My Husband Loves Watching Me Using Glory Holes

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Today we have a great submission from a reader of ours (Isabela) who wanted to contribute a little something about her experience with glory holes and the cuckold lifestyle. We hope you enjoy it! We also wanted to quickly mention our unique and marvelous cuckold members-only area that we would love for you to check out. Jack and Sarah. <3

Gloryholes are something of a myth to people not involved in our community but I am here to tell you that they most certainly are not a myth to us and I frequent them a lot. I think they’re exciting, the unknown, the degradation, the slight humiliation and everything else that comes with it really pushes me towards glory holes, I love everything about them and I am lucky enough to be able to contribute to this site and tell you all about how my husband and I fell into cuckolding and glory hole experiences.

My Partner Wanted To Share Me With Another Man

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The idea came out that my husband wanted to share me with another man, at first I thought that he was joking but it turns out he wasn’t, and the more we talked about it and discussed it with one another the more of an exciting prospect that it became.

The trouble was that we had no idea where to start, we were completely in the dark about cuckolding, swinging, gloryholes, hotwifing, and just about everything else that wasn’t just vanilla sex. However, after months of talking about it and doing a ton of research we started going to sex/adult clubs just for drinks and to people watch. There was one in our area (unbeknownst to us) and we became members there, enjoying our weekends talking to new people and just observing the goings-on around us.

How I Fell In Love With Sucking Dick & Glory Holes

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In one of our most frequented sex clubs in one of the rooms, there was a glory hole. My husband and I watched people coming in and out of it all night and we always talked about it when we got home, things like how exciting it was, and what a thrill it must be to now know who is sucking your dick or whose dick you’re sucking.

Eventually, we decided I was going to give it a try, I wanted to know what it was like to suck a dick through a glory hole and my husband wanted to share me with another man and doing it through a glory hole felt like it was going to be the most non-invasive way possible.

What happens is you go in the room a little private room, shut the door, and press a button that lights up another button outside and it would let people know someone was inside and wanted to suck dick. There is also a little bowl of condoms in each side of the room so you could put a condom on the guy you were giving a blowjob too if you wanted too.

It was the first time I’d ever been with or tried anything with another man in 10 years. It was kinda perfect, there was no getting to know anyone it was just about pleasure and pure excitement.

My heart was pumping hard through my chest as I closed the door behind me, pressed the button to alert people someone was inside the Gloryhole room and my hands were shaking, I was so nervous. After a few minutes of waiting and wondering if anyone was going to turn up an erect, long cock just popped through the hole. I took a deep breath, knowing my husband was outside waiting, turned on at the fact I had gone in here and my inner slut just took over, I used my hands, my mouth, my throat everything.

The cock was bigger than my husbands and it was so hard. He finished within minutes, his cum dripping all over the floor and my hands. As soon as he pulled his cock from the hole another cock popped through, ready for me. I was only meant to try it once, but I was hooked, seeing how quick I’d made the last guy cum.

I just went for it again, taking this new guys cock into my mouth, using all of my tricks on him, knowing I was sucking a strangers dick was thrilling. He came within minutes too and after that, I left, my husband was still there waiting outside, he took one look at me, my hair and makeup slightly disheveled and he smiled at me, knowing full well how much I had enjoyed it and by the size of the correction in his pants, I knew instantly he had loved it as much as me.

Do I Just Suck Or Did I Ever Fuck?

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At the start it was just about sucking, I built up a lot of confidence each weekend and my husband loved sharing me with these strangers. With each passing week, I realized that I really wanted to feel some of these guys inside me, but I was too nervous to try, just in case I messed it up and just in case I didn’t like it once I did it.

The problem was, the glory hole was just a little higher than my ass/pussy, so I would have to wear heels to be on the right level and at the same height of the cocks that pop through.

It seemed like for my first time it would have been really hard doing it with a small/average sized cock, there was no way I would have been able to get the right thrusting techniques. I waited for a bigger cock and one finally came, the time was right, my husband was really up for me doing it and instead of offering up my mouth, I handed them my pussy.

I stood with my pussy against the hole and felt this big cock slide inside of me, the first man to be inside of me that wasn’t my husband in 10 years. It felt amazing and he clearly liked it too as he came so quickly. I stayed in that position for quite some time and although the smaller cocks were quite hard to fuck through a hole, we did manage, and when I came out of the room that night my husband was so turned on and so impressed by my used up pussy.

Getting All Dressed Up To Be Used

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I dress like a sophisticated slut, it’s a whole process. The right lipstick, lip gloss to stop my lips from chapping and lingerie that can handle being machine washed a lot as cum can be a pain to get out. I love dressing up for the glory hole as although the men can’t see me, it makes me feel all nice and slutty and if they do happen to catch a glimpse of me they are always impressed. My husband also loves me getting all dressed up for another man, it’s a big turn on for him.

The Best Way To Become A Hotwife

At the time I just wanted sex and pleasure, I didn’t want to build a relationship or go through the whole flirting thing. Being able to try dick without having any emotions were the biggest first step and were the reason I became a hotwife, I would have found it much harder to go on dates, than just use a glory hole and ease myself into it. It also took away a lot of the connection issues and it meant my husband and I could just enjoy the thrill of jerking off someone else without all of the issues that usually come with it.

I’d Only Been With 4 Guys Dicks Before This

Now I literally couldn’t even try to count how many guys I’ve been with since this and I could only give you the names of a handful maybe 2% of the guys I’ve been with now. I look back at that first night and remember how nervous I was before that man stuck his dick through the Gloryhole and now it’s like second nature to me.

We Don’t Just Use Random Glory Holes (That Would Be Super Dangerous)

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We go to the sex club that we are most comfortable in and that’s where we get our glory hole fix. We also use Tinder to find guys and just mention the club and explain what we want from them and if they are the right guy usually they know the club anyway. We also used other apps and sites to find the right guys for us.

There’s nothing worse than getting all dressed up and wanting some dick and then having the sex club be awkwardly empty. So using Tinder made it easier for us to always get the dick we want and satisfy our urges and cravings. We also created a Gloryhole in our home for this reason but there’s more on that below.

It’s really important to pick your glory hole wisely in a place that you feel safe and comfortable. We recommend sex clubs or specific gloryhole locations, never just random places like restrooms.

Making Our Own Glory Hole

My husband also created a glory hole in one of our spare rooms, at the start we used it for roleplaying, it was a lot of fun, I really recommend trying this out if you have space and ability in your home. I also used it to practice my sucking and fucking skills through a hole and it was a lot of fun to use when we couldn’t get to the club or just felt like something different.

I like to walk past the gloryhole in our home and see my husband’s cock through the hole, waiting there for me. It’s an exciting roleplay to live out and after I have sucked and fucked it we both treat it as if nothing has happened and continue about our day.

We also then started using this glory hole with our dates. This came about a while after first going to the sex club, we wanted to be sure cuckolding and gloryholes were for us and now we don’t just let strangers into our house, but once we know a guy and we’ve got comfortable with him we sometimes invite him into our to use ours at-home Gloryhole.

The same rules apply, I go in, hubby leads them to the room and away we go. The only downside is that I usually only get into it after the second guy, so when it’s at our house I can make him cum in minutes, and then it’s over and done with unless he and my husband take turns with the hole.

I Think I Might Just Been The Queen Of Blowjobs Now

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I went from only being with four guys and my husband to sucking and fucking countless cocks over the past few years. I can’t even keep track of how many men I have made cum and because of how quick I can make them cum and how many times they come back I think I can safely say that I may now be the queen of blowjobs and perhaps glory holes.

If you have any questions about gloryholes just leave them in the comments down below and I will get back to you.

My husband and I are quite new to this community but we were lucky enough to love it straight away and only have great experiences. Gloryholes were where we started and we found it to be an enlightening experience for us both.


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