List Of Hotwife/Cuckold Fantasies, Scenarios and Ideas

list being checked off with pink biro pen

Sometimes things can get stale for us all in the bedroom but sometimes all that is needed is a little pick me up, something to get you both excited again and something to make you both tingle between the legs.

Jack and I have created an article dedicated to hotwife and cuckold fantasies, scenarios and ideas for you to try out, experiment with, and even just simulate if you aren’t ready to take the steps yet. We hoped these ideas would spark something within and get you back into the bedroom, excited, and with a new mindset.

Who Is The List For?

  • This list is for absolutely anyone who wants some fresh and new ideas that they may not have tried before.
  • People who want to find a new fetish or kink that they might have in the hotwife/cuckolding world.
  • People who want some ideas on what it is they should try next if they are all out of ideas.
  • For people who want to share their own fantasies and results in the comments down below.

List of Popular Cuckold Fantasy Ideas & Scenarios

list of cuckold fantasies

Everyone is different, there is a real mix of fantasies and scenarios below that will suit everyone. We really hope that you find a new fantasy or scenario that you like the sound of and if yours isn’t included on our list be sure to add it using the comment section down below.

So, here it is the ultimate list of cuckold fantasies and ideas:

Simulation With Sex Toys

cartoon couple simulating a threesome using a dildo

This first scenario is for those who may not have ventured too far into the hotwife/cuckold lifestyle and want to just roleplay some things out.

However, it can also be a lot of fun for those of you who have had threesomes and other experiences before as it can bring you back to basics and is a lot of fun if you are currently in between bulls or new partners.

  • Show him how big you like it using your dream dildo size.
  • Use sex machine/dildos/vibrators/butt plugs, to simulate a threesome with your hubby.
  • You practice clean up using an ejaculating dildo, you fuck it and then have it cum all over/in you and have your good cuck clean it up.
  • Use wigs and other props during sex to simulate the idea of having sex with someone else.

Becoming The Bull Yourself

penis sleeve before and after

Have your partner become the bull by using a penis extender or a strap-on.

Have them fuck you differently, treat you differently in the bedroom, and have them embody the idea of being a bull fucking a hotwife. It can be a lot of fun and you can try different roles that may unlock new kinks for you both.

Seeing How She Takes A Nice Big Dick

cartoon of big penis being measured
  • Wife wants BBC (big black cock): If you want to see how your wife takes a BBC use a dildo or meet with a bull that’s much bigger than you. Watch your wife as she uses it on herself or use it on her.
  • Wife wants BWC (big white cock): Same as above, use the dildo on your wife, have a hung bull come round, or have her show you how she uses her dildo. Some just like to watch in the corner at this stage and see how their wives take a huge dildo or get fucked by a big cock.
  • Asking about the biggest cock that’s been inside your wife, she can either make up a story to make you all hard and jealous or actually explain to you in explicit detail about the big cocks that she has had.
  • Seeing your wife take her first big dick and seeing her find out how much size does matter. This can be roleplayed really easily with a large dildo or with an actual bull.

Blindfolded And Used Up

blindfolded cartoon

This fantasy is really easy to do and you can do it with a real person or as a threesome simulation sort of situation. All you need to do is blindfold your wife, leave the room, come back and have sex or if there’s two of you have sex with her and then leave the room once you are done (cuckolding or threesome).

Obviously it has to be consensual (that goes without saying!) but when done it can be such a thrilling experience for both, especially for her as one of her senses was removed during something so intimate.

Another bonus if you have a shy wife who is nervous about being with a bull it’s the perfect opportunity to help her to relax. We actually got this idea form this blindfolded sex story.

The Locked Up Fantasy

pink cock cage

If being locked up is your favorite pass-time or if it’s something you have wanted to try out or just haven’t really gotten around to yet, this fantasy is one of our favorites to play around with.

The locked-up scenarios are ideal for those who enjoy humiliation, degradation, and submission, so get your cute pink cock cage on and see how the following makes you feel.

  • Key around bulls cock: Lock up your partner and leave the key dangling around your bull’s cock, it’s humiliating and it’s a huge power play for the hotwife.
  • When you’re caged she plays: She can only entertain another man when you’re locked up and caged. Your dick being out of action is when she really has fun and there’s nothing you can do about it.
  • Forced cuckold: You have to be restrained (rope or BDSM cuffs), locked up and made to watch your wife and her boyfriend (bull). Usually, a wife won’t release her hubby until he has agreed, sometimes this takes a few weeks of blue balls to do the job.
  • A locked up cum dump: After the bull is done, he cums all over the caged cock, this is so that the cuckold feels no respect from his hotwife or the bull and gets a sense of pure humiliation.
  • Locked Up & Useless: Tease the cuckold through the cage, use your body, and even go on dates with bulls and fuck them in front of him to push him to the edge, and when he finally can cum, ruin his orgasm if you really want to take it to a whole new level.

The Solo Date

couple dating

Letting your wife arrange a date using something like Tinder and letting her go on it on her own, whether it’s just a drinks date or a sex date is up to you.

She then tells you all about it when she gets back, except as she tells you she will give you a handjob/sex, getting you off to her adventures with another man and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Wife’s First Overnight Stay

hotwife overnight stay kit

Make this fantasy a reality and meet the right bull or date and have your hotwife stay over at theirs whilst you just sit at home and imagine everything she is getting up too. Have her send you pictures, texts, or even videos about her evening and just enjoy being a cuckold. This can be a big step for a lot of couples and one that often gets overlooked.

Cuckold Threesome (The Spit Roast)

cartoon threesome

You don’t just watch, you join in and have fun with your wife and her lover. You may be thinking: “Where does the cuckold part come in?”, well, set up rules such as you (her husband) are only allowed in her mouth, you can’t cum, you must wear a condom whilst the bull doesn’t abide by any such rules. Get creative and make this a threesome to remember!

My Voyeur Wife Likes To Show Off

voyeur wife explained

If you want to explore the exhibitionist/voyeur side of yourselves there are few little scenarios you can play out:

  • Your wife wears no underwear and short skirts, this is a common one but a lot of fun whether you’re a beginner or not.
  • The wife always forgets to wear a bra when male friends are round. Bonus if she is wearing tight-fitting clothes or the AC is on.
  • Your wife sunbathes naked or topless when your male friends are over.
  • Your wife asks your friends what they think of her body after she’s worked out or wearing her new short summer dress or some lingerie, get their feedback, and show her off, just like what happened to this cuckin reader in this CMNF story.

Accidently Unlocking Your Wifes Slut

cartoon of sharedwife

You have a dream one night about your wife fucking someone else and you being in the room feeling like you should leave, but being secretly really turned on at her fucking someone with little to no fuck about you, you tell her and she laughs. She then brings it up again and you can see you’ve awoken something.

She tells you all about her adventures with other men and you take the friend role or the cuckold who wants to watch and occasionally join in. These are just some of the things she might get up too:

  • Threesomes
  • Sucking dick of a stranger
  • Sexting someone on Tinder
  • One night stands

I Only Share Rule…

stick figures having sex in different positions

You pick a part of your wife she’s allowed to share freely, anything else is classed as cheating, but she can take full advantage of using the part that is allowed to be shared. If at a sex party she may wear a sign or she may meet a bull who has already been briefed about her new desires.

You can have a lot of fun with this scenario, going backwards and forwards, trying a different part to share each time you go back. You may also combine one or two of the available parts. This is an idea of what your sign or briefing may consist of:

  • I only share my mouth
  • I can only be used as a cum dump
  • I only share my ass
  • I only share my hands
  • I only share my pussy
  • I can only clean-up your cum

Your Oldest & Best Friend Got To Try Your Wife Out

group of best friends

This can be a tricky fantasy to fulfill for some but it’s on our list for a reason and that’s because some people love a challenge. Don’t let that put you off as it’s a challenge that has been conquered many times, we even have a story submitted about a guy who shared his oldest friend with his wife.

Ensure you organize it all properly, that you’re all comfortable and know what lifestyle you live. If you aren’t comfortable doing this with your real friend, try using a trusted bull to roleplay this scenario with you.

You can tick this one off your list when you can feel his cock inside of your wife. You are inside your wife’s ass or pussy or have a finger inside of her whilst he fucks the other hole and you can feel his cock rub against your cock or your finger.

Pretend To Be Her Roommate/Friend

cartoon figure putting hand in air

This is for those who enjoy roleplay and have a bull they can roleplay with. It’s great fun and adds a little twist on the usual cuckolding scenario.

First scenario: Her bull comes round and you pretend to be her roommate, he tells you how much he loves fucking her whilst she is in another room. They then go to your bedroom to fuck, whilst you sit and listen to your soul mate moaning and cumming with another man.

The second scenario (if you don’t have a bull you can roleplay with): You go out with your wife as her ‘friend’ and when guys come over you act like a friend/someone who has been friend-zoned as they hit on her. Maybe they will take her off and buy her a drink, maybe they might end up making out.

Fucking My Bully

cartoon of bullies laughing at someone

This scenario again requires some level of roleplay but for those who enjoy humiliation, this is a great one to try out.

A guy constantly messes with you and generally picks on you, but your girlfriend has a soft spot for him and she doesn’t think he is that bad, you invite him over to talk things through and they end up fucking in front of you. Him taking full control of her and fucking her how you wish you could makes you feel useless but also turned on. If you’re not sure how this exactly works this is the bully fetish explained.

Sexting Hot Men

sexy text

This is a pretty easy idea for you to try out but it’s something all of you should try, even if you are far down in your cuckolding/hotwifing journey.

All you need to do is get some phone numbers after matching with some potential men on tinder or any other apps you may use and get sexting them, flirt, joke around and allow things to turn sexual.

Do all of this in front of your husband so that he can see your hotwife texts coming through and the things that you are saying. You could also have him read them after you are done whilst you jerk him off.

Sext Date

hotwife sext messages

Your wife can date and fuck who she wants but she needs to text you tell you everything and show you pictures of the whole night, the date, the first kiss, she needs to ask her new ‘boyfriend’ to take a picture of her sucking his dick and you just sit at home jerking off to the pictures and messages you receive, knowing that when the replies stop it’s because she’s being fucked by a real man and the cumshot picture will arrive in due course.

Webcam Simulator

cartoon of webcam

A pretty simple task but also thrilling and if you just want to spend a weekend at home, it’s a great alternative to actually going out. It’s also ideal for those new to the lifestyle who want to slowly ease themselves into it.

All you do is you let your wife fuck strangers over webcam, while you watch, you can either be in view or out of shot, just watching her get off with strangers. If you want to read the whole method behind this madness read our webcam method guide.

You Really Want To Know About My Ex’s?

cartoon figures

A lot of experienced cuckolds overlook this scenario as they pass it off as ‘basic’ but let me tell you, it is exhilirating, especially as you start to cum over things that make you feel jealousy, pain and humiliation. This is how it goes:

Your wife/girlfriend will give you a handjob while telling you about how hot her ex was, how big the biggest cock she took was, how her ex used to make her cum, etc. She can go into explicit detail, not holding back and even adding to the story to make it even juicier if needs be.

Did you come Together?

cartoon of man watching in love couple from a distance

You go to a party or club together with the intention of leaving together, but your wife disappears and you walk in on her with a random dudes cock in her mouth or pussy.

This usually has to be pre-arranged but if it can be spontaneous, that’s even better.

Rate My Wife

rate my wife

You both take some pictures and post them to Reddit, on our private forum, on our public rate my wife page on Twitter (like these hotwife twitters), or on any of the cuckold/hotwife/wife forums.

You get feedback from real people and get to see what people would do to your wife.

PSA: It’s always a good idea to take pictures from the neck down and always blur defining features like tattoos, to stop people from finding out it’s you in your real life.

You Have A Real Life Cheating Wife

cheating couple who are about to be caught

Your wife cheats on you, everyone knows, your friends try to tell you, but you don’t listen, she gets to have her cake and eat it too.

Whether this is just a fantasy you like to roleplay or something you both participate in, it’s exciting and will make you feel like the ultimate cuckold.

You Like Humiliation?

humiliation messages

If you enjoy humiliation you’re going to have lots of fun with these scenario ideas for the cuckold who likes to feel inadequate and shameful.

  • Small Dick: Her and her bull fuck while they laugh at how small your dick is.
  • Beta: Her and her bull show you why you’re a beta and he’s an alpha, this can be done by fucking or by him giving her an orgasm.
  • Bully: Your wife and bull open up about what they really think about you while you sit in the corner of the room with a ball gag in your mouth and a cock cage on.
  • Chastity: You get locked up and the bull treats you like the slut you are.
  • Cock Compare: Measure your cock with her bull, have your wife laugh at how inadequate and useless yours is in comparison to her bulls.
  • Condom: Condoms are only for cuckolds, my bull is allowed to feel every inch of my pussy without latex between us, my husband, however, must always cover-up.
  • Cum cleanup: As a cuckold, you must clean-up any cum spillage from your bull or your wife, no matter where it is.
  • Couch: You sleep on the couch, he sleeps in your bed with your wife. There’s also no blanket for you.
  • Cheating: You must have known Ishe would cheat, have you seen his cock? Have you seen your cock? It’s your fault she cheated, you’re too useless for her.

For more humiliation, you can look at our cuckold humiliation instruction list.

The Business Trip

sexy polariod image

Your wife goes on a business trip and what happens on her business trip stays on her business trip.

You might get a little update, but only if she feels up to it.

Or your successful wife goes to a business hotel, you watch her from a distance getting approached by different businessmen.

She can decide if she goes further with them and you have to just observe from afar and see how much these men desire her. Similarly, if you don’t want to be there, have her take pictures and send you texts updating you on how well she is doing with these professional men.

Cum Clean Up

cum stain

Cum clean-up is a big part of some people’s cuckolding experiences and whether you have tried it out or not these scenarios will make it easy for you to do:

  • Pre-sex cleanup: Make sure your wife’s pussy and ass are ready for her bull.
  • Pre-cock cleanup: Clean/fluff your wife’s bulls cock so it’s ready to fuck her.
  • Used condom clean up: Clean up the condom the bull and your wife wears.
  • Cuckold kiss of life: Tasting your wife’s bulls cum on her lips after he is done with her.
  • Creampie cleanup duty: After your wife has been creampied by her pull, clean it all up and out of her.
  • Anal cleanup duty: After a Creampie or after vaginal sex, getting her ass ready and clean for her bull to use.
  • Cleaning up the bull’s cock after he’s done: Using your mouth to clean-up her juices and his juices from his cock.
  • Being a cum dumpster for any cum your wife’s bull wants to share.

If this sounds like your fantasy, you should check out FemdomQueens stories, she trained her husband from a straight man to a sissy, it is beautiful.

Becoming A Cute Sissy

sissy training kit

You completely submit to your wife and her bull.
Your wife turns you into a slut for her and her bull.

They dress you up, make you pretty, teach you to take a big cock, first pegging and then you try the real thing.

You help warm the bull up for your wife and then you clean both of them up after.

You follow orders. You might be put in a cute pink cock cage.

Having Your Wife Peg You (Pretending to be her bull)

pegging strap on dildos

Let your wife pretend she’s the bull as she fucks your ass with a nice big dildo.

You can even be locked up and this can be your only form of pleasure.

The wife and bull pegging due, sometimes we lock you up, and the bull and I take turns on your ass.

Queen Of Spade

queen of spades

Your wife only gets shared with black men and only lets black men inside her pussy.

Breeding With And Being Impregnated By A Real Man

woman holding belly

Having your bull fill you up with his cum so you can get pregnant by a real man.

Often this is just a fantasy and the wife husband will let the wife fuck superior men for the best seed. Sometimes the husband will encourage the bull to cum so his wife can be filled up.

It is a good fantasy, but there is risk as this couple found out when the bull impregnated the wife.

Seeing Your Wife Giving Something She Has Denyed You

cartoon of butt plugs, anal beads and condom

This may be anal, she may swallow, she may let him fuck her without a condom, she may have a high sex drive for him, she might be completely submissive to him, she might let him tie her up and fuck her, she may let him cum inside her.

You get off on her giving into the moment and doing things she wouldn’t ever do with you just to please her bull.

Everyone Knows About You Being A Cuck

two women having a coffee and talking

Your friends know, your girlfriend/wife goes to drinks with them with your bull, you are the cuckold of the group, they probably won’t say anything to you about it, but they know the pecking order of your relationship.

One Day A year/Month/Week

wedding rings in love heart box

You take your wedding ring off and you are allowed to have sex with whoever you want. What happens is secret.
You stay at home knowing your wife is going to be spending a night fucking the brains out of another man and they will be cuddled up in bed while you are sleeping alone.

You will only know how crazy the night was the next day when your wife walks in so sleepy from being up all night having sex, with a glow and a different type of energy.

Teaching Your Wife To Cum

lubing up hand

A bull teaches your wife how to squirt, how to cum from penetration alone, how to have multiple orgasms.

You Watch Through A Camera/Facetime

sexy facetime

Your wife leaves facetime or leaves you on the call while she fucks someone else, you can hear/see her, but you are not near her.

Maybe you have a security camera in your living room and you watch them both fuck.

You can simulate this using our cuckold audio porn simulators.

Always get the permission of everyone who is filmed and make sure the bull and your wife is in on the fantasy

What’s your dream Hotwife/Cuckold Scenario?

Do you have a dream Hotwife cuckold scenario/fantasy? Tell me in the comments, I read them all and I love seeing what gets you all off

I'm Sarah, I'm the hotwife of this blog. I share my stories and experiences of being a hotwife for the past 4 years, the ups the downs and how it affected my relationship.


  1. These are amazing. The locked-up fantasy is something I need to try ASAP with my hubby.

    • I would like a woman to agree to cuck me with a monster hung black man of my choosing so that I may arrange for him to shock her by fucking my ass ruthlessly while forcing me to lick up the cum.. all the while explaining how much I begged him to expose me to her in hopes to make it the norm for us

    • Hello Rachel. Were you able to try it?

  2. Ultimate fantasty is to be caged and pantied at a gangbang or better a orgy and clean every drop of cum and keep the pusssy clean before next cock and be degraded by everyone all night long

  3. cuck dream is to serve both wife and her lover as their tool. fluffer, creampie cleaner servant, make me hold his cock when he pisses, when he pulls out he cums in my mouth.

  4. My wife and I have talked about this and I expressed a desire to see her take a bbc. Now I am confident in my own self, being six feet tall and built, with what I would say is an above average cock (6.5 inches). But I have wanted to see her take a bbc for a while now. She is 5’5, chubby with a beautiful pair of double d’s. She agreed to try it out after some roleplay with a 7 inch black dildo. We picked a former co worker of ours, J. He was only two inches taller than her but he was ripped and came packing with 8.5 inches of black cock. We settled in a hotel room and began. He fucked her several times while I watched with my dick in my hand. She came over and over again, while he filled her pussy with his cock. When he finally came it was all over her face and chest. Then I fucked her and came after only a few minutes inside her. It was a hot experience and one that we have continued for the past year. We’ve recently started letting him creampie her and breed her.

  5. Losing my wife to a bet

  6. I’m a white sub male and serve a black Mistress. She calls me her sissy slut and I have offered to be her cuckold for her bull or boyfriend. It hasn’t happened yet but, maybe soon.

  7. My wife has a promiscuous friend who sometimes ‘flirts’ with me and is known as a tease. She likes to flaunt in front of me knowing I can’t have her. While back she was really into MTV Bad Girls Club and she always has this bratty ‘bad’ bitch attitude. She would taunt me like “I’m gonna take your wife out and party with hot guys” or “I’ll kick you in the balls and pour hot wax on you”. I tried to make a pass on her but failed and blamed it on her for being slutty. My fantasy is for her to get her revenge and expose me to my wife while they tie me up and cuckold me. Maybe CBT, pegging, and forced bi to go along with it. To top it off her and my wife make out while doing a sexy victory pose on my battered balls.

  8. Mine is for her to make a professional-quality porn film. Just for me (and only me) to watch.

    I’d love to sit in front of the TV and wank myself stupid at the sight my wife getting fucked by several men, all with huge cocks.

    The thought of them thrust their hard inches deep inside her and blowing big loads of spunk up her pussy and all over her tits gets my cock so hard

  9. Keep me updated

  10. My wife’s lover put me on a leash while he his fucking her!

  11. my wife was having affair with another guy for the last two years .one day I asked about it. I tell her to come with him and have sex at home .she agreed and told him to come home. when he come home she dressed with a nice look .red color full tight body tight t-shirt and a very short tight skirt. and top high heels .dark red lipstick and nail polish. before she cut off her hair for her shoulder
    we had a whisky bottle and bite for them. he came with his friend and a drunk wife came and served them wife sat down on the seti among them. wife gave big hug and started sex with them in front of me it very happy day for her and me. now they come with her sex in last year

  12. I think my wife occasionally plays on business trips and I’d love to go down on her cheating pussy while she tells me all about it.

  13. I haven’t told my wife about my about my cuckold fantasy, I asked her if she wanted to try a man with a bigger dick and she said that she only wants me, any way my cuckold fantasy is for her to get fucked by a bull while she sucks on my dick and balls and then I start to smell,kiss,lick and suck on her toes and feet and when the bull finishes giving her the fuck of her life,I then fuck her until I cum inside her! Let me know how I can approach her into this.

  14. Same with me but i do role play to begin with

  15. I want my wife to find a man to have great sex with and then tell me all the details

  16. I wanna take my wife to get her nails done then take her shopping for a sexy outfit and help her get ready to go out. When she arrives home later much later after getting stretched by a big cock her panties are full of cum and i get to plunge deep into her naughty pussy adding to her already full pussy

  17. Yes I became sissy…same way described…but still my wife’s bull don’t let me lick or touch anything…she is in love with her bull which I LOVED IT….Now I am trying to find DOMINANT WOMEN OR MEN who can dominate me for whole life…but it’s reality is very hard to find….I did found one Daddy…He did good to me but He moved to California…..Here I am poor sissy….

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