My Wife Wants To Try Interracial Cuckolding

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I had a dream of my wife riding a beautiful black cock, she’s always had a soft spot for black men and for some reason it drives me nuts.

We set up our first date with a hung black gentleman and my wife took every single inch of his massive cock. I didn’t think her pussy could be that deep, but it was.

This was just the start, that’s why I had to write this whole story.

I let him cum in my ass (Hottest Cuckold Experience)

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It is Sarah and today I’m feeling so horny, so I decided to write a story about an experience that happened to me recently.

I always loved the idea of anal sex, but my ass was too tight, I mean it used to hurt to put even a finger inside. I decided to try and stretch it out a little, but when I started doing that, I met a guy with an uncircumcised dick.

After some research I realized that he might be able to be my first anal experience in the lifestyle. He had a massive dick, but me being me I convinced myself that his foreskin would help him slide in without any issue, was I right? Find out in this story.

I’m A Cuckold And I Let My Best Friend Creampie My Wife

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I finally got what I asked for.

I wanted to share my wife for the longest time, and it ended up with me letting a visiting friend have unprotected sex with her. I am feeling super horny and filled with jealousy and even some sadness.

Watching my wife moan and orgasm was hot, but I can’t help but feel pain, she made noises I’ve never heard before and she squeezed him closer when he said he was going to cum, she wanted him to cum inside her.

It’s what I wanted, but it just feels so conflicting.

Cum In My Mouth, Please

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Jade is my girlfriend and we’ve always wanted to open up our relationship. I wasn’t ready to share all her body yet so we made a rule, she could blow any guy she wanted, as long as she told me.

It took some time for her to get used to this rule, but I don’t think she could go back to normal now.

She’s gave blowjobs to random guys at night clubs, she’s blown co-workers and she loves sharing her mouth with strangers.

This is our journey and a bit about our experience of cuckolding with rules.

The Ejaculating Dildo That Replaced Jack (My Boyfriend)

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I’ve slowly started replacing Jack with my new dildo, it’s bigger, it cums harder and it stays hard no matter how quick I go.

I’ve never really loved dildos, there’s something about cum that just makes sex complete and that’s why I was so shocked when I tried an ejaculating dildo, it squirts fake cum and when it’s inside me it feels just like the real thing.

This is the story about me using it for the first time and how I tease Jack that it will replace him soon.

My First Time Anal Experience Without My Husbands Permission

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My husband is amazing and he is a really kinky man, just like myself.

He sold the hotwife idea to me and I have taken to this rule better than anything in my life, it’s almost like I’ve found myself.

However, I made a big mistake and this story is to help you not make the same one.

I had anal sex with a guy to impress him and my ass has always been a no-go zone as a hotwife. I broke one of the only rules my husband set for me.

First Time Cuckold (What To Expect)

sexy couple

My girlfriend and I our in our late twenties, we’ve been together over 10 years and opened our relationship up 5 years ago.

This is our exact experience with cuckolding and it has what we do to keep ourselves safe, what my girlfriend and I love and the things we always avoid.

It answers silly questions about condoms, anal, oral sex and the emotions felt by both of us the first few times tried cuckolding.
Did she see me as less of a man after? Find out in this story/guide.

My Wifes First Massive Cock

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I don’t use my real name, I use the name Lucy, I’m 28 and have been married for 4 years.

Before this week I’d not even kissed someone other than my husband in 9 years. I can’t tell my friends and that’s why I sent this to Sarah to see if I could off load what happened.

My boyfriend and I had our first threesome and we did it with a guy who was really hung. I’ve always wanted to try a big dick and this was the first time, it hurt at first while I was getting used to the stretching, but then this happened…

My Girlfriend Begs Me To Use This Penis Extender

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It’s Sarah here, Jack write this amazing story/guide that every man needs to read.

I think I have told everyone how much I like big pleasure and I’ve also mentioned that Jack is pretty average down there.

We recently decided to try a new toy and after a lot of playing I had to get Jack to share this penis extender with you all. You just slip it over your cock and it adds 3 inches, it feels just like a big, fat cock and it’s a game changer for women who love big pleasure.