The Weekly Cuckold Comic

We created some cuckold comics for those of you who don’t enjoy lots of text. These comics follow people’s personal experiences and they give you access with step by step insight into people’s sex lives.

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comic about a woman letting her man watch her with another manpart two of comic about letting husband watch

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cuckold story part 1cuckold comic part 2

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If you want your cuckold experiences, fantasies, or hotwife scenarios made into a comic get in touch via our contact form. We love making your pictures into short stories for our readers and if you would rather your comic went inside the membership just let us know in your message.

sexy comic about rating a wife

part 2 of this adult comic about rating a wife

Hotwife Captions

If seeing into people’s hotwife worlds in comic form interests you then you’re going to love this. Come and check out our hotwife snapchats and captions right here where we show you the leaked messages and Snapchats from our most unapologetic members.

hotwife with a mask comichotwife with a mask part two

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If you have enjoyed reading through some of our public comics let us know your thoughts in the comments below along with any feedback. They take quite a lot of time for us to do and knowing you are enjoying them means the world to us.

why your wife cheats comicwhy your wife cheats comic part two

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If you could hear how loud I am shouting right now, your answer would be confirmed loud and clear for you but to put it plainly: YES. Hell yes. We have so much content flooding in from horny wives, cucks, bulls, and sissies. There’s something new for you to enjoy every single day. We have had to limit how much we release publically as some people aren’t as confident as others and want to keep their pictures and intimacies for the members-only so you will find all of that inside plus something new every day.


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