests on the regular, it becomes a lot more fun and opens up a lot of things like swallowing, barebacks sex, anal, creampies and whatever gets you going about cum.

I like my bulls to know me, that way we can open up with one another and it makes our journey a lot more exciting. I think all in all whilst I love to have bareback sex with a bull, if my husband was uncomfortable or if the bull wasn’t someone I usually played with, I would always, always wear a condom.

You Should Always Practice Safe Sex

red packets of condoms

What I do with my bulls is personal to me and what you do with yours should be tailored to how your lifestyle works and what you want from cuckolding. I recommend reading our cuckold trainer guide that way you may start feeling more comfortable in your decisions. The fact that I don’t usually wear condoms with bulls that I play with regularly is my own choice but wearing a condom gives you freedom, peace of mind and it seriously lowers your risk of STDs and pregnancy and it also means you can be more spontaneous with your playtime.

Remember even if he wears a condom, he is still cumming in you, you’re just protected by a thin bit of latex. Nothing is lost from the experience, you are still being fucked by someone else, you’re just keeping both of you safe. I urge you to practice safe sex always, even with bulls you trust.

I'm Sarah, I'm the hotwife of this blog. I share my stories and experiences of being a hotwife for the past 4 years, the ups the downs and how it affected my relationship.

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