Cuckold Aftercare & Reclaim Routine

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It’s really important to have rules that you stick to when exploring this lifestyle. You will find that whether you’re brand new or a veteran of this world, everybody has their rules and the processes that they go through with their partner. People who don’t keep to their rules will often fail at our lifestyle and have negative experiences.

One process that a lot of cucks and hotwives go through is aftercare. When the doors are closed and the event is over and you’re back to being in your everyday relationship, it can be important to ensure that you both feel loved and cared for. This can often attribute to a successful and happy experience with cuckolding, which is always a good thing.

Aftercare and reclaiming is also used in other types of sexual play, those who practice bdsm will often care for their partner after, those who are swingers ensure their partner feels loved, etc. A wide variety of different groups do this process and all consider it to be of great importance.

What Is ReClaiming/Aftercare?

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ReClaiming is the act of having sex with your partner after they have had another lover. Some people describe this as the best sex ever, having sex with your wife after she has been used by another partner, and knowing she has had another cock inside of her really gets some people off.

However, ReClaiming isn’t just for great sex, it can also be very important between a couple and helps them to maintain a healthy and strong relationship. Knowing that at the end of the day things between them remain constant and unchanged and despite the kink, they still belong to one another. It’s an intimate reconnection with your partner that some find very important and essential in their relationship.

Aftercare is dealing with the emotional comedown after sharing your partner. Many people embark on this as it’s a way to re-connect with their partner, ensuring you both feel loved and primarily aftercare is for you both, not just for one of you. Most people look at is an emotional check-in, ensuring you are both happy and comfortable, perhaps a quick debriefing and dealing with any questions or problems that may have arisen.

Aftercare is so important to Jack and I and it’s a ritual to us. Without the aftercare, we wouldn’t have had as many conversations about this lifestyle as we had and it allowed us to grow and explore in ways we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. It also ensures you both feel loved and adored and prevents feelings of guilt or anguish.

No matter how raunchy or intense the sex was with your bull, knowing you are coming home to someone or someone is coming home to you who loves and worships you is a feeling like no other and a great aftercare routine is a reason for that.

The Aftercare I Give Jack After Being Shared

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If Jack Watched/Joined In: The second the bull leaves, we will cuddle, kiss, and take a shower together. If Jack just watched then it’s his time to have some fun, we usually have really intense sex and he reclaims my body. He will usually cum pretty quick and then we will go for round two, by the end I’m a wet exhausted mess.

After that we cuddle up, I tell him how much I love him and the next day we go back to being a normal couple and don’t really talk about it, unless we have any questions or issues we wanted to discuss, and then sometimes if all is well we will save the events in our minds and get Jack off as I re-tell what happened that night.

We also often bathe together after all it’s all said and done, carefully washing one another and being emotionally intimate. It really brings us both back down to Earth and to the foundations of our relationship.

If I went on a date alone: When I get home I tell him everything, usually, while I give him a handjob (so I can be in control of when he cums), then once I’ve told him everything I get on top and ride him and he reclaims me and gets some sloppy seconds (his favorite). I’ll be in the same clothes and underwear from my date and then after I will shower and get in something new or we will bathe together.

On a solo date, I’ll make sure to really reassure him that I love him afterward, he knows it, but it’s a big deal having the trust to let me go out on my own and fuck who I want, how I want. When we have sex when I get home, we are still in cuck/hotwife mode so once it’s all said and done that’s when we become affectionate, we revert back to our day to day ways and I always make sure to make him feel special and appreciated and he makes me feel like the most adored and sexiest woman in the world.

Cuckold Aftercare Routines Ideas

cuckold reclaim and aftercare ideas

If you want to create aftercare or ReClaim routine with your partner we have listed some ideas that will help you create the perfect environment for you. Mix and match any of the ideas below to create your dream cuckold care routine and feel free to post it and share it in the comments down below.

#1 – The Solo Date: After a solo date, have your own date night with movies, cuddles, and cozy blankets. Make it special and remind yourselves of why you both love one another so much.

#2 – Sloppy Seconds: You come back all stretched after your bull has cum inside you and now it’s time for you to have your turn and enjoy his cum dripping down your cock with every thrust you take.

#3. – Reclaiming: You just have sex the second the bull goes home, in whatever way makes you feel the best.

#4 – Loving Cuddle & Kisses: Nothing beats a nice naked cuddle/Spoon on the bed while watching some TV. Maybe a little flash of your wife’s stretched-out pussy will keep the mood flirtatious and cuddling will make you feel connected.

#5 – Your Wife: A hotwife needs care too, so you massage her and her sore/stretched body parts, you talk about everything and you let her rest after all the fun she has just had.

#6 – The Clean Up: It’s time to clean up the cum my bull left inside of my pussy, do it gently, I’ll stroke your hair and tell you, you’re a good boy and once you’re done, you can help fill me up again.

#7 – Here’s a gift: Giving your hubby your cum stained clothes/panties after your night with your love as a gift and to show him that you really did it. Something he can think about later.

#8 – Just A Chat: Some couples don’t get immediately intimate, you just get to know exactly what your wife has been doing and how it made her feel, then you can go masturbate about it later on. This is also called a debrief which a lot of couples value.

#9- Sissy: So you gave a cuckold blowjob and had your ass shared and creampied and got to experience the bliss your wife goes through? Well, this gets you special treatment. Go for a nice shower, then let’s moisturize your stretched ass, stroke your hair, and let you get some much-needed rest.

#10- Chastity: You’ve sat like a good boy while your wife got all the release she needed. Now it’s time to take your cage off, just for a second, and see how long you can last. If you last more than a minute, you get an hour our the cage, if you last 2 minutes, you get two hours and so it goes. Then you get a nice cuddle and go back to being more of a “friend”.

#11- The Proof: Some couples take pictures and videos of them with their bull to give to their husbands when they are home. Allow your partner to look through them all, explain everything that went on as they take in the images they are seeing.

The Emotional Drop

cuckold emotion drops

The hardest part of cuckolding is the drop in emotions and endorphins once it’s over. Make sure you manage expectations and be sure to have a full day of rest with lots of love with your partner the day after.

This is always important, but is especially important for new hotwives and cuckolds, as your emotions will reach levels that you’ve never experienced and this creates a pretty big drop that takes a day of rest and reassurance to overcome, this gets a lot easier after a few times.

Remember at the start of this article when I told you about the importance of having an aftercare routine and communication, well the emotional drop is the reason for that. Both partners need to be reassured, loved, and taken care of. Being a hotwife can be emotionally draining and a tiring experience as can being a cuckold and going through the emotions and feelings that arise. Both of you need time to talk and love one another and that is how you will keep your relationship stable and able to experiment in this world. If you still need more help dealing with cuckold regret, read that post. It will show you how to deal with regret and angst, in a calm, simple way.

What Is Your Dream Routine?

Let me know what you would want from your care routine after you’ve shared your wife or been shared, also let me know what your care routine is now if you have one, we would love to know!

You can also see a full video of a cuckold aftercare/reclaim happening inside cuckins membership, which shows all of this advice in practice.

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I'm Sarah, I'm the hotwife of this blog. I share my stories and experiences of being a hotwife for the past 4 years, the ups the downs and how it affected my relationship.


  1. You can easily avoid the emotional drop in the cuckold. Follow tese simple steps..
    1. Keep him in chastity.
    2. Never unlock him.
    3. Never let him orgasm.
    Simples! 馃檪

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