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I Didn’t Know My Husband Answered

Your wife has been out for the evening, she thinks you didn’t pick up her phone call but it connected and you can hear everything. You listen to her fucking her new friend, getting off with him and cumming hard. What do you do, jerk off and listen to them together? of course, you do.

Listen To The Audio Of Your Best Friend Making Your Wife Cum

You knew your wife and your best friend had some sexual chemistry between them, it was hard not to miss. When your wife came to you asking if you would consider letting them fuck you were totally fine with it but now as you stand listening to them through your bedroom door you’re getting off but you feel like such a cuck. Will you come in when he’s gone and be on cuckold cleanup duty?

His cum is still inside of me

You have been waiting up for your girlfriend who has been at a sex party. She tells you everything about what went on as you jerk off to her story. You find it erotic and fascinating and in the end, get treated like the little cuck that you are.

Listening To Your Wife Try Her First Big Cock

You’re listening from the bathroom, your eyes closed, your prick in your hand as your wife is in the other room getting fucked by her first big cock. You have never heard her make those noises before, she is having the time of her life as she gets ravished by a man much larger than you.

I Had To Call You And Tell You About The Guy I Just…

You wife calls you from a little get together that she has attended, she starts telling you what she has gotten up too with her friend and she knows you like it. She begins jerking you off through the phone, telling you what to do and what to think, all whilst you’re at home and she’s out getting fucked.

Your Wife Accidentally Butt Dialled You On A ‘Girls Night Out’

Your wife has been cheating on you and not only are you about to find out but you are about to hear everything and their sex sounds incredible. You can’t help but get turned on, your perfect wife fucking another man and all you can do is listen in.

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