Approved Hotwife/Cuckold Dating Sites & Apps

Most hotwives and cuckolds at some point or another find themselves on dating sites and apps, especially if they don’t know anybody involved in the lifestyle and have no events or couples they can tag along with.

It’s completely normal to be interested in dating sites specifically for people like us, however, if you don’t want your time wasted you have to be really quite careful about the sites and apps that you use. Unfortunately, a lot of people use these sites to troll, to get off, and just to time waste. We have been through it all and we wanted to share the sites and apps that we use that we usually have a great experience with and the things you should look for and look out for.

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What Jack And I Look For In Hookup Site

a list of our criteria for dating sites

These are the three most important things we we look for when trying out a dating site.

– Safety

A good website, that is currently being run and hasn’t been abandoned. This is key as otherwise you may be signing yourself up for a ghosted site and you will have wasted your time, there’s also a chance only creeps patrol it now and you will be noticed instantly. Stay away from sites that are rarely updated, have little to no new users, and who look like they’re still stuck in 2004.

– Large Mixed Community

Some dating sites are 99% men and even though we are looking for men, these largely male populated dating sites can be a little overwhelming. It’s important to find sites that feature couples as well as singles, bulls, and just about everything else related to this lifestyle. Having a site dominated by just men can get too much way too quickly and you find the huge majority of them are time wasters just looking to jerk off.

– Real people

Some dating sites are just fake profiles and bots. We try to avoid these sites at all costs. It isn’t always possible as a lot of dating sites were set up using the above, but on some sites, it’s a lot worse than others and we have not mentioned any of them below. A lot of the better sites ask users to verify themselves through pictures that way you know if the person you are speaking to is real or is using fake pictures.

Our Approved Cuckold/Hotwife Dating Sites And Apps

cartoon laptop with a love heart on the screen

This list is constantly updated and new sites are added when we find them.

We wanted to show you the hotwife/cuckold friendly dating sites and apps that we frequent, obviously use them at your own risk but we have found great enjoyment from these platforms and they are for newbies and veterans alike. If you are a newbie they’re a great way to dip yourself into the lifestyle without fully committing, which is always a great thing to do when pacing yourself into something.

Constantly updated list of approved cuckold/hotwife dating sites:


Now I’m going to dive into more detail and explain what we use each of these sites for.

Adult Friend Finder

screenshot of adult friend finder

This is an extremely popular dating site and finding bulls is pretty easy. There are of course some time wasters, just as there is everywhere but AFF is a really great site, filled with a lot of real, like-minded people. It’s our go-to to meet guys for cam sex (see our cam sex simulator) and we’ve had some very successful bull meetups using this dating site. It’s also really easy to use which is always a bonus, especially for people who aren’t very tech-savvy.

Tinder (Solo Dates)

screenshot of tinders website

Tinder is the best for solo dates, flirting (letting your partner sext other men), and for quick play. You can sometimes meet guys who are okay with your husband watching, but it can be a little hard. The best way to find people who are okay with cuckolding on dating apps like Tinder is to put some nice pictures of you/your wife and put in the bio: looking for a bull/man to join us! That pretty much says what you want without having to go into too many details. You may have a lot of time wasters but once you get through the creeps you will find the perfect bulls and gentleman to play with on there who understand the lifestyle.

Bumble App (Similar To Tinder)

bumble website

Bumble is very similar to Tinder as again, it is location-based. We recommend just like with Tinder adding a little description in your bio about looking for a bull, this will attract the people who understand and it makes it easier for you to seek out the time-wasters. The great thing about Bumble is that females have to message the male first, that way you don’t become plagued by messages from horny men, it’s up to you who you message and who messages you back. Bumble is great for sexting, finding someone to cam sex with, going on dates, and finding someone to flirt with.


fetlife website

The biggest community of kinks you’ll find. There’s something for everyone on this site. It’s like a Twitter/Facebook for people in the lifestyle and it’s one of the best places to start looking for people to meet in real life. There are also a lot of events listed and constantly updates, so you can ease yourself into the lifestyle by going to a group meet up without committing yourself to anything serious. We love this site, the majority of the people there understand and want the same things as you.


screenshot of fabswingers website

This site has a very good community and if you create a good, informative, and real profile you will have lots of messages and loads of options to choose from as well as a plethora of people you can chat with. Most of the men on this site completely understand cuckolding/hotwifing and are respectful so it’s easy to find someone who will have a threesome or let your hubby watch, even play into the fantasy with you.

Swing Lifestyle

screenshot of swinglifestyle website

With events listed, state sorting, pictures, and posts, this dating site is for swingers however hotwives and cuckolds are always welcome and encouraged. Experienced or not it’s fun to browse this site, see what others are saying and get a feel for the swinging community in your area. Some couples like to try swinging before they try out cuckolding or hotwifing, some find people who are into it instantly, everyone’s experience is going to be different but this site is great.

SDC (Seek, Discover, Connect)

A site that isn’t as common for all swingers as much as the others that we have mentioned are but it’s still a great site nonetheless. It features lots of things to read up on and once you sign up and become a member, you gain access to swingers in your area, and just like with the site above, cuckolding and hotwifing go hand in hand with swinging so you will find likeminded people here.


okcupid website screenshot

Similarly to Tinder and bumble, OkCupid is a great app where you can meet people interested in what you’re looking for. Make it known what you’re looking for in your bio, be open-minded, and remember you will need to avoid the creeps but it’s a great app with lots of people on there looking for the same things that you do.

Reddit (Amazing)


We have used Reddit loads over the years (check out our top subreddits). It’s a really good place to get advice, find other couples who are into the lifestyle and to share pictures and experiences with. On a lot of the subreddits, you must be verified which takes out a lot of the creeps. You just have to bear in mind that a lot of the subreddits are accessible to everyone on the internet so take care of avoiding your face and defining features if that’s something you worry about.

It’s also a good place to meet bulls and hotwives in your area and the subreddits listed are also active and updated.

These are the major cuckold personals on Reddit that we enjoy:

r/cuckold -A place for bulls, hotwives, cuckolds, and everything in between.
r/Cuckoldpersonals – This subreddit is dedicated to people looking for bulls in their area, they will put in a request, specifics and it’s up to you if you message them.
r/hotwiferequest – For bulls looking for a hotwife to have some fun with. They will add their location, specifics and you can browse all day long.
r/Swingers: This is for swingers but it’s still a fun place to browse and maybe get involved in.

Finding Bulls, Hotwives & Cucks On Twitter

screenshot of cuckin twitter profile

We never really used to use Twitter, but recently we’ve started and we’ve found some amazing bulls/people to meet up with and connect with (our twitter account).

You have to create a real account, follow people in the lifestyle, and get talking to them. If you do that it’s not hard to find people who are amazing and ready to fulfill your fantasy. Just make sure you vet the people, have a Skype call, talk on the phone, make sure they are real (more on that below).

We’ve also created a list of cuckold and hotwife twitter profiles that give you an idea of why Twitter is so much fun for cucks and wives.

Kasidie (Not Approved, But Recommended)

screenshot of kasidie

We wanted to include this site as we have heard good things about it but we haven’t joined ourselves. Apparently you can talk to other members, find swinging events and parties in your area and browse through other people’s photos. If you have any experience with this site, then pop it in the comments below, we would love to hear some feedback!

Dating Using Forums

cartoon laptop with yellow blured image and question mark on the screen

Forums are a great way to meet people in our community and we frequent them a lot. We created a whole list of cuckold forums we recommend that you should defonitly checkout. You do have to be careful, ensure you get rid of the time-wasters, and really be wise about certain things but aside from that many forums are a great and active place for those interested and those who participate in the cuckolding, hotwifing and swinging world.

How To Stay Safe Using These Websites

an example of dating safty and how to take a dating profile picture

Staying safe while dating is important and you do need to have a sense of caution about you when you are joining these dating sites, apps and forums. It can be really easy to get carried away, especially when you’re horny but just ensure the people you are talking to are legit, the pictures you want to share hide at least some of your identity and that you keep yourself safe. Below we are going to talk about just a bit about how you can keep yourself safe from the few bad apples.

Be Careful With Personal Information

Things like your location, your job, your employer, etc. Don’t share it out with anyone, even if you find a bull that you really like, speak to them first, meet them in a coffee shop first, just anything to let you know that they are safe and to be trusted. When posting on sites never put your exact location, change it to a few miles away and be vague.

You Don’t have to show your face

On most of our profiles we only have body shots, it’s not until we know we like someone that we do face shots. This helps keep you safe. Some couples are completely open about being in the lifestyle and some aren’t. Of course, at the end of the day the choice is ultimately yours but we really recommend covering your face on these sites, at least until you get to know someone where you can exchange pictures privately.

Be Honest

Don’t ask for something that you don’t want. Instead, ask for what you do.
If I want someone with a certain sized dick to fuck me while Jack watches, that’s what I’ll look for. IF you want someone to have sex with and then leave right after, that’s what to ask for. If you want someone to make your hubby jealous by taking you for drinks and flirting. Ask for that. It’s important, to be honest, and open about what you want not vague and flaky.

It’s much better to see a profile that says: “Looking for an experienced bull to satisfy me with a dick over 8 inches whilst my hubby watches” rather than “Looking for a bull, don’t like foreplay”. That way the people visiting your profile can see exactly what you want and you will attract the right types of people.

Always meet in hotels

We always like to meet in hotels with new bulls and I only do things at home with guys I’ve hooked up with for years and guys that I really trust. In a hotel you keep some anonymity, it’s safer, and let’s be honest, it’s actually really kinky too and a fantasy for many. Hotels are a must, especially with a new bull, go to a hotel outside of your town and have fun but especially do this with new bulls and playdates.

Checkins on Solo Dates

If you and your partner do solo dates, check in on them. I meet guys on Tinder and Bumble and we go out for drinks or some food and my husband Jack does routine check-ins to make sure I am comfortable and safe. He doesn’t plague me with messages but on a first date he will text me once at the start, an hour in, and then I will ask him to call me if I need some an excuse. We don’t do this once we are comfortable with the guy I am dating but it’s perfectly sensible and a great idea to have a check-in system with your partner.

Use common Sense

Use Skype to see them, phone calls, meet in busy places, make sure you don’t give away your home address to a stranger, all these things are pretty simple, but are sometimes forgotten in the spur of the moment. Make sure you’re totally comfortable being alone and only proceed if you feel safe and comfortable enough.

We hope this has helped those of you wishing to dive onto apps and dating sites specifically for hotwives, cuckolds, and swingers. If you have any questions please just leave them in the comments down below.

Jack & Sarah.

I'm Sarah, I'm the hotwife of this blog. I share my stories and experiences of being a hotwife for the past 4 years, the ups the downs and how it affected my relationship.


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