How We Make Our Cuckold Marriage Work

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The question on a lot of people’s minds when they think about cuckolding is how will it affect my relationship?

A lot of people never venture into the world of cuckolding to protect their relationship and out of fear of what could happen, many just sit back and enjoy the idea of it, indulge in cuckolding as merely a fantasy and whilst it is understandable why people are scared, there actually isn’t much to be scared of so long as you’re both on the same page and prepared to communicate.

I wanted to share with you how we make our cuckold marriage work and show you that we are just ordinary, normal people in our day to day lives, we just can separate that from who we are when we are enjoying the cuckolding lifestyle and that my friends, is the key to a successful cuckold marriage. There are also some very interesting tips in this article: getting her to cuckold you.

How Does Our Cuckold Marriage Work?

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For us, it works in knowing where it begins and where it ends. For instance, when at home, going about our daily life we are just a normal husband and wife, we take care of one another’s needs sexually, we care and love one another and everything is just as it should be.

When we are cuckolding things take a different turn, I may leave Jack home alone as I go out and sleep with my bull, and then when I come home Jack may have asked to have some sloppy seconds and as soon as we both acknowledge we are done, we are back to being a normal husband and wife who respect and care for one another. We may shower together, we cuddle and talk about what needs to be talked about before closing the door on cuckolding for the evening.

It works differently for everyone but I know a lot of couples work the same way as we do, inviting cuckolding into their life when they choose and shutting it out again when they want to. This keeps the couple in complete control and allows you to learn your boundaries and keep your relationship with what it was before cuckolding.

Has Being A Hotwife Helped Our Marriage?

It has opened us up to a lot sexually, we both craved this kind of lifestyle, and whilst it wasn’t all plain sailing it has helped us because we can be in a happy relationship whilst also fulfilling our kinks and fantasies.

We have a very strong marriage and we are very happy with one another, being able to do exciting and new things sexually have just been a big bonus for both of us.

Have You Ever Made Any Mistakes?

I think you would be extremely hard pushed to find somebody in this lifestyle who hasn’t made a mistake. Jack and I have had plenty but the key is understanding them, communicating about them, and ensuring you both understand what went wrong. Mistakes also follow onto the next thing I am going to share with you and that is rules…

Do We Have Any Rules?

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Absolutely and I urge anyone interested in this lifestyle to have them as they will save your relationship and ensure you have the best experience when sharing. Knowing your boundaries and your limits are essential and I couldn’t have entered this world without knowing where Jack and I draw the line.

Respect: Having respect for one another and the rules you create is an absolute must. Understanding where your fun ends and begins, what your partner would and wouldn’t like, and what you have agreed on is all part of respect and it’s very important to us.

No Secrets: For us, it’s best to share everything, if I had sex I’ll tell him, usually in great detail. I know that a big part of this fetish for my husband is knowing every detail and so I always make sure to tell him. If something happened that I know he may not like I tell him, that’s just what you have to do.

We Come First: Our love is the most important, It’s easy to get lost in lust and having a good time, but we both make sure that the good time is mutual, and if it isn’t we have the self-control to pull back. Our relationship is always number one and a priority to us, everything else comes second.

Aftercare: When I get back from spending time with my lover, I give my husband lots of aftercare. It’s okay for him to get jealous, it’s okay for him to be in a bit of a mood and feel like he missed out, that’s why I tell him everything, I love him and I always show him that especially when I first get back. Likewise, he gives me lots of aftercare too, to make me feel loved and sexy after I have been with a bull.

No Blurred Lines: We both know what we want and what we get out of this. The less blur you can have the better. It’s no use keeping it bottled up, you must talk about it all, even if it’s a bit awkward or embarrassing.

Communication: Everything must be communicated, good or bad. You must speak up if something is on your mind and we make sure to create a relaxed environment for both of us to be able to talk about things.

Have Any Rules Changed?

When we first began we had a whole host of different rules, things that since actually gaining experience from the lifestyle made us realize that we were okay with and things that weren’t on our list that actually we aren’t too comfortable with.

For us there isn’t any part of the body that is off-limits, we are fine with most exploration (to a certain extent), however, we do draw the line at more intimate things such as repeat sleepovers, no communication, and no aftercare as these things hold a lot of importance to us.

The Hardest Part Of This Lifestyle

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For us, it isn’t what you would probably think, our biggest problem was finding the right men to explore with.

There are loads of men who will happily share a wife, but it’s hard to find someone who understands the dynamic that my husband enjoys watching and listening to us and even just waiting at home, but that doesn’t mean he wants to be dominated, talked down to or made to feel dirty.

My husband has good size dick, is good in bed, and is perfect for me and I feel like a lot of bulls assume all of the above is not true, which is a big turn off for us.

Luckily I’ve found some really amazing men, who are experienced and understand the fetish and are fluid with trying new things and don’t judge. I’ve also found from talking to them that they have just as many issues, finding a good hotwife, so when you finally do find the right person to play with, you’ll probably both want to keep each other around. We found most of our playmates, by using cuckold dating sites and social media/forums.

Did We Have A Cuckold Wedding?

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We didn’t have any sharing at our wedding as we got married in the old fashioned way, I feel like that would have been hard with all of our family and friends around, and as I mentioned before our relationship comes first and we wanted the day to be about our love and commitment not about the lifestyle. However, I have been looking into cuckold weddings and they do look super exciting so perhaps Jack and I will renew our vows at some point in the future and have a huge cuckold party? Would you come along?

What About Hotwife Honeymoon?

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Yes!! We had a long honeymoon and the first week was just for us, but the second, my hubby did plan a few surprises, but he watched and sometimes even joined in.

I know lots of hotwife/cuckold relationships do this on their honeymoon and you can even find hotels that cater to people like us, which is a great idea if you want to make a whole week out of it.

Will It Work For You?

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The most important part is to understand what parts of the fetish you both enjoy, talk about that, communicate your desires and your worries and see where you both are heading.

  • Lots of cuckolds enjoy humiliation and lots don’t.
  • Lots enjoy clean up, lots don’t.
  • Lot’s enjoy joining in and lots don’t.
  • Lot’s enjoy solo dates and lots have to watch.
  • Some enjoy an open relationship and some don’t.
  • Some enjoy rules being broke and others don’t.
  • Some only want to see their wife with a hung guy, others don’t mind.
  • Some like chastity, some don’t.
  • Some enjoy sloppy seconds, some don’t.
  • Some enjoy being a sissy, others don’t.
  • For some people, it’s a fantasy and for others, they need this to be fully complete in the relationship.

You need to work out exactly what you both find a turn on and work with that. There are so many parts of this fetish that work for some and not for others and being honest about it all is key.

Once you figure that out, then you need to go slow, take the advice from cuckold training and this will help avoid a lot of regret and angst.

Tell Me About Your Relationship

Let me know in the comments your dynamic and how your marriage/relationship work and if you have any more advice for anyone reading this, that would be amazing.

Sarah <3

I'm Sarah, I'm the hotwife of this blog. I share my stories and experiences of being a hotwife for the past 4 years, the ups the downs and how it affected my relationship.


  1. Sarah,

    It sounds like you and Jack have a great marriage and a happy life. It works for you to and that great. Be happy.

    sub bitch joe

  2. Sarah the lifestyle you and Jack live and the contents of this site has really helped us (my HotWife and I) along the path into becoming a cuckold couple. We’re so much more informed and even though we haven’t left the planning stage (yet) the spark and passion has come back to our sex lives. We’ve had more sex than ever before. I can’t wait to meet that raging bull who will pleasure my wife like no one before! Thank you and keep up the excellent work

    • Hello,

      I am Paul and my fiancé is Nicolla. Recently, my fiancé has said that as a wedding present to me, she is going to cuckold me on our honeymoon. It started off as my fantasy, but she has completely taken to the idea. We have even fantasized about a cuckold wedding, alongside our real official one. I wasn’t aware of hotels that cater for such things? Is such a thing possible, or best left to fantasy? Are you really planning a cuckold wedding?

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you so much for a down to Earth and realistic portrayal of cuckolding. A lot of people think it is like porn or the cuck is nothing etc.

    I never watch my lady be with others nor does she humiliate me, ok sometimes light humiliation but nothing like you see in some clips and hear about on forums.

    The relationship has to come first as you say.

  4. Its interesting.

  5. Hey Sarah,
    Thanks for sharing your life experience on living the cuckold lifestyle. We’d been marred in 1963 and had a conventional marriage. Then in 1969 the summer of love we’d were interested in experience other men to share my wife. Before we were married I knew my then girlfriend was having sex with other guys mostly blowjobs.

    Since my wife has had sex with other men before it wasn’t to hard to convince her that I enjoyed knowing she was having sex with other men. My wife then began having sex with other men and always told me when she came home what she did and with whom. We’d have wild sex afterwards. Sometimes she’d invite men to the house so I can watch and join in. We’d lived this lifestyle till 2014 when we both realized we were to old to live this lifestyle any longer. We had a happy married life living the cuckold lifestyle however we didn’t know that we were living a cuckold life till 1970.

    We been marred for 59 years and lived as a cuckold couple for 42 years with no regrets. Cuckold lifestyle worked for us but it’s not for most people.

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