Making My Cuckold Husband Cleanup My Cum Filled Pussy (Whoops)

cum dripping down a womans open mouth

Today we have a very special submission from a cuckold couple who we met when we first started this journey all of those years ago now. They welcomed us in with open arms and we owe a lot of our love for cuckolding and this lifestyle in general to them as they really showed us the ropes and sent us in the right direction. I hope you enjoy this naughty couple as much as we do.

Hi, my name is Emma and I am so excited to share our journey into cum cleanup with you all. Sarah and Jack have allowed us to share our story in the hopes it helps other people and allow others to live out a fantasy through us, so here goes nothing!

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I had always wanted my husband Bill to be into cleaning me up, but at the start of our journey, it was something he never wanted to try. He loves cuckolding and everything about the lifestyle but cum cleanup wasn’t on his agenda, until recently. He changed his mind and let me tell you, it was one of the most sexually awakening things I have ever seen and believe me when I say, I have seen a lot.

I Have A Naughty Fantasy That Involves Lots of Cum

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I had always wanted my husband Bill to clean me up after being used, I wanted him to lick my pussy and taste another man there but my fantasy went even further than that, its true extent was that I wanted to see his lips around a bull’s cock as he cleans up the bull’s cum and my pussy juices, lapping it all up like a good cuckold.

I know it’s pretty far for some people and Bill isn’t bi and although we had fooled around with guys together a lot in the past, this was going to be taking that to the next level. The thing about Bill is that he gets off that I get off, he enjoys seeing me enjoying myself and although it was a big thing to share my cleanup fantasy with him, I knew that the submission part of it, knowing I had just fucked someone else, rubbing it in his face how much we enjoyed ourselves without him and giving him the proof of what went on between us to clean up, I knew he would enjoy the idea of the fantasy, I wasn’t sure if he would actually want to fulfill it.

Wanting my husband to clean off cum from me and my bull’s cock was a big ask and I wouldn’t have minded if Bill had flat out said no but I knew I had to tell him about my fantasy, it was something I needed to share and you can’t live with the ‘What if’s’?

Telling Bill About My Cuckold Cleanup Fetish

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So, how did I bring up my cuckold cleanup fetish?

Browsing through Reddit as we did most days and a cuck cleaned up after the bull was done with the wife. He licked every bit of cum off his wife and then turned to the balls cock and finished by cleaning off any cum or his wife’s juices from his cock.

It was so fucking hot and I decided to tell Bill there and then before he said anything or scrolled past that actually I thought it was so hot and it was something I would like to try in the future. I have no problem communicating with my husband, that’s how we got to have this lifestyle but it can still be tricky with a new fantasy sometimes.

One I told him all about my fantasy and he asked me a few questions, I could see him get hard at the idea. He asked if I thought it was too far for him to do, I kissed him, started touching his dick and telling him exactly what I wanted him to do and how I wanted the fantasy to play out and his cock just grew harder and harder in my hand.

I Didn’t Want To Force It

I wanted my husband Bill to feel as comfortable as he possibly could, I told him about my fantasy when I was feeling particularly horny and I didn’t want to force my fantasy upon him.

Sometimes people say stuff when they are horny that they do not mean or things they would never actually try but are saying because they are hard or wet. Putting him in a position to try it without pressure was the only way I wanted to see if it was really for him. My husband agreed to this, he wanted to help me fulfill my fantasy but I knew he we needed to start with small steps to make sure he was happy at each stage and able to continue on. I let him know how much I appreciated it and how he could stop at any point, I would never ever be disappointed with him.

He is open and although it wasn’t his fantasy, he wants to make me happy and trying something, even if it’s just the once is his motto.

Asking A Guy/Bull I Sleep with Regularly About This Fantasy

I only have unprotective sex with a few men and with there’s one man in particular that loves anything like this. He loves cum play and I knew he would be the best person to ask as he has so much experience with it and he really enjoys mine and Bill’s times together.

Here is my text conversation asking him if he would be cool if my husband cleaned him off me:

Hey! I can’t wait to see you again. Look, Bill is interested in the whole ‘cleanup’ thing. I was wondering how cool you would be with him trying it out with us?

Hey baby, yes sure! whatever you want. Look forward to it. Ring me later and we can discuss it.

Okay I’ll call you later then. I’m really excited about this. xx

I rang him and we discussed it together, I explained my fantasy to him and how Bill wanted to help and we came up with a great plan for us all that would make us all comfortable and happy. I love this community it’s so accomodating and if you’re in the right circle, you can make virtually anything happen.

Getting My Hubby To Clean Me Up

I was so ready to feel my husband clean another mans cum off my body, but I didn’t want to rush my husband, I wanted him to feel comfortable and so I built up in steps. That way you can see if it’s too far or if they’re comfortable at each stage.

a woman who has cum around her mouth

Part 1: Letting my bull cum in my mouth, swallowing (leaving a little around my lips), and then kissing Bill and letting him eat/lick it off.

What happened: Bill is a cuck so he enjoys this type of thing, he has probably tasted so much cum over the years by mistake and from just being so in the moment. This time once my bull was done with me Bill came over and kissed me, he tasted the remnants of another man (my bull) and he didn’t even flinch, his cock just grew harder. Step one was complete and it was time for the next step.

a woman in white stockings

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Part 2: Letting my bull cum inside me/on me and having Bill clean it up

What happened: This next step was the biggest leap, we had discussed it beforehand and he was ready to try it. After my bull was done with me I was on cloud 9 and didn’t even feel my husband come over until I felt his head between my legs and his tongue licking at my pussy, it felt amazing and I instantly felt turned on at the thought and the sensation of him cleaning me up and seeing me all used up. He later told me he tasting me and seeing me like that.

Part 3: Letting my bull cum inside me and having Bill clean us both up.

What happened: This was something that he had never done before, he had inadvertently cleaned me up before and tasted cum without even realizing but this time he was going to lick it off of my bulls cock. He waited eagerly next to us as my bull fucked me senseless and when he was done Bill stepped in, licking at my pussy first before moving to his cock and licking off his cum and my juices. Bill didn’t even flinch as he played with himself during the whole thing. Later on, he told me he was so in the moment that he didn’t even think about what he was doing, he was so turned on by me and having my fantasy fulfilled that he really enjoyed himself.

cum dripping down a womans body

Part 4: Letting my bull cum in my mouth and giving it to Bill to help with the cleanup.

What happened: This was all new to us both and swapping cum with him is degrading (he enjoys degradation) but something that really gets us both off. When we did it, I thought he would back out but he was really open to it and figured why not? He tasted my bull’s cum from my mouth and then gave it back to me to swallow. He told me later on that he enjoyed it but he may just prefer to stick to the clean-up side of things on my pussy and my bulls cock but he wasn’t opposed to cum swapping.

Coming Home from a solo date with a treat

I recently went on a date with an old friend and we decided to have sex (I had asked Bill before), when I went home my old friend had left a little present for Bill, I pulled my thong out of my handbag, it was carefully folded to hold in all of the goodness and when I showed Bill my wet, cum filled pussy and stained thong/panties, he sniffed them and licked them right in front of me.

I was so turned on and he was too, he fucked me with my panties still under his nose and he felt my pussy all used up by my old friend. It was incredible and it ticked all of the boxes for me.

I Never Knew Bill Would Enjoy It As Much As Me <3

It was an amazing feeling when my husband started cleaning us up and it really ticked off my fantasy for me, everything was done perfectly. Although Bill doesn’t want to do it every single time when he has been teased and really enjoyed watching me with my bull he is going to always clean us both up. He doesn’t mind it at all and for him, the degrading and humiliating aspect of it ticks all of his boxes too.

Would You Clean another man’s Cum Off Me?

cum on a butt

Let me know in the comments if you would clean me up after my bull was done with me and how you would do it.

My hubby and I have been apart of the cuckolding lifestyle for many years. We love trying new things and bringing excitement into the bedroom, no matter how crazy that excitement may be. My hubby is a cuckold and I a hotwife and we wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. I’d clean every drop off you, just tell me where and when

    • Yes Miss, I would serve you well if you are demanding, strict and heavy handed.

    • Oh baby.. I’d love being Your clean up man…

    • I would lick every drop and follow every stroke of my tongue with a kiss and a grateful swallow.

      • I would clean you,and any other fantasy you have

        • I’d love you to humiliate me and make me clean up every drop of your sex essence, I’d do it willingly to please you and your lovers

      • Yes i would love to do all that you talk about its my biggest fantasy i want to fulfill but my partner wont

    • Nothing Hotter then a gorgeous wife being used by another man, especially when he leaves a cream pie for hubby. Being a submissive cuckold with a wife that allows you to watch, eat cream pies deserves nothing less than to be treated like a royal goddess.

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        • Fuck yes Mike I love where this is going is her lover white or black?

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  2. I would loved to be locked in chastity and clean you and your bull after you have sex.

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    • I just love the taste of both pussie juice and cum. Nothing better than being totally living and bringing pleasure to your loved ones.

    • Yea I would love to serve as a real girl

  4. BillieJean, For cleanup duties I would wear my French maid outfit and lick and suck you both as clean as possible, and probably beg for the opportunity to do it again.

    • I think hubby should have his face under you while bull is servicing you, licking both the f you during the action, then right before bull cums, he pulls out and cums all over your husbands face while you are watching . I think you would also like watching him take a facial , his way of saying go honey go, enjoy life! It’s all good! Rock on!!!

      • I would absolutely clean you both up and let your bull use me as a slut if they wanted.

      • He is a very lucky sub to have a wife that shers

      • Oh my. I just creamed my panties.

  5. I most certainly would love cleaning you and your lover. It has been a long time since I have had the pleasure of doing cleanup and I miss thta ore than anything else in my life.

  6. I would not hesitate for a second. I am a eunuc and to see you get fucked so that you scream. I could come from the foot of the bed and clean you up a little bit just to get the gush of sex off of you then to your bull and lick him clean by sucking on his red hot cock and then gliding it all the way in to my throat. I could get him off for a second time that way and of course swallowing every bit, after i swish it around in my mouth so as that I can taste him. then I’ll come back to you and eat the cum and your juices> when your both satisfied that I did a good job you can put me back into my tiny cock cage and pick out a pair of your dirty red panties to wear until next time with a different bull ,

  7. Cleanup is my Greatest Fantasy. I dream I’m naked down on my knees beside the bed with my little dick in a cage. I wait for you and your bull to finish your Love making and you motion me over. First I lick and suck all of your juices off of his Big Thick Cock. When it’s all clean I move over between your legs and begin licking up all Cum and Pussy juice mmmmmm

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  9. Yes…I defiantly would. There are a lot more people willing to do that, than you may think.

    • I agree completely and I’d like to be one of them

  10. My mouth would slowly follow my tongue all over the area that would need cleaned up.

  11. I was young, inexperienced, and in too much of a rush. Left my wife feeling unloved (quite the opposite). We separated and managed a close friendship the past 25 years. Never got to show her my absolute appreciation for those she did do – even if it was without me. No humiliation, just trying to provide true pleasures and enhance where I know I fall short; which is what apparently gets me off.
    If excited, I’d likely do/try most anything that isn’t into the pain scene … and yes, it’d be a privilege to explore every nook and cranny of your lovely contours.

  12. Yes I would enjoy cleaning up,I would enjoy experiencing every aspect you have described

  13. Cleaning your used pussy and your bull’s cock would be a dream come true. Your bull screwing me would be the finishing end to a great sex life. I was born to be a cuck/clean up boy. BIP

  14. Hello, I have had this fantasy of becoming a cuck but have no clue on how to bring my wife in on it or even bring up the thought to her, do you think you can help?

  15. Would get underneath both of you lick suck both dry

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  20. Hell yes !!! More sticky cum the better. Looove the humiliation and degreadding too. Anything !!

  21. Hi
    with my story my girl friend and I split up and she ended up going back to her x boy friends any ways she did come back to me one late night I was so horny to fuck her and lick her pussy but when I tried to go down on her she stopped me ( she said to me that she should have a bath ) But I kept on trying and finally got my way her panties where all wet and ended up taking them off and when I got my mouth on her pussy I knew it was cum but I didnt say anything to her , she was moaning with pleasure
    I am bi sexual I have more to tell thanks

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  24. If that would plz my wife, to show how devoted I was to her and her happiness. Im not submissive or bi, would I ever clean a guys cum off his cock if he just jacked off? Hell no I’m not bi, I would only do it if I knew my wife’s orgasm was still on his cock and balls. To actually know she came wen he fucked her I would do it to get her juice off his cock only, not just to get his cum only. I would not suck his cock just to get his cum off his cock and balls

  25. Yes, I would diffidently clean you and your bull up. I serve a Mistress and have offered to do the same for her and her bull. Sadly, I’m still waiting.

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  27. Sissy sluts job is eating cum from a real bull and their misstress thats what my ex wife told me . She eat lots of cum but im eager to eat lots more.

  28. My Girlfriend and i used to play a lot with other Men and i thoroughly enjoyed watching Her get screwed and then cleaning His cum out of Her pussy. Most of the Men didn’t want me to suck them though. It all stopped when She went through menopause though but She did understand my WANTS and in my opinion my NEEDS to suck a cock. She gives Her approval for me to suck cock and now i have a Guy that is married but His wife doesn’t take care of Him any more and He can get away only occasionally for me to suck His cock so that He can cum in my mouth. She doesn’t want to watch any more though and that was a big part of us playing with other Men in the past. Before anyone tries this though You must be very secure in Your relationship for it to work. i live in the Northeast of Pennsylvania near the Poconos.

  29. Would love to clean you up . But I would want my load in you also . I couldn’t just watch and not fuck you .

  30. Oh this happened in our 4th year of marriage! I’m Suzie, I’m 5 years older than my husband Brad and have a much wilder sexual background. I taught him EVERYTHING a man needs to know, and he responded so well I pushed his horizons a little. Make love with others watching. Swinging in same bed. MMF. Brian has a submissive streak and he’s ticklish, soooo it was pretty easy to get him to lick me clean after lovemaking early in our relationship. He was rock hard watching me with another man. He kissed me eagerly after i sucked cock. So to bait him I asked him to NOT come for an entire week, then I slowly teased him, tickled his balls, kissed him, asked him to suck cock for me. He is a natural! He sucks my bulls cock perfectly hard and guides it into my vagina. He kisses me as I play, licks up the semen, and sucks cock as well as I do! There’s never a wet spot in the sheets ladies if your husband swallows all the love juices! And seeing my muscular man with a big cock in his mouth makes me gush!

    • Susie, if you ever retire him, I would love to take his place

  31. I would love to. Can you get three or four guys to do you. Maybe a couple in your ass. That would be a dream come true!

  32. Would definitely clean up my wife and bull if she wanted, however whenever I bring this up she seems very reluctant. To date she has always used a condom, I have gone down on her after a night out with her boyfriend and can clearly smell and taste condom on her.

    A few years ago whilst travelling on business I went for a massage, the masseuse was male, I was surprised when he got undressed, it was extremely sexual. At one point I looked up and his half erect cock was about 20mm from my face, I moved my head over and the next thing I knew he was sliding into my mouth, WTF was happening, I blew him for about 30 seconds, he then jumped on the bed and I gave him a hand job, we swapped positions and he did the same. I dressed, left quickly (in shock), have not done anything like this again.

  33. After watching my wife ride and get fucked by my friends huge cock, I started developing bi fantasies, and she was totally turned on by it, I only had one rule, I wanted to try fuck licking, but it was a must to not be anyone we knew…I loved having her in a 69 while a big cock was pounding onto her while I was licking her juices off it as he fucked her senseless…we have been divorced for ten years and I have sucked 3 cocks sinse…and learned that I love to frot and get in a 69 with other men…it all developed from watching wife stretch herself on my friends big dick….miss that crazy woman sometimes

  34. Any “man”, who wouldn’t want to do this for his wife surely doesn’t love her half as much as she deserves. No question Id be more than willing and quite eager to do this for any woman I date seriously, its very natural to expect this kind of behaviour from ones lovely beautiful wife. Its definitely something a husband should encourage \his wife to engage in regularly IMO.

  35. Fuck yea I’d love to try it

  36. I would clean you up and your bull

  37. I would love to clean all the cum you would let me from your pussy

  38. Oh Goddess I love your confidence. Im a cuckold and I also love pleasing. I would clean you up after a gangbang.

  39. yes, clean you all up.

  40. I would love to clean you up if you’re ever in Cape Canaveral Florida drop me a line and I would clean you and your bull up

  41. I would do as instructed and make sure you were both cleaned up

  42. I want my wife to be like you

  43. My girlfriend says her gift to me is the cleanup since she is ultimately responsible for making it happen in the first place. Depriving me of any intercourse or masturbation is the only way this works. Over time, you long to have someone’s manhood in your mouth knowing that after he gets hard it will be inside her, giving her pleasure.
    The warm splashes that follow is your reward, the gift you’ve been craving with eager anticipation. Being cucked is not humiliation but an expression of love from her to you and the cleanup is a way of returning that affection.

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  47. My ambition is to be a maid. I am old and male so I expect all I would get to do if I worked for a lady is to serve her and her lovers just as any obedient maid should. It would be nice if my mistress made a note of my errors and got her lover to punish me when he visited. When they retired to bed to make love then I would like to be made to stand outside the bedroom door and wait to be called in if they needed me

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