Cuckold JOI (Try Not To Cum Cuckold Edition)

Are you ready to have your orgasm completely and utterly controlled by a Hotwife who created this daring cuckold challenge?

I’m Sarah and today I’m going to fully own your orgasm and find out just how much of a cuck you really are.

There are absolutely no points for cheaters in this game. So, tell us your exact experience with my tough challenge in the comments below, just how far did you make it, did you fail, and what time did you fail? Let me know!

Rules: Make sure to wear headphones (if possible), turn up the volume, and don’t take your eyes off of the video, once you start the video DO NOT STOP STROKING your cock, and no matter what make sure to follow the stroke meter, and make sure you’re already hard before you press play.

You can unlock the hard mode of this challenge by becoming a cuckin member.

The Full Cuckold Jerk Off Instructions (extra Help):

illustration of the cuckold jerk off instructions you need to follow while watching the JOI video.

Here’s some extra help for those of you that need it.

Be ready.

Some of you cucks will have premature ejaculation and need to go into this hard but without any other edging.

Others who find it hard to cum should have themselves nicely edged, so they can follow everything that is said.

Either way, have your cock hard and ready to go before pressing play.

Don’t Stop Jerking It (follow the stroke tempo on screen)

Do you feel like you’re about to cum? Too bad.

I want you to have the mental strength to see past your urges, if you don’t have that then you’re weak and deserve to fail the challenge. No ifs and no buts.

Keep An Eye On The Time

Some might cum too soon, but some might not cum soon enough, both are the same, and both are a fail. You must follow every single instruction to the second and if you don’t cum right when I ask you to – fail!

What If You Fail?

Try again.

Every time you jerk off from the moment you fail you have to watch this video again until you nail it.

It’s really the only way you’ll learn to have more control over your soppy, probably small, cuckold cock.

It’s Too Easy?

You can make it harder with a little bit of orgasm punishment.

If you cum before I say, then ruin your orgasm.

The second you orgasm, just stop all touching, use this time to think about what you could have done differently, and understand that maybe this is why you’re a cuck and want better for your wife.

If you still need more, then if you fail, it’s time for some self-cleaning to learn your place as a cuck, this is a special instruction for cuckolds that clean up/want to clean up in their future.

If it’s still too easy for you, then you need to upgrade to the next level.

Try Not To Cum Cuckold HARD Edition (Part Two)

Red headed woman on her knees sucking a guys BBC in living room
Unlock the next part here.

This is the easy edition and once you complete it, we have created a much harder try not to cum cuckold challenge and a try to cum challenge, both push and punish all of our members and have only been completed a handful of times, if you want to try them, become a member and give it your best shot.

All our JOI now include a tempo keeper, so you know the exact speed to stroke your cock throughout the whole video, we did this to stop cheating as a lot of cucks kept coasting at a slow speed.

Did you follow the orders?

Remember to let me know your exact time, if you made it and came on command or if you didn’t cum and couldn’t finish when I told you to. I want to know it all.

I hope you fail!

Love, Sarah <3

I'm Sarah, I'm the hotwife of this blog. I share my stories and experiences of being a hotwife for the past 4 years, the ups the downs and how it affected my relationship.


  1. Would you make me lock my dick in chasity for you

  2. I have made it

  3. Sarah,

    It’s been close to 30-45 seconds for me on 3 attempts. I’ll get better I think but that why it’s better that my wife has some other regulars.

  4. Damn the times i failed on this are way to high

  5. 2:17 I failed, and stopped shooting at 2:24. Couldn’t handle this at all.

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