Cum In My Mouth, Please

cum dripping down a womans mouth

I’m a newbie posting here, so if there are any typos let me know. This is about the past year of my life

Without going into great detail, I’ve fantasized about sharing my girlfriend for years.

I’ve read every cuckold story, watched all the porn, and joined all the forums and there’s just something about sharing my girlfriend I find hot, the thought of another man cumming in my girlfriend’s mouth, pussy or all over her body, just drives me crazy.

The issue I have is that my girlfriend is the love of my life, she’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

She’s cute and attractive and has a body that is flawless to me and we could literally talk about anything for hours and It has been that way for the 5 years we’ve been together.

Update: I asked and she said I can post a pic with her face blurred:

taking picture of my girlfriend in our bathroom

Sharing her is my biggest fetish/fantasy, it’s all I think about, but the risk of losing her was something I couldn’t dream of, till one night it got too much…

…I told my girlfriend (Jade), about my fantasy.

She thought I was joking and laughed it off, I think she thought I was trying to trick her.

I insisted and told her again that my biggest fetish is to share her with another man.

She was confused and nothing came of it until a few weeks later, I guess she was horny and while cuddling in bed she asked me about my fantasy.

“Remember what you said the other day about wanting to share me?”

I answered “Yeah” a little confused.

“Would you ever share me?”

I answered “I really want too, why did you ask?”

“I’ve just been thinking about it ever since you said and didn’t know if you were just messing around.”

Before I mentioned my fantasy we’d always said we’d never cheat, so I guess the idea of sex with someone else without breaking up had unearthed something in her because over the next month she would talk about it every day.

Speeding things up over the next month we talked about everything:

  • Which of my friends she’d fuck.
  • That she wanted to be used by multiple men.
  • She had a threesome/foursome fetish.
  • What kind type of guy she finds hot.

It got to the point she would do anything to try a threesome.

I was still unsure and told her I wasn’t ready to see another man inside her.

I wanted to take it slow and asked if we could think of ways to try it without doing everything, she said:

“Why don’t I only give other men blowjobs? No kissing, no touching my pussy or butt, just blowjobs. I don’t even have to get undressed”.

This sounded fucking hot I can’t lie.

So I agreed and her face lit up.

“Will you change your mind?” she said.

Nope, as long as you promise we stick to blowjobs until I’m ready and understand that I might try it once and never want to try it again.

She nodded “I promise it will only be blowjobs and if you want to stop at any time we can”.

Jade’s first blowjob

Speed up the best part of a month has past and I’ve decided to let Jade’s first blowjob be with my old best friend.

We live in different States, have different friend groups and I’m better looking than him, this made it easier.

I reached out on Instagram and we got talking, it was a little awkward, but he was down:

text messages between my girlfriend and another guy

I felt dirty at this point and worried, but I was f**king turned on at the idea of Jade using her mouth to please him.

She looked amazing and we kept talking about it.

She was telling me what she was going to do to him, she asked if I knew how big his cock was (I didn’t), we were both so giddy.

Then he turned up at our apartment, we hugged it out and I got him a drink.

I explained everything to him and he admitted that he had had the same thoughts with past girlfriends.

“how do you want to do this?”

At this point, jade got on her hands and knees, unzipped him and pulled his trousers down, and began blowing him.

I took this picture, moments before he would cum in her mouth.

Girlfriend with another man

His cock surprised me as it was bigger than mine, veiny and fat.

Jade was using both hands and slurping as she tried to get every inch inside her throat.

I was rock f**king solid, seeing my cute girlfriend on her knees and my best friend using her mouth to get himself off was fucking intense.

Her chemisty with him was hard to watch.

I Just Want Your Cum in my mouth

He let out a massive moan and took his cock out and let him cum all over her dress, face, and carpet floor.

She then put his cock back in her mouth and cleaned it.

I’ve got to admit it was hard, she has never done that with me, she won’t even let me cum in her mouth, but the fact she was so down to please gave me the biggest high of my life.

He went to the bathroom and we just sat in silince.

She went and put on the TV and grabbed a towel and cleaned herself up.

girlfriend cleaning herself with a towel

“Wow! I didn’t expect that.” he said.

“I feel kind of bad that I’ve not made her cum” he told me.

I just laughed it off and got him another drink.

Round Two

He was staying at our place and just as we got in bed, Jade started fucking me, loud, she obviously wanted him to hear.

Half way through she whispered if we could get Tai and he could join in.

She wanted him inside her, I could tell.

I said if she goes and wakes him she can give him another blowjob.

She jumped out of bed and went and got him completely naked.

The lights were off, she was in doggy style sucking his cock, while I was inside her and trust me I have never felt anything like it, she was so wet and open, it was like she could have taken a massive cock.

Jade’s First Throatpie…

He was touching her naked body, she was moaning and deep throating him and before I knew it he came and gave her a throatpie, she swallowed every drop without removing him from her mouth.

woman showing mouth

She turned back pointed her butt up and I came the second this happened and we all fell asleep in our bed, that’s probably the only thing I regret, you should never let another person fall asleep next to your partner.

I Let Her Use Her Mouth Anytime She Wanted (One Whole Year Later)

jade with her new lover

Jade still hasn’t let anyone inside her pussy, however, her mouth gets used every week. She’s now a throatpie queen!

Last week we went to a club and she saw a hot guy she liked, she took him the bathroom, sucked his cock, let him cum in her mouth, spat it out and then came back to me before I’d finished my drink.

We have threesomes, we go to sex clubs and she can blow whoever she wants as long as I’m there and she gets permission.

We’ve had more sex in the past year than in our whole relationship and I don’t think we will change the rule, at least not soon.

Not to forget before this she was okay at sucking dick, now my girlfriend (soon to be wife), can deep-throat, spit, gag, play and suck balls, swallow any load no matter the size and all without messing up her makeup and hair.

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Although it was my biggest fantasy, at first I wasn't sure if I could go through with cuckolding but once we did it, I was amazed at how good it made me feel. My girlfriend blows whoever she wants and I get to see it, hear it and feel it. She is the love of my life and I love sharing our encounters here.


  1. That’s a really hot idea. Don’t think my wife would be open to it, but I can always dream.

  2. That鈥檚 a fucking hot stort! Awesome!!!!! I would try it With my wife ;-)) can you sent me the unblurred images from Jade? Thanks

    • All the unblurred images are in the membership, along with loads of others. Most people like to keep things a little private and the membership allows that. Let us know if you try it with your wife, we would love to hear about it 馃槈 – Sarah <3

  3. O wow! Its so fucking hot, wish i was dat frnd of urz

  4. It’s good that you setup ground rules before your encounters. Sharing her is a big step in your relationship. I’ve read stories where cuckolding can go from mild to wild. You two just be comfortable with what your doing. Like you said, it took your sex life to a whole new level. Have fun with it.

  5. That was VERY HOT!! Thanks for the great story about Jade’s adventures. I need a GF like Jade. HA! Does she ever cum-share with you? 馃檪

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