Having a date night with my hubby, a full night off from being mom and dad

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Since we had our second kid we massively let our sexiness go as a couple. We used to be so much fun and game for anything, but recently not so much.

I couldn’t remember the last time I put something sexy on and actually tried to be a slut for my husband and when I brought it up, he admitted the same, he just hadn’t felt sexy for a long time.

We made a promise to ourselves that we would change that, we wanted to get back to how wild we once were. We started trying to spice things up, that’s why we joined cuckin and started watching/reading porn together, on top of buying loads of sex toys, and just trying to get back in tune with each other’s wants and needs.

We want to spice our lives up again, we are far from ready to go all the way with someone, but I’ve always wanted to take some naughty pictures, so, we booked a sitter, then we booked a night away, just us in an upmarket hotel. We went for a romantic dinner, a few drinks and we were both feeling frisky. We were both giddy with excitement, giggling like newlyweds all over again.

Please don’t judge too harshly, we’re just trying to have a little fun and it’s been a while since I’ve been to a gym and even longer since I made an effort like this ❤️

Update: Since posting this we have been very active and we’ve posted a lot of rates and told more of our story, I also released a video and some pics of my new toys that I’ve been playing with to get me ready for being shared. They are in the member’s area, if you see them, then I’d love to know what you think. ❤️

Just a couple who gets turned on by threesomes and hotwifing who looking to explore this lifestyle.

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