The Best Hotwife & Cuckold Podcasts

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I love sitting down with a cup of hot coffee and enjoying a podcast, it really helps me to switch off from the outside world and I find them to really stimulate me in a way that tv doesn’t. I love listening to random people talk about things that interest us, hearing their opinions, and just sharing stories about their lives. When I am driving long distances I will often have a podcast on and my hubby Jack and I even listen to them together from time to time.

There is a podcast for everyone, no matter your likes and dislikes but today I wanted to share with you my hotwife and cuckold podcasts, the ones that excite me, make me laugh, make me happy and just give me a bit of good company.

You may not have even known that podcasts exist for people in our community but they do and I have some firm favorites that you’re going to love, whether you’re a hotwife, a cuckold, a sissy, a bull or anything else related to our community. Don’t forget to let me know what podcasts you listen too in the comments down below!

The Best Hotwife & Cuckold Podcasts

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I really hope you can enjoy these podcasts as much as I do, all of these teams work incredibly hard to deliver interesting content and I admire their hard work and dedication to airing these fantastic podcasts.

We also decided to include some very interesting lifestyle podcasts that are based around the Swinging community, I find these types of podcasts really pique my interest too and I just wanted there to be something for everyone.

Podcasts like these are great if you’re new to the lifestyle as they can help you learn a little more and hear from people doing the things you want too, and obviously they are also great for people who are deep into the lifestyle as they can provide a helping hand, advice, a laugh and just a general sense of community about them.

Our Current Favorite: KeysandAnkletsPodcast

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This is the podcast that I listen too literally whenever I get a spare moment. I love having it on when I am driving, working, relaxing, and just about anywhere else.

Hosted by a uniquely intriguing bull called Michael C, he dives deep into all things hotwife and cuckold related. He has no qualms or hang-ups about this lifestyle and is always charming and respectful towards his guests and sometimes risque topics. He is deeply informative and creates a safe atmosphere for his guests where he is knowledgeable, eloquent, and educated in his manner of speaking and about our community.

This is their website: Keys and Anklets podcast

This is there twitter: Keys And Anklets Twitter

Here is their patreon: Support the podcast

There are lots of free episodes for you to listen too on the website but these episodes can only continue with support so if you do enjoy them, please think about joining their Patreon. This podcast gives lots of people an outlet, those who cannot explore their fantasies, those wanting to learn more, and those just intrigued. It’s a great podcast that I love listening too and if you’re looking for a new one, I urge you to do the same.

The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast (You Must-Listen Too)

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This podcast is another sensational listen, it offers lots of advice, tips, genuine stories, and experiences. Venus dives into all things cuckold and loves to give her take on things. She is a very empowered woman who knows what she wants, she knows how to get what she wants and she shows you the listener a pathway into her world with ease and fluidity, without judgment and with lots of encouragement from the female perspective.

This is her website: The Venus Cuckoldress

Her Patreon: Support Venus here

Whether you want advice about becoming a cuckold, you just love living out your fantasy through others or you just enjoy listening to other people in the community, this podcast is highly recommended by us and Jack, my husband loves this one.

The podcast is always informative, there are lots to think about and take from the podcasts and although you can access some episodes via her website there is of course an option to listen to all episodes and access more content on her Patreon.

TheCoupleNextDoor (Amazing Swinger Podcast)

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Jay and Kay share their wonderful journey into what is known as swinging. They offer their stories, honest advice, and a wealth of opinions and pensive moments. This podcast is intended for anyone interested in this lifestyle and whether you just want to listen to a couple talking about what their relationship is like and everything that goes with that or if you want some genuine advice, this interesting couple will give you just that.

Their website: That Couple Next Door

They really are the couple next door that you wonder about and quite honestly lust over. I love their pure honesty, they don’t try and sugarcoat everything and they are extremely open with their listeners. I feel as though I have grown with these two listening to them over the years and experiencing their ups and downs with them.

They are very likable, charismatic, charming, and great fun. You can also access their podcasts for free but please consider checking out their patreon as it helps them to keep on creating great podcasts for us all.


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Although sadly they stopped producing podcasts due to lack of time, these two are a great listen if you want to hear two people just talking about different kinks, BDSM, fetishes, and anything else that just doesn’t fall into the ‘normal’ side of sex.

Floss and Bakji are a great pair of hosts and I always enjoyed listening to them talk about all different types of topics. They were very engaging and I found myself being submersed into their content whenever they released. As I mentioned, although they have sadly stopped recording, you can listen to all of their old stuff here: Proud To Be Kinky.


we gotta thing logo

Mr. and Mrs. Jones are a great, happy couple who have taken to the internet to share their very own swinging experiences with us. Not only are they honest, open, and well, let’s face it, kinky they also offer a friendly hand to those who may need some help to understand their emotions and in what direction they may be going when engaging in the swinging lifestyle. They also share their experiences on a personal level and they speak about the truth behind the shiny swinging veil.

This is their website: We Gotta Thing

I love their podcasts, they are very stimulating and I am often left pondering my own answers to their questions and how I would reply to some of their discussions. They speak authentically about this being their own journey and mine or yours being very different, they acknowledge that this may not be for everyone but everyone has a right to do whatever they want.

They have lots of podcasts on their website for you to listen too, (which works flawlessly by the way), so if you want a real couple talking about their real experiences with swinging and all of the issues that may arise, this is your podcast.


the prioty society logo

Isis and Eros are a happily married charming couple who created a safe place online where they could talk about all things swinging with likeminded people.

They consider swinging to be just like a secret society, a place kept away from family members and friends who just don’t understand the lifestyle and that I completely understand and agree with. Not everyone is so open and it can sometimes cause conflict, having somewhere secret yet understanding for swingers and anyone into anything non-vanilla is important. I consider their podcast to be just that, a place of total understanding, and a place where no topic is off-limits.

This is their website and where you can listen to their podcast: The priory society

This couple talks about anything and everything swinging related and are very honest about their personal experiences. I would recommend this podcast to newbies interested in the lifestyle, people who need a nudge in the right direction, and who need to understand a little more about it from a real couple and I would recommend it to anyone else who enjoys hearing about other people’s experiences and discussions on erotic yet intriguing topics.

THE Curious Couple

the curious couple logo

Sadly, this fun-loving couple stopped recording in 2018, but if you haven’t already they are great to go back and listen too right from the very beginning. They have lots of episodes for you and they offer educated discussions about the lifestyle, a humorous twist on certain topics and step by step guides on how certain scenarios went down for them. They are a very real couple who share everything presented to them and although they don’t release anymore I am eternally grateful for their podcasts and the effort that they put in.

You can listen to their old podcasts here on the curious couple website

Want More Podcasts/Lifestyle Advice?

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You can also go check out our cuckold/hotwife subreddits, you will get so much amazing information about the lifestyle from these reddits and you will a large community of people interested in the exact same things as you are as well as a plethora of information and questions for you to browse through.

Also, check out these cuckold forums where you can meet other bulls, cucks, hotwives, and swingers. We have met lots of people this way, these forums are still very much active and frequented by hundreds of users daily.

Did We Miss Your Lifestyle Podcast?

Let us know your lifestyle podcast or your favorite podcast in the comments down below and we will add it to the list for you.

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