How To Get Your Wife To Cuckold You

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Without your wife your cuckold fantasy will remain a dream.

I’m going to teach you the same system I used to help my wife fall-in-love with cuckolding, threesomes and Hotwifing.

This isn’t about convincing your partner to try it out.

This is about unlocking the fantasy that may be inside your wife and making her crave cuckolding and being shared with other men.

You will not find better advice anywhere and remember if you want even more from us come and check out our member’s area.

The Key To Turning Your Wife Into A Hotwife

Getting your wife to cuckold you isn’t hard.

You wife might actually want to be a hotwife already and she just doesn’t know how to bring it up with you.

The truth is most people would enjoy having casual sex outside of their relationship, especially if it was a big kink for their significant other.

It’s all about creating a safe place for your wife and you to talk about this sexual fantasy without it feeling like a trap.

The easiest way to do that is with the following technique.

#1 – The Sex Questionnaire Method

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Do you know all of your wife’s sexual fantasies?

I didn’t until I went online and found a sex questionnaire and it was a game-changer.

How does it work?

Basically, your wife and you take turns to privately answer a sexual fantasy questionnaire, it will then only show you the fantasies you have in common and discard the rest.

In just 5-minutes you will learn all the sexual fantasies you and your partner have in common.

This is a really powerful conversation starter and where I recommend all wannabe cucks start.

You just need to make sure you…

  • Create the perfect moment

Don’t just ask her to take the questionnaire while she’s eating lunch.

Instead, create the perfect night, get some wine, order some take out, put on a movie or TV show she likes that has some good sex scenes, maybe light some candles.

Do whatever will relax/turn her on.

  • Have no judgement

You only get one shot and if you judge/get jealous of what she wants to try it will ruin your chances of ever trying out your fantasy.

  • Naughty method

I didn’t do this, but if you want to know all of your partner’s fantasies on your turn to answer you can just tick every box as yes/maybe.

It’ll then show all your partners fantasies, however I don’t recommend this is you’re not open to trying what she likes.

This Part Is Extremely Important

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The real magic of the questionnaire is the conversation that starts after it’s completed.

Hopefully, you’re both in a talkative mood and can go into detail on all of your fantasies, tell her the ones you want to try and let her know about cuckolding and that you would like to share her.

Test the water and remember sometimes you need to let the seed grow, try telling her more about it when she asks.

What happens if nothing matches?

You may say “what happens if nothing cuckold related matches?”.

In my experience, most people get off on the idea of group sex, cheating, threesomes, having two or more men lust over them and f**king the bad someone at a club while the husbands at home.

It’s very rare that someone will not choose a fantasy that can develop into cuckolding.

If it does happen, then remember what I said above and use the questionnaire to start a conversation.

She will definitely want to hear about the fantasies you didn’t match on and you can use this to tell her what you would like to try.

Update: This method worked so well I designed a couples sex questionnaire in the membership area, specially built to un-earth cuckold/hotwife fantasies.

#2 – Unraveling Her Sexual Fantasy (Planting The Seed)

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Your wife/girlfriend may have sexual triggers that make cuckolding appeal to her, some of the most common among us all being:

  • The BAD BOY/Hot Guy she never got the chance to f**k.
  • The BAD BOY that would use her as a f**k doll and discard her after.
  • The BAD BOY with the massive cock that would barely fit inside her.
  • The giant man that would make her feel tiny.
  • The guy at work that always flirts with her.
  • The cute guy who smiles at her on the street.
  • The older man who will never forget how tight and sexy her body is.

Once she realizes she can live out one of her favorite sexual triggers/fantasies and you that you would get off on giving her that experience, cuckolding may become a reality for you and for her.

You have just got to learn what type of scenario gets her attention:

  • Ask her who she finds hot?

Go people watching and play a game where you comment on who you both think is hot.

…If she picks an older man, tell her he would not last a minute with you or that you would be the hottest woman he’s ever seen.

After this game ask her about her crushes and then finally ask her if she finds anyone at work hot or any of your friends, maybe even her boss attractive?

You can tell her that you don’t know why but it turns you on and you find it hot.

If she is into it, this should spark a fantasy between you both.

  • Go to a dancing night club

Dress up nicely, have a few pre-drinks and take your partner to a night club.

Play the same game above and ask her who she thinks is hot.

Maybe play a new game and ask her who she would take home if she was on her own.

See who she picks and then tell her “you like bad boys right?”.

He just looks like the kind of guy to fuck you in his car and never call.

You can insert bad boys//cute guy/older man/whatever you think is her sexual type/trigger above.

  • Truth or dare

While at the club you can dare her to go and dance with one of the men she finds hot.

Tell her you will get the cocktails/shots in while she goes and dances with a hot guy.

She may say no and that’s fine, you will still be able to see if she’s starting to open up to it by seeing if she…

…Got excited at the idea.

…Wanted to but was too nervous.

…Went too but backed down.

…Or got really giddy and started asking you questions “What? You would let me do that?” or “What do I do if he kisses me?” or “What if he tries to take me home?”.

If she does go and dance just tell her to get his number and then come back to you for a drink.

  • The dating app

If you’re an introverted couple and night-clubs are not your scene, you can join a dating app and play a game of who you think is hot without having to leave your home.

For cuckold/adult dating there’s no better dating service than Adult Finder, it’s how my girlfriend and I find 90% of our dates, everyone is understanding, it’s easy to find other kinks and people on a whole are much more open-minded than on other dating apps.

#3 – Don’t use the word cuckolding

cuckold couple kissing on hotel bed while husband watches

When wanting to try cuckolding with a wife that doesn’t know about cuckolding, don’t use the word ‘cuckolding’.

It’s far better to start by saying you would like to share her with another man.

Or give her the chance to f**k the bad boy or hot guy she knows.

Even better if you just say you would like to have a threesome with her and another man.

Threesomes and cuckolding are completely different, but If she’s never done anything like it, having all eyes on her will be too much to take, so starting off at threesomes, then moving to you watching from a seat joining in occasionally, then to you just watching and finally to giving her all the control to fuck who she wants. Make sure to be patient, understanding and respectful.

Trying Cuckolding Without Risk (It’s Simple)

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Finally it’s time to test the water.

Did you know you can try cuckolding without any risk?

  • The Webcam Method

I did a whole article about the cuckold webcam method.

Basically, I teach you how to find the right guy, set up a webcam and let your wife have cam sex with a few random men without ever meeting them and all whilst being in your own home.

This will allow you to try cuckolding without having to commit to anything in real life.

It will also give your wife a chance to play with the idea of being watched.

You could also take some hot pictures of your wife (don’t include her face or any defining features like tattoo’s) and submit them to a rate my wife page, have guys tell you what they would do to her and see how the feedback makes you both feel.

  • The Text Method

In this guide, I teach you how to find a few hot men for your wife to talk to and sext.

She can then experiment with the types of men the world has to offer and she can see what it’s like to sext and send nudes to strangers.

We have a whole cuckold training guide that you should read.

Staying SAFE (Please Read)

Cuckolding can be dangreous and it can destroy your relationship.

It’s always good to start slow, work your way up.

We have loads of resources on cuckin that will help you developer a healthy open relationship.

As always, if you have any questions, use the comments or send us a message.

I'm the cuckold of I write about my experiences sharing Sarah and about the things I learned. I've been a cuck for the past 4 years of our relationship, but have been studying this lifestyle for the past 10 years, when I first found out I got turned on by the idea of my partner being with other men.


  1. This is the best guide I’ve seen. You really helped me Jack, thanks bro. Honestly, the sex compatibility test was a game-changer, we realized that we had so many fantasies in common and now we’re going to start trying them out.

  2. How do I get my man to want to share me? Having a threesome/being shared with another man is my biggest fantasy and I just can’t find a way to bring it up. It’s like my nervous always stop me.

    • During sex Ask him for some dirty stories about his sexual past partners. In a few days he will ask you to tell him some of your your past sex history, start slowly and see if he had a boner. If yes increase level. Then Invite him to make new ones with you

    • That’s easy! Twitter is a good place to start! I’d share you!

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    You need to agree with her first… finding the right person is one of last steps…

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  16. I finally shared my fantasy of sharing my wife. At first she said I’d be insanely jealous. We had a couple good days of hot sex and she promised me she would fulfill my fantasy to watch her from a closet or separate hotel room. Then she said, “I was just playing into your fantasy” and said she could not go through with it. Sex has been dead for 2 months. ‍♂️

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  19. I began fantasying about my wife cuckolding me several years ago. Many times when I fuck her I pretend I’m one of my friends fucking her and I always cum quickly!
    I started a similar technique to what is suggested! I asked my wife to confess what she did with her high school boyfriend! She told me and as we talked about him giving her first orgasm by dry humping her we both got turned on! Next I asked about sexual fantasies! I never knew she had any but it turns out she does! She confessed when she goes shopping she looks at the “ lump” in the young salesmen’s pants and fantasizes about them taking her in the dressing room for sex!
    After sever months of out sex play, I finally asked her one night,”do you ever think you might want to try a different dick to see how it would feel?” She immediately said “ yes”!
    I felt strange! My innocent wife how had never had a dick other than mine just told me she wanted to try another man’s dick!
    We continued to talk about it progressing to who would you like to have sex with. I was surprised when she told me one of my best friends!
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