Giving My Hubby The Famous Cuckold Cum Kiss

Today we have the utterly desirable Isabela sharing another one of her experiences with you all. She and her husband are new-ish to our community but share as if they have been doing this for years. Have fun! Sarah.

Last time I posted here I shared about how my husband first used a glory hole and how our cuckolding experiences grew from there, it went down really well and after reading your positive comments and messages I decided I would post again, this time about how my husband had his first cum kiss! We have progressed a lot since we started using gloryholes and our experiences have just gotten better and better as we have grown and flourished with confidence.

You may be thinking, what is a cum kiss?

Well, a cum kiss, spunk kiss, or more modernly known as a snowball kiss is where your partner, cums into your mouth and you pass it back and forth without swallowing it. However, for us in the cuckold community, it’s a little bit different. When the cuck, the bull, and the hotwife are involved it is the act of the hotwife sharing her bulls cum load between her cuck and herself.

It’s a pretty simple task yet very effective where a cuck is concerned, it oozes humiliation and I wanted to try it with my husband.

It Started When I Kissed Him After A Blowjob

woman on bed giving a man oral pleasure

One afternoon I was giving my husband a blowjob and after he came in my mouth, I got on top of him, I had swallowed most of his cum but I left just a little sitting on my lip, I then gave my hubby a sloppy kiss, and even though he had just cum I felt him get hard again. He didn’t say anything about it until later on in the evening when he asked me if I had done it on purpose, I told him that I had and I then asked him if he had liked it and he just responded with a simple “Yes” with a huge grin on his face.

Giving My Hubby His First Cum Kiss

woman getting ready to give a cum kiss

I knew it would be silly and quite frankly overwhelming to have him try my bulls cum before he had properly tried his own cum and so, I purposely put him on a 2-week cum ban, I wanted him to really build himself up and want to explode by the end of it.

Once the 2-weeks were up I knew he was so horny, his cock was bulging, the veins on his shaft protruding and throbbing, he was desperate for that release, a few tiny strokes would have set him off. I decided it was time to get rid of that sexual tension he was harboring in his cock by using my mouth, I kept getting him to the point of orgasm then stopping, I licked his balls, his taint and kissed/sucked his cock, he was dripping with pre-cum, all he wanted was to cum but I just kept on holding him off.

After a little while of this intense teasing, it was time for him to cum, he was so horny.

I made him cum with my mouth and instantly he was pouring out so much semen, 2-weeks of build-up oozing out of him and as he was cumming I kept quite a lot of it in my mouth and dribbled out some around my mouth and the second he was finished and beginning to come down from his orgasm I got off my knees and I kissed him and we shared his beautiful load of cum. He kissed me passionately and licked every last piece of cum off of my lips with absolutely no hesitation and when I brushed my hand over his cock, I found that he was already hard again.

Time to clean up After Himself

cuckold cleaning up cum

The next time we had sex, I had him pull out of me and cum all over my pussy, once he was done I then pushed his head down and made him clean me up and once again I found that although he had just cum by the time he was done cleaning me up he was rock solid.

He swallowed up his cum before giving me any, I asked him ‘where’s my kiss?’ he admitted it was all gone and although I could taste the remnants on his tongue, I wanted to share it with him. I told him next time to clean up and then save a little for our kiss, he agreed and I couldn’t wait for us to do it again.

His Mouth = My Sperm Dump

After that, we practically always shared his cum. For the next month I gave him a lot of cum kisses, he cleaned up his cum from my pussy and when I gave him a blowjob I would always make sure to kiss him when he was done, I would drool his cum into his mouth and we would share it back and forth between one another. It was great and we were ready to move onto the next step, cum kisses with my bull.

Kissing My Husband With My Bulls Cum In My Mouth

deep throat blowjob before and after

I was inspired by this phenomenal article on bi-sexual cuckolding, my husband wouldn’t be interested in sleeping with my bull but I wanted to take a leaf out of her book and really vamp up the humiliation aspect of cuckolding as my husband and I had talked about it and just didn’t know how to progress in that way.

My bull was briefed on what we wanted and was 100% ready for it and excited to try it out with my hubby. We all went to the hotel together and I put my hubby in the corner, where he likes to belong and he knew when I gave him the look that it was time for him to come and share some of my bulls love juice.

I fucked my bull on the hotel bed, my husband watching on. We fucked in a few of my favorite positions and he made me cum hard, I made eye contact with my husband when I did cum and I could see his cock twitching. My bull also fucked me in the ass and my husband once told me that seeing that was when he always came. I glanced over at him, his cock was in his hand, he was jerking it hard, he was having so much fun over there, watching on, his wife being fucked by a man that was better than him.

A little while later I gave my husband the look to come over, I was on my knees as my bull came hard all over my face and inside of my mouth, there was a lot of cum, it was literally dripping down my face. My husband stood next to me, I told him to get to his knees too and I started making out with him, it was so hot, both sharing my bulls cum, like two sluts <3. He was really into it, swirling his tongue around my mouth, lapping it all up before giving it back to me to enjoy. I think I might put him on full-time cum cleanup duties after that performance.

My bull stood above us, watching us swap his cum, he stroked my head as he jerked out the rest of his warm cum before sitting down on the bed and just enjoying my husband and I swapping every single last drop. If my bull had been wearing a condom, my hubby would have cleaned that up too.

He Really Enjoyed His Cummy Kisses

cum all over face

I’m so glad we stumbled upon this kink of mine and my husbands. It has been a lot of fun and it’s nice to have something we can both do together with or without a bull present.

At first, I wans’t sure if my husband was going to go for it but he really enjoyed it and I think he surprised even himself with how much he enjoyed the quirky side to cum swapping and how much it turned him on.

Would You Try Cum Swapping With Me & My Husband?

cum on lips

We meet our bulls in specific clubs and on apps as I mentioned earlier on in this article, however, we are always open to meeting new people. If you are in the Michigan area and are experienced in cum swapping cuckolds or you would like to try it, leave a comment below or send us a message.

If you want uncensored content just like this be sure to come along to our private membership.

My husband and I are quite new to this community but we were lucky enough to love it straight away and only have great experiences. Gloryholes were where we started and we found it to be an enlightening experience for us both.


  1. Hey Isabela, did your bull do anything in particular to make his cum taste nicer? I am interested in cum swapping (as a cuck) but I am concerned I won’t like the taste as my wife’s bull’s cum is very strong.

  2. I would like to try this with the two of you

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