Cuckold Simulator (The Webcam Method)

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Did you know that most cuckolds never get to the point of sharing their partner?

Usually, fear and lack of knowledge puts a halt to their plans, stopping them from ever experiencing what it is like to share their wife and fulfill this fantasy.

What if I told you that I have found a way for you to try out cuckolding right now and avoid the above?

Well, I have and by reading this article you will find out if you’re a real cuckold and if your relationship is ready to make the ultimate fantasy a reality, all without having to leave your house.

First, before you read this you should follow the steps in how to get your wife to try cuckolding guide written by my girlfriend.

After that you’ll have everything you need to make this method work.

The Webcam Method (Simulate Being A cuckold)

girlfriend in showing me her new lingerie

It’s simple.

Get yourself a good quality webcam (the one I use), find a male for your wife to have webcam sex with, watch, and see what feelings arise.

If it turns you on seeing your wife masturbate with another man and your wife also enjoys it, then you’re ready.

Why does it work?

The feelings I get seeing my girlfriend get wet and giddy while she masturbates to a hot guy over webcam are the same feelings I get while cuckolding.

The only difference is there’s no risk, she doesn’t show her face, he doesn’t know where she lives, we never have to meet and it takes minutes to set up.

Update: We have a fascinating and arousing cuckold membership filled with real cuckold stories, experiences, guides, and captions/text conversations from real user-submitted cuckolds.

What You Need For This To work

webcam cartoon guide

If you follow this step by step guide, you could be experiencing your first cuckold experience within the next few hours, just without any of the risk.

Step 1: Make sure you have a webcam

Any HD webcam will do, you can get this webcam on Amazon Prime and it will be there within a few hours (depending on when you order it).

Step 2: Finding the perfect guy

If you can then I recommend you join Adult Friend Finder (it is my favorite cuckold dating app) or similarly join any of these dating sites from our cuckold dating list, you could also try meeting someone on one of these Reddits.

You then sign up, create an account with your wife, browse through the hundreds of guys, have your wife start chatting to the ones who pique your interest, see who she likes and ask them if they want Skype/cam sex.

My girlfriend will message ten guys and within an hour have five guys wanting Skype sex with her.

The Reason I Use Adult Friend Finder

Everyone on there is open-minded, it takes my girlfriend minutes to find a decent guy to webcam with. Everyone knows your reasons for being there and I always feel like everyone gets something out of it, it’s mutually beneficial.

Plus, if you decide to try cuckolding, it’s by far the best dating app for finding bulls/men in your area to f**k your wife with no strings attached.

Step 3: Creating a hot scene for your wife

I set up the laptop on our living room floor, put down some blankets and pillows, lit a few candles and put a little music on.

I went to the kitchen whilst my girlfriend began to chat with him and then made my way back once I could hear my girlfriends moans.

I then placed myself out of sight, but with a good view of her and enjoyed every second of it.

Top Tip: With an HDMI cable you can display the computer screen on another screen, so if you want to see the screen a bit better just connect the HDMI to a TV out of the view of the screen.

Extra Step: Spicing It Up

After doing it for a few years we have found a few simple ways to spice up the cam sex that we have.

Impress with lots of erotic sex toys

My girlfriend loves making guys lust over her, I’ve noticed that she always uses the same two toys while on cam and it always makes guys cum when they watch her:

  • This large squirting dildo (She loves showing off that she can make it all disappear inside of her).
  • The Womanizer (This is her go-to toy for squirting and as most guys haven’t seen a woman squirt, she loves to be their first).

The Sexy Chat Method

She has a Whatsapp that’s set up just for the guys she has cam sex with, she talks dirty, sends very kinky pictures and then lets me read them all.

It’s just a really sexy way of trying out the lifestyle without any commitments, here are some examples of bull and hotwife text conversations.

My girlfriend’s experience with the webcam method

Woman sat on floor posing for sexy picture

My girlfriend and I got addicted to her going on cam with other men, to the point where we would do it multiple times per day.

The sex we would have after the webcam ended would be just about as dirty and wet as sex can get.

It gave her a taste for cuckolding and allowed me to live my fantasy out without any of the risks.

This is something I recommend every wanna be cuck try.

In-fact even if you share your wife regularly, try it.

My girlfriend and I still after years do the webcam method at least once per week, it’s perfect for when there’s no option to have the real thing.

Staying Safe While Webcamming

guide on staying safe as a hotwife

Here are a few must follow tips to keep yourself safe whilst doing the webcam method.

Rule #1 – Don’t show your face.

There’s always a chance someone will be screen recording.

That doesn’t bother me as long as my wife’s face isn’t showing. That’s why we always make sure the webcam stops at my girlfriend’s breasts.

My girlfriend sometimes even wears a Masquerade mask, to be double safe.

Rule #2 – Use dating sites to find people.

Don’t just get on an adult chat roulette type site, you will find a lot more weirdos and have the risk of not knowing if someone is underage.

You can simply use one of the sites from our approved lifestyle dating sites list, most of the options are free and it’s how we find people for this method.

Rule #3 – Become The New You.

Create a new Skype to webcam on and use fake last names/nicknames.

We didn’t do this when we first started and ended up with a few unwanted Facebook friend requests.

It is definitely best to create an alter ego of you and your wife to be more safe online.

Rule #4 – Muting your chat.

At the start my girlfriend always muted the audio function, she felt like she could make more noise and was more comfortable not being heard.

Also that way she didn’t have to make small talk.

I recommend mutting chat for the first few times you try this out, that way you can get used to it and it is far less daunting.

Rule #5 – You don’t exist.

As the cuck just sit back, out of view of the camera and enjoy the show.

Rule #6 – Create rules.

I’m more of a mid-level cuck, I enjoy seeing my wife get fucked while I sit watching, but I also like having threesomes and joining in.

You may want hardcore cuckolding where your wife has full control to do as she pleases, just start slowly to really see what you both enjoy.

The webcam method is just one of the ways you can stimulate a hotwife fantasy, if you want to learn more check out this training guide, it will teach you everything you need to know and If you’re not ready for the webcam method, you could try out our cuckold audio porn which simulates hearing your wife having sex with another guy, then build up to this method if you get off on the audio aspects of it.

If you enjoyed this then join our membership for lots of cuckold guides, captions, gifs, text conversations, and stories.

I'm the cuckold of I write about my experiences sharing Sarah and about the things I learned. I've been a cuck for the past 4 years of our relationship, but have been studying this lifestyle for the past 10 years, when I first found out I got turned on by the idea of my partner being with other men.


  1. I think I’m going to try this. Do you think it is bad if I do it without telling my husband? He is not very open to the lifestyle.

    • Do you want for him to come along and enjoy the cuckold lifestyle? the best you can do is honest and open conversations. Is not ok for him to hold you back on what you wish, but is also not ok to go behind his back.

  2. We are going to try this tonight, I just can’t wait. What a fantastic way to slowly get into the lifestyle.

    • I would love to know how it went? – Sarah <3

  3. We also created a simulation to see how we felt. If you’ve never heard of “deep fakes” I’ll briefly explain. It’s an AI technology that can implement someone’s face into any video. You can YouTube it and see how dangerous it can become because it is so real. It obviously gets abused with dumbasses who steal pictures and implement them in a porn video and try to ruin people reputation. However beside all that, it is a dream for cuckold couples who haven’t went all the way through with it. If you make one, I wouldn’t completely trust that since u liked it you’ll like reality of it because in the back of your mind while watching the video you know it’s really not her in the video. As for people who just want to keep it fantasy this technology is a dream come true. Any porn video in existence can be used.

  4. How I am just stumbling across this page now, beats me!! Saw some checklist that got me excited, printed it out for my gf (fiancé), now I’m over here in awe of the content, and that’s just what’s public!! Hands down, best site I’ve ever seen, seriously… well f$@&ing done. *slow clap*

  5. this web cam technic rely works – finding the right guy is the hardest bit – but fortunately we found this guy who isnt that far away. she has cammed a few times with skype (one to one c2c) and it really turns her on with sexy chit chat with him, he keeps seducing her into doing it for real, she real comfortable now stripping on his orders and masturbating for him….and she says naughty things to him she dosnt say to me….like, it looks so big and impressive and she would love it in her! im just the cuck camera man – and now i even leave her alone to cam with him….very sexual when she comes out the bedroom from camming sexually satisfied…

  6. Hoping my wife will give me this cam method for the holidays.

  7. I would love to try this with my wife but don’t know how? Omegle exists no more so not sure what application to use?

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