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A Collection Of Cuckold And Hotwife Text Messages

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These are never seen before private messages that include cheating, first time cuckolding and conversations between a wife and her bull, and just about everything in between.

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The Long Distance Workers Wife

My wife and I have been together for almost 11 years, I work long-distance for half the year, which can sometimes be a bit of a strain on our sex life.

Recently we’ve started playing with the idea of opening things up. I’m away for months at a time and while I’m away my wife who already has a superbly high sex drive, goes crazy and no amount of Skype sex, sexting, or sex toys really satisfies her.

So, we decided this time to open things up for her to be able to enjoy herself whilst I am gone. Enjoy our text messages from when we first did it.

One Night Inside Your Wife

Where do I begin, my wife and I have always been kinky, we’ve tried just about everything together, but we’ve never opened things up before.

We roleplayed the idea a lot and she’s shown me pictures/videos of her fuckings, sucking, and even doing anal with her ex and for some reason, it gets me off unlike anything else.

I have a close friend, that I share everything with and I decided if we’re going to open things up, it might as well be with him, my wife strongly agreed and I booked them both a hotel room.

The only rule I made, was that my friend had to send me images and videos while it was happening.

This is the text chat between him and me.

My First Cheating Wife

I’ve been with lots of hotwives, but this was the first one I knew personally, it was a woman who used to crush on me a few years back, reached out to me and after some talking, she wanted to hookup. She’s married and I’m pretty sure he has no idea about our meeting.

There was a week of talking, so I cut together the best bits, as a lot of it is just us flirting and talking about meeting up! I’ll probably update the full thing in the membership, just to keep some of our privacy!

A Real Text Conversation Between My Wife And Her Bull

My wife can do what she likes with any guy, as long as she tells me about it and occasionally sends me a video or a picture.

She shows me all of the texts she sends with her bull, I really get off to them and I asked her if she would be willing to share these with others like me and she was very excited about it.

These are just a few of her slutty convos with her main bull.

My Hubby Wanted Me To Fuck Someone Else

My hubby has always wanted me to fuck someone else. When he first told me I thought it was a trap, but honestly, after years of him talking about it and me even saying I wanted to give it a try I started understanding it wasn’t a trap, but his biggest turn-on and kink.

He wanted to share me for years and the hardest part was finding the right guy, we tried friends but It got weird and nothing really happened, then I went to a club, but I had to do it on my own as I didn’t want to explain to friends and it just didn’t work out, I was too awkward. We then tried a few dating sites and finally I met a guy, we went for coffee and it was perfect.

These are the messages I sent to my husband whilst with another man.

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