I Love Being A Cuckold (Here are The Reasons Why)

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I apologize to all cucks reading this because I am about to expose all on why being a cuckold is incredible and one of the most sexually rewarding and exciting journeys most of us have ever been on. I am going to spill the beans on why being a cuckold is the way forward and why so many of us turn to it in our lives.

Why I Love Being A Cuckold (My Reasons)

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I am going to share everything that I love about being a cuckold, I am sure I am missing lots of other things too because there are so many so if you want to share your reasons for loving this lifestyle too leave your comment down below for all to see.

1. All Dolled Up For Another Guy

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Knowing my wife is getting all dolled up for another guy sets my heart racing. What will she wear, how will she do her makeup, will she shave, what type of underwear will she have on? Those kinds of questions race through my mind and I love it.

Every time she see’s a bull I love to see the effort she puts into herself. Seeing her getting all dressed up for another man to fuck her and enjoy her, that’s powerful.

2. Voyeurism (It’s Like Watching Porn)

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While your beautiful wife fucks another guy you get to watch her and enjoy sex from a whole new perspective, you can see her body bounce, her wet pussy dripping, her pussy being stretched and her toes curling from the pleasure.

I’m not sure if it was watching porn that had prepped me for this, but the voyeuristic part of being a cuckold can be hotter than actually having sex for me. Seeing Sarah orgasm uncontrollably and give all of herself to another guy, while I just watch is unlike anything you could ever experience elsewhere.

Come and say hi in the membership where we and other members share intimate details and stories about cuckold adventures like these.

3. Experiencing Your Wife’s Slutty Side

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How your wife fucks you, is not how she will fuck a bull that she lusts for. Seeing her slutty side come out and perform for another man is breathtaking.

Cuckolding allows you to be a fly on the wall during a fiery one-night stand, you will see how she kisses him, how she sucks his cock, and how she fucks him differently from how she has ever fucked you.

4. How Big She Can Go

hotwife having sex on bed with hung guy

Sarah is a size lover, she loves all different sizes, but bigger is usually better for her, and there’s something that turns me on so much about seeing her make another guy’s huge cock just disappear inside of her and then reappear when he slowly pulls himself out.

I would have never have known how much Sarah enjoyed bigger cock and how deep she was if we didn’t venture into this lifestyle and now it’s something we both crave.

5. Seeing His Cock For The First Time

woman licking a big penis

There’s always an exciting moment when you see a bull’s cock for the first time. Usually, Sarah looks on in amazement or shock, which I love, especially when he is really hung and I get to see the cock she is going to take. A big cock is much bigger in real life and it gets even bigger once you see it go inside of your wife.

6. Orgasms Are Groundbreaking

woman moaning in pleasure on bed

I’m not sure if it’s just myself and Sarah but Sarah has the most intense orgasms with her bull and sometimes even more intense after I reclaim her.

The intense orgasms aren’t just limited to Sarah, it also happens to me, when I watch her and her bull together my orgasm afterward is unlike anything else. I cum much harder, for longer and it feels more amazing than a normal orgasm.

A lot of the bulls we have played with have experienced the same, their orgasms become much more intense when they are with a hotwife and it gets even more so in a threesome setting, where we are both taking turns with Sarah.

7. Showing Off What A Good F**K Sarah Is

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Sarah is really good in bed and there’s something inside me that loves to share her and see the look on another guy’s face when she starts sucking his cock or starts riding him. It’s thrilling knowing she is my partner and she is giving pleasure to other guys but I have learned that she really is too good in bed not to share.

8. Watching Sarah Make A Bull Cum

cum dripping from a ladies mouth

The ‘cum’ is one of the hottest parts of cuckolding for me, here are just some of the parts of it that I like:

-I love how easy Sarah can make another man cum.

-I love thinking about how deep it would have gone if he came inside her.

-Similarly I love seeing another man’s cum dripping out of her.

-I love seeing Sarah’s reaction to his cum.

-You can feel free to clean him up too.

-I love when she swallows every last drop like it’s nothing.

-I love hearing Sarah ask for her bulls cum.

These are just the things I can think of there are tons of other reasons why I love seeing the cum aspect.

9. Learning New Things

lady in the middle of an orgy

Sarah has learned so many new sexual things since we opened things up. I think it comes from being with different guys and wanting to be able to please them. She was amazing in bed before but now she is incredible.

She’s also found lots of things that she enjoys that she never used to, this usually happens when a bull is extra good or shows her something she didn’t know her body could do.

Either way I’m not complaining.

10. Sexual Fullfilment

woman sucking off hot man on couch

I get turned on at sexually fulfilling my partner. I want them to be fulfilled in every way and Sarah gets so much fulfillment and enjoyment from being a hotwife. The things I can’t do, we find someone who can, and that way we are both satisfied and get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

11. The Sexy Videos/Pictures

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When Sarah goes on solo dates I always get the most amazing videos and pictures from her or her bull. This on its own is enough of a reason to share her. Just being able to have a memory you can always look at and seeing how she acts and what they get up to when I’m not there is amazing.

I also have taken loads of sexy and really naughty pictures of her for her bulls to enjoy too, which is a lot of fun when we want to do some remote teasing or when we can’t meet with her bulls for whatever reason.

12. This Is What An Affair Would Look Like

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I get to see what it would be like, how Sarah would act, who it would be with, all without it happening actually happening and being involved in it. Obviously cuckolding isn’t entirely comparable to an affair but it’s the fly on the wall, complete ‘guards down’ fun that I enjoy.

13. Feeling The Jealousy

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It happens, Sarah will be with a taller, bigger, more muscley guy who is really hung and the jealousy will sometimes creep in. You need to learn how to deal with it but once you can control it, for me it actually adds to the whole cuckolding experience. You should read this to learn more about dealing with cuckold jealousy.

14. Sperm Competition

cum dripping down butt

The bed is usually soaked in cum and wetness from Sarah.

This isn’t for everyone but a sperm competition is whereby both you and the bull cum inside of your hotwife to see essentially whose sperm wins. This can result in pregnancy or just a bit of roleplaying fun. You can also use a sperm competition as a way to see whose load is the biggest, whose is the tastiest, etc.

15. Reclaiming

woman wearing a thong

Reclaiming a stretched out, wet and warm pussy.

The sex we have after is filled with passion, love, and hotness. It’s even hotter if she’s been on a solo date and comes home in her stained wet panties, all messy, rosy-cheeked.

The sex after is always the best and the high lasts for days. We sometimes have sex multiple times after and then more the next day. It’s just a way that you re-connect with one another and shows your wife that you love her.

16. Sloppy Seconds

couple having sex on bed

Going inside a sloppy, wet pussy dripping with another guys cum.

We have a few guys we play with regularly and Sarah has unprotected sex with them all. It’s pretty fun when they creampie her and I get to have the sloppy seconds and even clean her pussy up.

Sarah prefers no condom (read our advice on condoms), but we always have to be super safe, but when we trust someone it’s so much better without protection and it adds a whole new element. Plus Sarah can take a much bigger size when there’s no condom involved as they can dry her out.

We even have a full guide on sloppy seconds if you want to know more about it.

Other Reasons To Become A Cuckold

list of a few other reasons to become a cuckold

Above are just some of the reasons that I personally love being a cuck, but I wanted to share more so here are some of the other purposes that other people find make cuckolding amazing.

17. Clean Up

cum dripping down lip

Some cucks love the clean-up and will just focus on this. Cleaning up their wife’s cum filled pussy, cleaning her bull’s cock, cleaning up spilled cum, whatever they can lick clean they will and it turns them on and fulfills their fantasy to the max.

18. Interracial

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Some cucks and hotwives will only play with those from a different ethnic background. There is a whole community geared towards interracial cuckolding and it’s easy to see why it’s so sexy and fun to have some fun with new people.

19. Bi-Sexual

lady looking at big cock in shock

You can clean up the bull and his cock, become a fluffer, and make sure he is ready for your wife and clean him up after he’s done. Some cucks even like to go a step further and enhance their sexuality and become a bi cuckold.

20. Humiliation

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Whilst I enjoy some humiliation it’s not the biggest part of this lifestyle for me but for many being humiliated can be a huge turn on and they thrive from it. For instance, being talked down to and made fun of, punished, and ignored are all part of the experience for them. Here are some great humiliation instructions.

21. Submission

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Completely submitting to your wife and her bull, doing everything they say and everything they order you to do. Losing all control and submitting to their every request and denial is what gets a lot of cucks going.

22. Chastity

lock and key

I really enjoy chastity. You give up control of your orgasm all while your wife gives her orgasm to another man or teases you for days on end whilst your cock just waits patiently, throbbing in desperation to cum.

Imagine not being able to cum, but seeing another man finish inside your wife while your chastity key is wrapped around his cock, now that’s interesting.

23. Sissification

sissy in slutty skirt on bed

Many cucks enjoy being treated and even converted into a sissy. This is where usually a cuck is given a feminine or a degrading name, treated like a slut, dressed up as a woman, and completed stripped of their masculinity, and given a new female identity. One of our readers did a fantastic submission on turning her husband into a sissy.

There’s So Many Amazing Parts

I love so many parts of this lifestyle and I find that I keep developing new loves as time goes on. It may sound silly but it has leveled me up as a human and it’s freeing to let go of predetermined ideas of how a relationship should work. This is just another way that we have sex and it works for us and we enjoy it so much.

Why Do You Love Being a Cuckold?

I’d love to know what you love about being a cuckold in the comments below.

I'm the cuckold of cuckin.com. I write about my experiences sharing Sarah and about the things I learned. I've been a cuck for the past 4 years of our relationship, but have been studying this lifestyle for the past 10 years, when I first found out I got turned on by the idea of my partner being with other men.


  1. Hey Jack,
    Your article is very good. I want to start off by saying that I’ve never been a cuckold. I’m a married senior sub male and have a black Mistress. I have offered to be a cuckold for my Mistress. She hasn’t taken me up on it yet. The only part of cuckolding that I don’t understand is, why a wife would want to turn her husband into a sissy. When I serve my Mistress, she likes to call me her sissy slut bitch. That’s OK with me. I expect it. I’m her bitch and I love it. Cuckolds and sub males have a lot in common. I love reading cuckold blogs and yours is one of the best.

  2. The most informative insights of being a cuckold on the net! Thanks for writing this terrific guide!

  3. Love the ideas of a cuckold and your article covers the gray area of a bi-cuck. Question: Is a 3 some involving MMF a cuckold session?

    • It doesn’t have to be. It depends on the dynamic of the threesome and what gets you off during the threesome. A stag is someone who enjoys sharing without the humiliation and cheating aspect, so that might be better suited, and a cuckold is with them things amongst others. Jack (my partner) goes between them both <3

  4. I love watching the men’s balls pulse in their scrotum when they are pumping semen into my wife. One guy has real low hanging balls, and they rise around 3 inches when he cums in her. Another plus to the relationship, she doesn’t like anal or sucking cock, so I get to take care of that for her. I enjoy guiding the cocks inside or her. I appreciate my wife doesn’t just have one fucker, but is quite promiscuous, just as she was when we first met. We didn’t start dating until after we had fucked at two different gang bangs.

    • There are many things I like about being a Cuckold one of them is being able to suck dick in front of my wife. Or even sharing it with her is ever hotter. But the one thing that makes it really hot for me is being inside her at the same time he’s fucking her. I want to feel his cum shooting inside her pussy and feel his cum oozing down my shaft as he continues to cum in her with me inside her. When he finishes I want to lick all that cum out of her pussy. My favorite way to do that is have her sit on my face and rub her pussy on my face.

  5. Excellent article.

  6. My wife complained that I came too fast & my dick was too small & she needed a man for sex. There was a black man she works with who had hit on her and she said she was going to let him have her. It was not a request! So she met him after work & he gave her the best sex she ever had. She told me all about it & said she was his now. So I had become a cuckold. She began telling me about their sex & wanted me to watch how he fucked her. So I finally agreed & I admit it was amazing. They then talked me into cleaning her pussy & that led to me sucking his cock. That’s how it happens!

  7. Out of all the listed reasons my absolute favorite are 1,2,5,7 and 11. And I definitely agree with what you said in #2 that watching can be way hotter then actually having sex.

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