Cuckold & Hotwife Captions

My girlfriend and I LOVE reading Snapchat and private text captions from other Cuckolds, WifeLovers and HotWifes.

Therefore as an experiment, we uploaded our own captions and we set up a submission page and had you submit your cuckold/hotwife captions and this is what happened.

Update: We’ve been sent so many that are way too explicit for the blog, so we’ve uploaded them all to the Cuckin membership.

Cuckold & Hotwife Captions & Snapchat Submissions

It’s time to start this amazing list of cuckold and hotwife captions and snapchats, before we start we upload and refresh all of the captions once per week and keep the most popular.

Types Of Captions In This List:

We try to satisfy a lot of different kinks in our captions, these are the captions we upload the most:

– Cuckold

– Hotwife

– Cum clean-up

– Big dick

– Rate my wife

– Snapchat texts

– Cheating


– Anal

We also have a lot of sissy captions, along with other categories inside the membership.

How often do we update the captions?

We update the captions once to twice a week and upload new images for you to see, you can also join our membership to access the fully explicit captions, videos and stories.

We have amazing women and men inside the membership who have sent in some of the naughtiest Snapchats, Kiks and texts, everything from anal, to creampie, to clean up and even girlfriend caught cheating.

Where do you get the captions?

All the captions and images are owned by and submitted by fans, friends of the blog and ourselves, we get sent loads of images and videos through this blog and our cuckold twitter page (you should really check it out).

You will not find these captions anywhere else on the internet (unless someone has taken without our permission) and we’re lucky enough to have a growing community of cucks and HotWife lovers who send in these amazing captions, stories and pictures.

Want Us To Caption Your Wife?

Do you want us to caption one of your pictures? Talk to us on Twitter or send us a message and we can help you.

It will be put on this page and on our Twitter and it’s always best to cover your face as it’s best for privacy.

A Beautiful Community of cuckolds, Hotwife’s & Bulls

My girlfriend and I are trying to create a safe place for fellow cucks and cuckqueans to share their true self without judgement.

These captions are just the start, we have got some amazing guides, stories and pictures waiting for you.

We also have a cuckold quiz that lets you see if you’re a cuckold and then gives you the exact advice you need to follow for the level you’re at.

My Girlfriend and I

We also upload our own captions, hotwife text and show you what sex toys we are using and I tell you exactly when and how I share my girlfriend and give you all of the filthy details all over this blog.

wife in cute mask


  1. it looks so good wife wants bbc but worries wha others think i want a bull ro fuck us both

  2. ummm, love cleaning a well used woman after her lovers

  3. Best and most sexy women who exist are those in these captions and others who think and act like them…….#iwmwlt. #hotwifelife

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