The Cuckold Forums & Chat Rooms We Recommend

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Jack and I like to use forums and chatrooms a lot. We enjoy meeting likeminded people there, couples, bulls and other hotwives from time to time. It’s fun to talk to new people, swap pictures, and even see what everyone else is doing and if you’re new to cuckolding or hotwifing it can be a great first step into sexting, cam sex or even meeting the right person to go on a date with.

All of the chatrooms and forums that we recommend we frequent quite regularly and knowing there were people out there just like us was a huge weight off of our shoulders and it really made us relax knowing we weren’t the only people to be having this 180 turn in their relationship.

Jack loves to see other people’s pictures and videos, he loves seeing what other hotwives do to their cuck whilst I enjoy talking to new people, meeting new bulls through these sites and of course browsing through other people’s archives.

The Hotwife/Cuckold Forums You’ll Find Us On

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We update this list regularly, so the forums will always be active and high quality.

All in one place I wanted you to be able to see where we hang out and where so many people like us can be found. We don’t recommend you sign up to every single one but find the ones you like the best, the ones that will help you on your journey, whatever that journey may be.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the best cuckold forums:


Here’s a little more about each of these forums to help you decide which one to use.


cuckold place forum screenshot

A simple forum with so much to offer, it has user-submitted cuckold stories, captions, a sissy forum, a cuckold forum, a place for swingers and so much more. It’s packed full of goodness for people interested in our world and it’s a great forum to just scroll through if you’re looking for other people’s experiences and even some real-life classic forum experiences.

slutwives website screenshot

If you want to meet real people looking for some cuckold fun, this is a great forum. I wouldn’t recommend newbies to start off here as there are a lot of people on there who will never follow through and become a real, respectful bull but if you know what you’re doing there are a lot of threads inside of this site that are really fun to play on and you may even meet some people that you like.

wifewantstoplay forum

There are lots to read through on this forum but it is also less condensed than the ones I have shown you so far. It focuses mainly on cuckolding and hotwifing, some of it is fantasy but there are a lot of real users on there talking about their experiences, what they want from cuckolding and there’s even a new member forum area where you can introduce yourself and not feel so overwhelmed by the constant posts.

blacktowhite screenshot

This forum focuses mainly on interracial cuckolding. The great thing about this site is that you do need to be verified which is really easy to do and it means you can be sure that most of the people you are interacting with are most likely real. The focus of this site appeals to a lot of members and if it’s something you’re interested in, it’s a great, friendly place to be.

ourhotwives website screenshot

A forum dedicated to cuckolds and hotwives, it’s a pretty old school forum and from my personal experience it isn’t as active as some of the others but there are plenty of real people on there who want to share their thoughts, opinions, ideas, and experiences which can be really nice if you are looking for specific problems or issues. People are very open and honest on this forum and I suggest reading through it, even if you don’t become a member.

cuckoldfart website screenshot

For all things cuckold, this is a great start. It features a giant handful full of different forums for you to explore with everything from interracial cuckolding, cuckold stories, cuckold advice, and hotwife showcasing. It’s an easy to navigate site that you can easily spend hours browsing through with lots of people who share the same sorts of turn-ons.

The Cuck Side Of Reddit

screenshot of reddit

Reddit is a great place to hang out if you’re looking for advice, pictures, videos and other people who are interested in the lifestyle. There a few subreddits that need you to verify yourself if you do decide to post anything which is always great in my opinion as it allows you to really see if that person is real or not.

r/wifepictrading: A place where women can post themselves or be posted by their partners for the lovely people of Reddit to see. These pictures are usually nude and it’s just a fun place if you enjoy looking at other people’s wives.

r/slutwife: People post their hotwives and girlfriends for you to look at. It’s less for advice and more just looking at the great pictures people share.

r/WouldYouFuckMyWife: Posted from the guy’s perspective, this subreddit is dedicated to verified pictures of husbands/boyfriends posting pictures of their hotwives or girlfriends along with the question, would you fuck my wife? We also create a page for people submit their pictures and get rated, check it out it’s called rate my wife.

r/Cuckold: We love this subreddit, it’s a community for all things cuckold, no matter the category you fall into wether that be hotwives, swingers, cuckquean, etc. The pictures and videos that get posted are verified and they make for quite the afternoon reading.

r/Hotwife: You can request other couples, bulls or hotwives on this subreddit, you can share pictures and videos and you can browse through the huge amount of content already posted.

If you want more cuckold and hotwife reddits to follow check out this list.

There’s also a massive cuckold community on Twitter, which a lot of people use to hookup, chat and have fun.

The Go-To Places For Hotwife & Cuckold Chat

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Some people prefer chatrooms, an intimate place where you can explore and talk to others freely and without any wait. A lot of first-timers head to chatrooms but so do a lot of people like my husband and I who have done this for a while now.

I love chatting with bulls online, getting all horny with them and if I like them, we may even exchange phone numbers and have some sexy texts or end up skipping and having some fun over a webcam.

If that sounds like something you like, these the best places to go for cuckold chat:


Lots of rules are enforced on this chat site which is a really great thing, it means it limits a lot of the time wasters, fraudsters, and trolls.

Of course, some can always slip through the net but it has really enhanced how the site works. You can talk to other cuckolds, hotwives, and couples on this site and there’s always something going on.

You can also learn more about cuckold marriages and how they work, in this post we created.


There are a few chatrooms to choose from on this site which is always a good thing.

Depending on the type of chat you’re looking for that day you can find yourself in a hotwife chatroom, a cuckold chatroom, a sissy chat room, and the list goes on. The site is easy to use and it takes seconds to sign up and get chatting.


For cuckolds, hotwives and bulls this chatroom is moderated but it can get a little crazy.

If you’re just horny and looking for a little something to do, it’s fun to hang out and read what people are saying and even input your own things but you won’t meet anyone to play with in there, at least we haven’t. It’s just a bit of fun and some may even call it a starter before the main course.


Rate other people’s wives, chat with likeminded individuals, and enjoy lots of unfiltered hotwife content.

It can be tricky for a first-timer on there but once you get the hang of this chatroom it is pretty saucy and I love the shared pictures and videos that are to be found from users.

SlutWives (Mentioned Above)

I mentioned slutwives at the start of this post but it also has an honorable chatroom function too that I thought would be useful to include. There you can meet lots of real people looking for some hotwife and cuckold fun, it’s got a great user base and the people are very non-judgemental.

Where To Find Us?

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We have accounts on all the sites above, but our favorite changes depending on what we have going on that month and the type of forums and chats we are looking for.

If you want more of us then check out the Cuckin Membership
We don’t have a forum just yet, but there’s loads of user-submitted content from hotwives, cuckolds and bulls and it’s a real cuckold community filled with likeminded people like you and me.

Where Do You Spend Your Time?

We would love to know where you frequent the most, leave your favorite forum or chatroom in the comments below, even if is already listed above.

I'm Sarah, I'm the hotwife of this blog. I share my stories and experiences of being a hotwife for the past 4 years, the ups the downs and how it affected my relationship.


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