Becoming A Cuckold Fluffer (Full Guide)

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A fluffer is an important role. It’s the act of keeping a male hard during breaks between sex. Usually, we see fluffers play a predominant role in pornos, in between shoots they will help keep the male performer erect but during cuckold fun, like we are going to be talking about today it’s all about keeping your wife’s lover nice and hard for her should she need to use the bathroom or take a little break from his penis.

It can be a hard task (no pun intended) but one that every cuckold may be asked upon so learning how to be the best fluffer and know how to keep his cock and your wife happy is really important.

What Being A Fluffer Really Means

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As a cuck, you have to understand that being a fluffer takes on a different role than it does in pornos. It all starts with you prepping your wife’s pussy for another man’s cock, at this point you are her fluffer. Making sure her pussy is wet, warmed up, and ready to accommodate another man’s meat.

From there, your fluffing role will begin to develop and grow as you start lending your mouth to her bull to get him nice and hard and a little extra lubed for your wife. Just the sight of you sucking her bulls cock, will usually be enough to get your wife ready to take him.

Depending on your dynamic, you can then sit back, watch and have your mouth ready for any time it’s needed, it could be during a sex position change or if your wife needs to use the bathroom and her bull needs to keep himself hard and for some cucks, they like to lend their mouth again during clean-up time, where you clean up more than just his cum, you also clean any leftovers from his cock and maybe even try out the ultimate cuckold kiss.

Some cucks even become the cum dump at this stage and when the bull is ready he will release himself all over the cucks face (or other body parts), however, this is less about fluffing and more about submission.

Now, you can just do the first part and warm up your wife’s pussy for her bull, the second where you go down on her bull to keep him nice and hard, or everything where you keep him hard, take his cum, and clean-up all messes, it’s all about where you and your partner are and what gets you both off.

Why You Should Become A Cuckold Fluffer (It’s An Honor)

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It’s an honor that transcends sexuality, it’s not about attraction, it’s not about being a bi-cuckold, it’s about completing your wife’s fantasy, submitting to your wife and her bull, and showing your bull/wife utter appreciation, by opening yourself and your mouth up to a new experience.

Being able to submit and help out your wife and her bull like that is a quality that will enhance everyone’s experience. Tasting your wife on another man’s cock and keeping him erect for her, that’s the ultimate show of love and appreciation and it’s super hot for all involved.

What To Expect From Your First Time

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Just like the first time you tried cuckolding, the first cuckold blowjob you give you will be filled with nervousness, you might have conflicting feelings, you may end up having some cuckold angst, but once he is inside your mouth it will all fade away.

You’ll know instantly if it’s for you and if it is, continue, let yourself go, and have some non-judgemental fun with his cock. Enjoy being a fluffer, keeping him erect, tasting your wife, and getting to try something your wife does regularly.

Just remember the new experience and the level of submission to her bull, may just be too much and it may make you involuntarily cum without any stimulation, a lot of cucks cum when all of their fantasy is coming into place, things they had only ever dreamed about are occurring and it’s completely normal to cum prematurely, it happens all the time and is just something to remember in case it happens to you.

How To Better Prepare For Hotwife/Bull Fluffing

4 tips and techniques to fluffing your wifes pussy or a bulls penis

If your nerves are running high because you are going to be a fluffer for the first time soon or curiosity is consuming you and you want to learn what it will feel like without actually going through with it just yet, here’s what I recommend.

Practice with a suction cup dildo

A good suction cup dildo (that’s the one my husband Jack used) will help you learn how to deep throat, it will get you used to the feeling of having a cock in your mouth and it will help you with gag control. That one is realistic, girthy, and will show you how to perform and take a cock like the best fluffer there ever was.

Understand what cum and precum tastes like

He may have some precum on his cock when you fluff him up, but it won’t take long for you to get used to the taste and feel and you may find that you will probably start to enjoy it. If you want to know what it tastes likes you could even try your own.

To enhance the cum load experience you could even get some fake cum or an ejaculating dildo for a complete simulation of the real encounter. This is a great way to practice and learn how to take cum and trial what a cummy cock feels like in your mouth and hands.

Don’t Worry, Just Let The Bull Lead

Understand your wife’s bull will lead, just like he does with her. He will speed you up, slow you down and push himself as deep as you can take it. If you’re nervous have your wife tell your bull beforehand, that way you can learn together.

Relax And Enjoy

Remember to just relax, let the moment happen and do whatever comes naturally. If you’re not comfortable with something let it be known and always know your limits every step of the way.

How To Ask Your Wife About Trying It Out

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So, you’ve thought about it and it’s something that you would like to try, but you don’t know how to ask your wife if she would be comfortable with you being the all-important fluffer. There are some things you can do to bring it up and I have highlighted them all below.

If she’s currently a hotwife then continue reading and if not, then read this guide on how to get your wife to try cuckolding, then come back to this advice.

Would It Turn Her On?

Ask yourself, is this something your wife would be into? Has she ever brought something like this up before? If it’s something you think she would be turned on by just bring it up and ask her if it would turn her on to see you get her bull ready for her or depending on your situation if you would rather ask her if she would like to see you keeping him hard for her or cleaning him up, just ask and see her reaction.

If it’s something she’s interested in, then you can move on and get about planning how you’re going to do it and laying down the rules with your wife.

Build Up To The Experience

The other thing you can do to dip your toes into being a fluffer is just starting slowly and gradually building yourself up. Discuss the possibilities with your wife and start small, start with getting her ready for him, then have his sloppy seconds, then maybe you could try cleaning up and finally ask about fluffing.

This way you’re not going from beginner to advanced and instead of leveling up in a way where it gives you both time to experience it and stop at any point.

Go With The Flow

Sometimes these things just happen, you will get the right bull and it will just naturally occur, this is the best way, but it can take some time and of course it isn’t guaranteed.

However, if you start by playing with a bi/open bull and you allow the mood to flow that way, it won’t be long before something like this happens, especially if you mention fluffing and the erotic possibilities it can bring you all.

Ways You Can Bring It Up

It’s all about how you approach the topic, here are some ways you can bring up fluffing to your wife (or your husband if this is something you would like him to try) organically and effectively:

  • Show your partner some porn that includes fluffing and see what she thinks.
  • Ask if there’s anything new she wants to try in the bedroom, get talking about it, and mention some of the new things you would like to try.
  • Start by asking about cum clean-up and see what she thinks about that.
  • Ask if she’d like to have a bi-threesome, tell your partner that it takes some of the pressure of her, and allows you all to explore each other.
  • Tell your partner why it turns you on and your fantasy that involves fluffing.
  • Get her off as you tell her all about your fluffing fantasy.
  • Ask her if she would roleplay fluffing with you and let her experience your fantasy (this is where the dildo comes to great use as well).

The truth is if you’re already part of this lifestyle your communication with your partner is most probably at a great level and you most likely won’t need to sugar coat a kink you want to try.

What About Asking Her Bull?

Not all bulls are open to this, a lot are open to having you clean up though and that’s usually a good place to start if you want to get used to a cum covered or hard cock. It’s all about finding the right bull and you will find them.

I find my long-term bulls love fluffing as it is something new to try, but a lot of bulls, especially on first dates won’t be open to this. However, don’t let that set you back. If your wife plays with the same bull regularly there’s no harm in asking, you never know what the answer may be.

Finding a bi-bull (a few of the ones Jack and I play with are) is a great place to start looking as in my experience they will usually be completely open to fluffing and even encourage it.

What I Think Of Men Who Fluff

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For me as a hotwife, it’s the ultimate show of appreciation. It’s exciting to see my husband’s nerves, his eagerness, and the pure beauty of him trying to fit my bull’s huge cock into his mouth. I love the idea of him keeping my bull nice and hard for me, tasting his wife on another man’s cock, and knowing that the hard cock he is playing with is about to go back inside of me.

Want To Know More About Our Experience?

We have shared our full fluffing and clean-up stories on the cuckold membership. We like to keep our real personal pictures and stories a little more private. If you’re part of the membership, come and say hi.

Also, let me know below or inside of the membership if you like the idea of becoming a cuckold fluffer?

I'm Sarah, I'm the hotwife of this blog. I share my stories and experiences of being a hotwife for the past 4 years, the ups the downs and how it affected my relationship.


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