A Cuckold POV: What It’s Like To To Be A Cuck

I wanted to share my side of the story, what happens when you’re the one behind the camera watching your partner getting railed by your friend. I always had a thing for cuckolding, I used to watch any of the porn videos that I could and when I finally mentioned it to my girlfriend she was so open and honest that it lead to this and ultimately me becoming the cuck I always have been.

My POV Cuckold Video:

I filmed my girlfriend fucking my best friend. It was an extremely erotic experience for me, it felt like everything I had ever wanted was coming true, and although parts of me would suddenly feel unsure about the situation, watching it unfold as it did made me feel like the ultimate cuck and I loved my girlfriend for it.

My Poing of view Of Being Cucked

point of view of a what a cuckold sees

Getting to this point was a journey as I am sure you will hear from a lot of other cucks. It’s not all smooth sailing, there’s a lot you may need to work through as a couple, however, getting there and finally sharing your partner with another man is like all of the puzzle pieces finally clicking into place.

What It Felt Like Watching My Soulmate With Another Guy

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As much as I was loving it I was met with feelings of guilt and regret throughout the entirety of the date. Them feelings however were dampened down by the erection in my pants and the feelings of excitement that washed over me. As much preparation as you get through, nothing feels quite like the real thing and you may find that it was better kept as a fantasy after all. However, if you don’t and you’re just dealing with new emotions that have arisen, it’s magical, even if it feels strange, to begin with.

What Happened After?

man cumming on a ladies belly

Once he had come all over my girlfriend, he left. It was a little bit awkward with my girlfriend, I didn’t know what to say to her but she broke the silence by calling me over and having me fuck her used up pussy. It was something I had always wanted to try and it just completed the whole new experience for me.

We met with him again a few days after and although it was definitely awkward at first once we started talking about realized that all of us enjoyed it for our own reasons, we began planning the next date and our friendship hasn’t changed at all.

What I Would Do Differently

Although I enjoyed being my girlfriends sloppy seconds I do wish I had asked him to wear a condom. My girlfriend didn’t mind him not wearing one and neither did he but it was something I wish I had asked for as it did make me feel a little bit uncomfortable, however, I wouldn’t change it now as seeing the cum on her was great and it made me feel like such a cuck.

Has She Had Sex With Anyone Else?

woman sitting on bed in black panties

We are currently planning our next date with my friend but we are certainly going to be opening things up with other people now too. We enjoyed it a lot and I can’t wait to grow our list.

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