Girlfriend Got Impregnated During Cuckolding… What Should I Do?

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I may have just fucked up my whole relationship and life by letting a man cum inside my girlfriend.

It fucking sucks that I’m writing this and probably going to lose the woman I want to marry because we both let lust control our brains.

Basically, my girlfriend (f 27) and I (m 28) have been addicted to having threesomes and cuckolding ever since we tried it last year.

We got to the point where every week, sometimes twice a week we’d find and hook up with some guy usually having threesomes or I’d watch them fuck, sometimes video it.

We did everything as a couple and she’s never done a solo date or had solo sex during our relationship.

Before this last year, my girlfriend and I would have sex once per week, after we introduced threesomes and cuckolding we do it 4+ times per week, not including the times I share her.

She’s open to trying anything in the bedroom now and the sex we have been having has been like a drug.

That’s how we ended up messing up so bad.

How Being A cuckold Lead To My Girlfriend Getting Impregnated

We both thought it would destroy our relationship so we went really slow.

It started by her going on Tinder and she would send sexual messages to men.

Every night we would sit down and she would show me what men wanted to do to her, it was fucking hot seeing how excited she was and to see how many men wanted to fuck her was amazing.

This lasted 5 minutes and before we knew it she found a guy who was down to experiment with us.

It started with them just kissing, then the next date she gave us both a handjob and then she blew him while I fucked her and finally after 5 dates he had sex while I watched and got a blowjob.

He was our only partner for a while, but then we thought it was best to stop seeing him as he started developing feelings for my girlfriend, he was really honest, but we were not interested in a polyamorous relationship so we went our separate ways.

Fastforward till now.

We have always used condoms, every single time.

My girlfriend is on the pill, but we just didn’t want to risk STD’s and pregnancy.

However, for the whole year, we’ve been talking about how hot it would be to not use condoms.

We joked and both said we wish we could do it without risk.

How Another Man Got Her Pregnant

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Well we put it into the universe because we met a guy, he was really sound and what I’d call the perfect bull.

He’s hung, a little bi-sexual, good in bed, always on time and friendly.

We met him on a dating site and over the next few weeks, we all got really close.

We had sex multiple times, he stayed over at a hotel we got and we all trusted each other.

This is so fucking rare, over the year we’ve maybe met a handful of guys that were this easy to try fantasies and try cuckolding with.

We all got talking one night and we all laughed about our hatred for condoms and that we all hated using them.

He asked if we could all get tested and maybe we could try without.

Honestly, I didn’t know it was so simple, we all got tested, waited a week and all came back clean.

Over the next week my girlfriend let him in raw, he cum in her mouth and at one point we both gave her a facial.

We just kept wanting to find the new thing and keep spicing things up.

Anyway the moment came…

The night he came inside her

womans belly

We kind of planned that he would cum in her and she was so down.

He was on top and I got behind him so I’d have a view of what it would look like.

He came hard and then kept fucking her.

I could see his cum dripping out of her, which is something I’ve only witnessed this one time.

Even though it fucked everything up it was so hot.

Anyway, fast-forward a week and he did it again, all of this time I hadn’t came inside my girlfriend.

I just got in the habit of pulling out as it seemed like it would lower the risk of pregnancy.

I found out my girlfriend was pregnant

My girlfriend was feeling weird, she went to her doctor and they told her to take a pregnancy test, she said she was on the pill and it wasn’t possible.

After she told me I just went and got one for her.

She peed on it and fuck she was fucking pregnant.

It’s messed everything up.

Wanting to be a cuckold lead to my girlfriend getting impregnated.

She doens’t know what she’s going to do yet and it’s fucking hard.

We’ve stopped having sex and she said she never wants to do cuckolding again.

We’re talking to the guy this weekend and we’re going to go for a scan soon. What the fuck do I do?

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Despite loving cuckolding we wanted to be as real as possible when it came to cuckolding, letting you in on all of the truths and the consequences. You have to be prepared and sure this is the right lifestyle for you.


  1. Any update on this? Did she keep it?

  2. Keep the baby this experience is great and you are both happy.

    • Wow

      • My girlfriend has 3 sons from two previous relationships, I know her since high school
        And when we started dating she was 6 month pregnant, we are living together since

  3. You may find that taking care of another man’s baby is as hot as her having sex with him. Humiliation is humiliation.

  4. I don’t know what to tell you. Pregnancy in cuckolding is a chance you take in this lifestyle. What ever you do is for the both of you. I don’t know if you should include the bull in the final out come.

  5. My wife got pregnant doing this I know it sucks at first but you get used to it!

  6. I think its hot, but I am a TS transgirl, so am feminine. I would see the baby as my baby too, probably even more ‘cuz I can get pregnant. But, you do kinda have to be careful, or at least prepared if you enter this lifestyle. Women will definitely change, and once she knows her power, she will never be the same again. But, if you are a strong, loving man, you will embrace this change you see in her. The funny thing I have noticed about cuckolding and this fantasy of pregnancy is that this has been going on forever, women have been cheating and fucking other men forever and getting pregnant by other men, and their hubby never finds out, many times it is a secret the woman keeps and he never knows, but now it has become a fantasy of men. Very interesting. I think it is very exciting to think of my gf fucking a man and getting pregnant by and because I live as a woman, I would stand by her and be faithful to her, and we could raise the baby as two mothers. Its a bold new world

  7. It happened to us too. We are now with his fourth child.

  8. First, I’m sorry to hear that you are both in crisis. My wife and I initially felt the way you described. But we turned to each other and talked it through. Somewhere along the way we realized a few things; it would be no big deal if she had a kid from a previous marriage. it would have been no big deal if we adopted a kid. it would have been no big deal if we spent thousands on a sperm donor if I couldn’t have kids. In each of those situations, you both could build a life, a family and love your kids as if they were yours.

    The only thing freaking you both out is the cuckold thing. Accept that you both enjoyed playing with other men. Accept that your both sexual people. And accept that having a kid from a cuckold relationship is no different that any of the situations I described above.

    My opinion, don’t tell her lover about the kid. She needs to break it off with the baby’s father and both of you need to be the family you want to be. And there is no reason to stop enjoying your lifestyle. You’re lives are what you make it. You can have a plain vanilla family life with your kid. And you can still enjoy a cuckold life in private with your wife. Best of luck to you both and congratulations on your pregnancy.

    • Personally I would let her keep the baby and id help her raise the baby as my own kid. She’s still the mother I would consider moving him in and living a poly type lifestyle I like sharing so if my gf got pregnant while doing something I love with another man its fine.

      • Amen! Wish more cucks were strong enough to be able to do that.

  9. i hope She kept the baby and he should do everything to take care of it and encourage her to make more with her lovers.
    My girlfriend and i are on our 4 th going for 10. She loves making black babies and I support her and them 100%.

    • You are a lucky man!

  10. Hi,
    what happened to your situation?

  11. We are pregnant with our Bull’s second baby. Thats the whole point of this relationship. Its the duty of a cuck to raise the Bull’s baby once you are in a cuckold relationship.

    • As long as it doesn’t put a financial strain on the family……Is your bull a BBC…….

  12. I truly hope your situation got better for you. As for me I once was completely on board having my wife having sex with another man in hopes to get her pregnant after exhausting all other medical means. The issue was never her having sex with another man to conceive. The issue was the type of women my wife was at the time. I had a previous great relationship and sex life with a girlfriend during my high school/college time. So I had experience in MMF, FFM etc. I understood what it took. Well for her the “idea” of her “cheating” on me was all she could see at the time. I wanted it to be something we did together. Example being we have a “wild weekend” during her fertile time and allow another guy to cum in her as many times as possible. I knew exactly what I was excepting. But unfortunately I could tell it wasn’t something my wife could not deal with afterwards. It’s not for everyone and you must know that. So it’s something that never happened. I am truly sorry people end up in bad situations after doing these things. But!!! For anyone considering this you both must know you can handle this and it’s not okay to become angry with each other if afterwards you are struggling. You made this choice.

  13. She got pregnant, because she stopped taking the pill.she wanted to get pregnant by her bull, if he wasn’t ,he is now . You my friend have look after and bring up the child . . I hope the bull is black and you are white , so it obvious it’s not yours or it’s a very slim chance. Now let’s see how much you love your girlfriend.

  14. 100% gift from the bull. Raise that child like your own!
    Keep em comin!

  15. I certainly hope this couple not only have the baby, but the cuckold is a sincere and loving Father. We men are always in relationships raising another man’s child. It’s like we’re naturally inclined to being cucks and I see nothing wrong with it. Even when the baby is obviously not yours, he or she still needs a Father.

    My wife has a son from one of her MANY previous relationships and I’m proud to raise him. Much the same, if she ever went beyond the “teasing” stage of cuckolding me and got pregnant, I’d proudly raise the child, mine or not.

  16. Thank-you for sharing your story …your adventures and interests defiantly aline with ours in the lifestyle and is something we play around with quite a bit
    It has been something we have discussed the outcomes and possibilities in length about what if it actually happened and it wasn’t all just fantasy … when you play with fire you will probably get burnt but if your prepared for the possibilities then your relationship is safe when things go wrong
    We have never been as close as we have been in this lifestyle and there is nothing taboo or untouchable anymore to us we talk about everything and anything we have never felt so liberated … its a shame you hadn’t discussed the real outcomes of such play before it happened and hopefully you can both work things out as it sounded like you had found someone truly special to share this all with and that would be a massive loss partners so trusting to live out this lifestyle with are so few and far between !

  17. I’ve been fortunate enough to get two women pregnant as the bull. The men treat the kids like their own. Both knew I had every intention of getting them pregnant, and I was proud when I did.

  18. My girlfriend and I haven’t found the right bull yet but we have discussed it in great detail. We both agree pregnancy will be mostly up to the bull or bulls. If a bull wants to cum inside her she will let him. If she gets pregnant we will accept our new baby into our family.

  19. Be a good cuck and help raised the child

  20. The prospect of the hotwife breeding with her bull, or bulls, is really hot. Hopefully, you guys have a very strong, loving and trusting underlying relationship, and can raise the child as a family. The analogy that was given above to raising an adopted child, product from a previous marriage, or sperm donor, is a great analogy. Man-up and keep loving this woman. Maybe she’ll have another baby by the same father, or maybe another bull as well. But let her keep fucking whomever she wants to fuck. And besides, if you had gotten down there and cleaned her pussy the way you should, you may have prevented the pregnancy in the first instance.

  21. It’s completely okay mate. I have 3 kids from our bull. It’s the part of the relationship, the lifestyle. Kids biological father is a permanent bull in our family.
    By accepting his baby is pure dedication to the bull.
    This requires love. I’m raising all of them as mine and loving them equally. My wife is also very supportive.
    You’ll find this common in your wife too if you take the right decesion to keep it.

    Pregnancy creates premanent mental,physical & emotional attachment between the bull,wife and husband. Specially the wife.

    By impregnating the hotwife. The bull asserts complete domination over the beta husband. And naturally the beta husband makes sure that the bull’s gene lives on properly. That’s the ultimate from of cuckoldry. Eventually any uckold would gradually move to this stage. Which seems as a start for you.
    My advice to you would be: embrace it with love and dedication.

  22. this is incrediable to get pregnant

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