My First Time Anal Experience Without My Husbands Permission

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My husband is an incredibly kinky man, he loves to experiment and he loves putting us both out of our comfort zones. We had been playing with the idea of ‘HotWife’, it’s where the wife can sleep with another man without any consequences, everyone has different experience and whether you tease your partner with texts or you tell him all about the meeting or you keep quiet about it and leave him wondering, it’s all up to the individual.

One rainy afternoon my husband really sold the idea of being a HotWife to me and we decided it was such a hot and sexy idea that we would go through with it.

The idea of actually going through with it floated around for about a year, until finally, my husband signed me up to this dating site. I spoke to a few men on there (all were looking for the same thing) and I eventually found the right man for me, he was very charming and actually in looks he was the total opposite to my husband.

We decided to meet and live out our fantasy and I couldn’t have been more nervous.

The Night I Met Him

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I had been to the mall and bought myself a new outfit and some lingerie, I spent ages doing my makeup and hair, I wanted to look my absolute best and feel sexy.

I was meeting this guy in a wine bar, I figured it was sophisticated and it was totally different from where I would usually go. I got there before him and sat at the bar, ordering myself something expensive and sipping on it until I felt a light tap on my shoulder. He looked even better in real life, wearing a suit and tie, his strong body towering over mine. He ordered himself a drink and we chatted, talking about anything and everything whilst people moved around us and seemed to disappear into the background.

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This first initial date was only meant to be a meeting between us, my husband and I had agreed on me just making out with this guy if I liked him and that was it until I met him again but somehow I was now on my way back to his, my feet walking faster than my mind was thinking and before I knew it we were inside of his apartment and were making out in his kitchen.

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He was so hot, he was everything I had been looking for and I just couldn’t resist.

I was so horny, my husband hadn’t made me cum in weeks so that I would be extra horny for this evening with this man. He didn’t want me to fuck him yet but he wanted me to be extremely horny and I knew the plan I just couldn’t resist his touch, it was thrilling to be making out with this man in his apartment all whilst my husband was waiting for me at home.

Of course I remembered the deal my husband and I had made (only kissing for now) but I was so horny and my urges just took over me. I put my phone into my bag and switched it onto silent as this man led me into his bedroom and laid me down on the bed.

He pulled my skirt up around my waist and put his head between my legs, gently pulling down my new panties. He pushed his tongue between my mound and began licking my most sensitive area, he was sending shivers around my body as he licked and sucked with such fluidity and expertise that I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment.

He was so good at going down on me that I could feel an orgasm building, I tapped him and told him to stop or I was going to cum on him and he just carried on playing with my clit, my orgasm came thick and fast, it felt amazing as it engulfed my body and made me quiver with utter pleasure. I didn’t think of my husband once as I shook and came down from my insane orgasm.

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He stood up and slid his erect member inside of me, it felt amazing as it filled up my throbbing mound. I will never forget the look on his face as he felt the inside of my pussy for the first time. He thrust deep inside of me and his thrusts became quicker and quicker, he placed a hand softly around my throat and then he began to cum deep inside of me, he wasn’t wearing a condom but at the moment I just didn’t care.

He collapsed next to me and we lay there spooning for quite some time before I felt his hands moving towards my ass. I never let my husband near my ass, I don’t enjoy ass play but this felt so damn good and so forbidden.

He gently slid a finger over my ass and down towards my pussy before making his way back to my ass and sliding his finger inside. This was the first time anyone had ever played with it before, it felt amazing and so naughty.

We both were so horny once again and I got onto all fours as he lubed up his cock and began gently sliding himself inside of my tight ass. This was the first time in years that I had let anyone near my ass, I didn’t care for it so I didn’t let my husband do it but this man was now inside of my ass and it felt utterly breathtaking.

He thrust slowly in and out of my ass, it completely filled me up but the sensations were so new to me and I couldn’t help but moan out and even when I briefly thought of my husband the sensations I was feeling overcome the sense of guilt.

My date thrust a little quicker, gripping my hips with this big hands and then began to cum inside of my ass. A deep pulsating load of cum filled me up and then leaked down my legs as we collapsed once again.

As soon as we both came back around I felt instant guilt, now that the horniness was gone and the orgasms had been had all I could think of was not texting my husband and him just thinking that all I was doing was drinking and exchanging a few kisses, he had no idea that not only had I came but I had, had unprotected vaginal and anal sex all in one evening.

Should I tell my husband? Would you?

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My husband and I are still learning about this lifestyle but with each new experience and event that we go through we grow and discover more about our new way of life.


  1. Just enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about your man

  2. Life is too short. Have a good time and enjoy yourself. Just be careful and not bring home an STD to your husband. That could come close to killing a marriage.

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