What Does Double Penetration Feel Like? I really want to try it.

white woman being double penetrated by two black men on sofa. She is giving a blowjob to one man, while the other man is having sex with her from behind

Time for another question time.

We got sent an amazing question from a female reader about the fun and enjoyment she’s been having since opening things up with her boyfriend and other men.

As time has gone on, she’s been pretty active with one guy and wants to try double penetration.

In this Jack and I go into our experience with DP and what we’ve learned, from things we loved to the parts we hate, everything is answered here.

Are we too old for cuckolding?

close up of a mature lady in stockings and lingerie with hands on hips

A concerned couple got in touch with us worrying about being too old in their sixties to join this thriving lifestyle.

This is a question we’ve had multiple times, there is definitely a worry for both people who are young and those who feel like they are too old.

In this we answer all those questions and I talk about my own experience with older couples and this lifestyle.

My husband wants to watch me sleep with another man, what does this mean?

brittney smiling during a selfie. Britney is a blonde woman.

We got sent in a really good question from a reader called Brittney.

Her husband confessed that his biggest fantasy is to see her with another man. She has loads of questions and in this, and I (Sarah) answer them to the best of my abilities.

I think a lot of guys and gals find themselves in this predicament and this could really help you break through that beginner phase.

My wife wants to try a big cock, what do I do?

naked lady on top of naked man with his really large penis resting between her butt cheeks

Our submissions are open for any curious cucks, hotwives and bulls and this question was sent to us by a cuckold who wanted to know what he should do about his wife’s desires for juicy hung cock.

Everything You Need To Know About Having Your Wife’s Sloppy Seconds

guy having sloppy seconds after his bull

Are you about to have your first ever sloppy seconds experience? Or maybe it’s something you’re just curious about trying out.

In this guide I let you know about my first time having sloppy seconds with Sarah, what it felt like and why I loved it so much.

I’m going to show you how to simulate it with yourself or with your wife to see how it feels and then going to explain how to prepare for your first time with some amazing things I wish I knew.

Becoming A Cuckold Fluffer (Full Guide)

massive big black cock going into hotwifes mouth

One of the biggest honours for any cuck is to become the fluffer.

It usually starts by fluffing your wife to get her warmed up, wet, and stretched out so she can accommodate her first big cock.

Then it evolves into you giving a helping hand to the bull to get him all hard for your wife.

I’m going to show you everything you need to know about becoming an expert fluffer and how you can go about getting the okay from your wife and your wife’s bull to become a fluffer.

How To Avoid Emotional Attachment To Bulls

sexy couple on patio

If you’re new to being a hotwife then you are going to find out very quickly about love, lust and feelings of attachment.

It starts as the validation from a sexy, smart man wanting you and then it can quickly develope into more serious feelings.

I wanted to share how I fell for one of my bulls and how after falling I brought myself back and managed to learn how to create the right kind of distance to stop it happening again.

I Love Being A Cuckold (Here are The Reasons Why)

woman getting unclothed

There are many reasons to become a cuckold, some you may never have thought of.

I decided to create this to show the reasosn I enjoy seeing Sarah with another man and why this lifestyle really works for our relationship.

This is a real look at what cuckolding is all about and why it can take your relationship to the next level.

How We Make Our Cuckold Marriage Work

woman in wedding dress standing in doorway

This is a deep look into our cuckold marriage and how this lifestyle works itself into our relationship.

I’m going to talk about the highs and the lows and the keys to having a successful cuckold marriage.

I’m also going to help you see if your relationship is ready to be opened up into the world of cuckolding.

Cuckold Aftercare & Reclaim Routine

couple having a threesome with a bull

Once the fun is done and my bull has finished with me, then what?

This is one of the most important times in cuckolding, it’s the time when your partner reclaims your body.

Maybe, he cleans you up? Maybe, you have sex multiple times while coming down form the high of the bull? Maybe, he has already cum and you just cuddle in up together?

Let me show you how Jack reclaims me and then how I give him the care he needs to stop the negative cuckold emotions from building up.

My Step-By-Step Sissy Training Guide

sissy in pink panties and knee high socks

We know a lot of you loved Femdom Queens sissy transformation guides, so we asked if she would create a sissy training guide/resources for all you wanna be sissies.

This is one of the best training guides you’ll find, if you’re ready to transform yourself into a beautiful, slutty sissy then click read and get ready to learn things about just how slutty you are.

My Cuckold Hypnosis: Turning My Hubby Into A Cuck

hypnosis black and white vortex

Want to turn your man or yourself into a cuckold?

This is my cuckold hypnosis and it’s what I used to turn my husband from a guy who would never share me to a complete cuckold.

I believe this will work on any man if it’s done correctly and it just takes a little patience and a few bits of advice.

If you’re ready to transform someone/be transformed into a cuckold, then it’s time to read this!