Our First Cuckold Vacation

English is not our first language so bear with us if we make a few mistakes on this post.  My wife and I couldn’t travel for the past few years and therefore we couldn’t make our frequent naughty trips to our usual sexy spots.

That meant no sharing my wife for a few years which sucked 😔

We Decided To Go On A Cuckold Vacation

I really wanted to see my wife go wild after so long without doing it and she’s been begging to go on a cuckold vacation like this for too long.

We went to a place with good food, lovely sun, relaxation, and great sex (lots of hung, caring guys with BBCs).

It Didn’t Take Long To Meet A Guy

We met a beautiful black guy who knew about the lifestyle and he had such a charm about it. He was well-recommended by others and my wife jumped on the chance to have an intimate time with him.

He was very well equipped. Let’s just say my wife had no complaints.

This Is What My Wife Looked Like Before He Arrived

I Had To Capture This Beautiful Moment On Camera

Apart from a few pictures and small videos, we don’t usually film our cuckold meetups, but in the time we lost during the past 3 years we really wish we had documented more of our sharing so we could watch it back when we couldn’t get the fix.

We were only going to share this on the membership, but after sharing it there we decided it was okay to make it public.

Just please respect our privacy.

After He Left I Got Some Pictures Of How He Left Her Pussy

I couldn’t resist capturing the moment, he left her so wet and stretched out, it was magical to see after so long without it. 

What Happened After The Video Ended?

It was amazing, after he left I reclaimed my beautiful wife (almost as good as watching them both together).

The best part is, after that, we had a shower, got ready, and went for a lovely dinner with the guy and a few friends, it felt very naughty knowing what we had just done.

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I'm Ste and my wife is Lena, we've been in the lifestlye for many years. We love picture swaps and video swaps. We haven't released much public, this was our first time.


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