His first cuckold blowjob (making him clean my bulls cock)

man dressed as woman giving a blowjob

It’s been a big fantasy of mine for years to have my straight husband clean up my bull after he’s finished having sex with me.

This fantasy grew from wanting to be cleaned up, to wanting to see my husband on his hands and knees pleasuring my bulls cock.

It took years, but my straight husband finally gave in and decided to make me a very happy woman and this is the story of it.

My Big Dick Problems Is The Reason Your Wife Fucks Me Behind Your Back

woman giving handjob

I always had these big dick problems, women would always be scared to fuck me because of my size.

I’ve had women refuse to have me inside and I’ve had women were no matter how much foreplay I just wouldn’t fit.

This is an issue till I opened myself up to hotwives and women who aren’t satisfied with their husbands.

This is the story of me converting a few women into size queens and how I turned the bad into good.

My Weak Submissive Husband Is The Reason I Cheated

woman flashing her breasts by pulling up top

Just because I love my husband doesn’t mean I want to fuck him.

I’m not sure if other women feel this way, but I love my husband, but he’s too submissive, I just want a real man to fuck me like I’m his.

I’ve been feeling this way for ages and my friend decided I needed a ‘Girls night out’.

Blindfolded My Wife And Watched My Friend Have Sex With Her

woman showing off butt while laying on bed

My wife and I always wanted to have a threesome, Sarah was just too awkward at the start.

So, to make it less awkward we decided to blindfold Sarah and tell the bull to not talk and just meet us at the hotel room.

It was an interesting experiment and this is the story about what happened.

Romantic sex with my ex-boyfriend while my hubby was at home

woman holding her crotch

Jack loves it when I touch his cock and tell him about my exs and how they used to fuck me.

It became a big thing, I’d remember stories and times I got fucked and tell him about it while I gave him a handjob.

This grew so much that I decided to make some new stories with ex boyfriend.

I went to coffee with him and this is what happened.

He Got My Wife To Squirt For The First Time

my girlfriend laying on bed in her underwear

The first time Sarah ever had a squirting orgasm was with another guy while I watched.

I’d never been able to make her squirt, we’d tried everything and no mater the technique I’d always mess it up.

She was with a really hung guy the other day and I don’t know what he did, but he had her squirting all over his cock, his chest and the hotel bed.

Almost Got Caught Fucking My Ex After He Got Cum All Over Me

censored picture of cum on breasts

I made a big mistake, I sleeped with my ex boyfriend, behind my boyfriends back.

He brought up cuckolding and my stupid brain thought that ment I could sleep with someone else.

I ended up with my ex and we had sex. The worse part is that I almost got caught in the worse possible way.

I write this story to off load some of the guilt I’m feeling.

My Small Dick Problems Turned Me Into A Cuckold

woman using dildo

I have a small dick and always deep down I knew that it wasn’t satisfying my wife.

I became amazing at oral sex and could make her cum, but I never really satisfied her during penetration. I always felt like she wanted more and that I never really got deep enough.

After watching her use a large dildo we decided to look into opening up our relationship.

I we found a nice hung gentleman and this is the story about how my small dick lead me to becoming a cuckold.

I Watched My Naked Wife Get Fucked By A Manly Man

man holding womans hand

I have never been able to pleasure Sarah like she wants. I mean I want to f**k her hard, but I just can’t last long enough to really give her what she wants.

So, Sarah found someone who could and I watched him f**k her so hard and deep in our own bed.

It was never ment to happen like this, but this is the story, with a few pictures for you to enjoy.

He Stretched Out My Pussy (I Could Barely Feel My Hubby After)

guy with a big dick

Bigger is better, I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Jack has an average sized cock and recently I met a guy who was by far the biggest I’ve taken and it took some training and stretching to fit him inside me.

I was so arosed last night and for the first time I fit every inch of him inside me.

After he was done, Jack and I decided to have sex and I couldn’t even feel him.

Making My Cuckold Husband Cleanup My Cum Filled Pussy (Whoops)

woman with cum around her mouth

I’ve always wanted to watch my husband clean up after another man.

The idea of my husband cleaning my cum filled pussy and then slowly cleaning off the mans cock who was just having sex with me.

I had no idea how to bring this up with my husband, but I decided after seeing a hot video of a cuckold cleaning up a bull to mention that it was a big turn on for me.

That then lead to my husband helping me complete my fantasy, this is the story about it.

Girlfriend Got Impregnated During Cuckolding… What Should I Do?

girlfriend getting ready in bathroom

My girlfriend (f 27) and I (m28) have been having lots of threesomes recently.

We have been playing around with different fantasies inside the cuckold/swinging lifestyle and this is what lead to a massive f**k up.

We met this guy, he was bi and one of the best guys we had been with, he was respectful, always showed up on time and for us this was so rare.

My girlfriend got some feelings for him and decided she wanted him to have unprotective sex with him, he did not pull out like we discussed, and she ended up getting pregnant.