My Hotwife Before And After She Became A Hotwife

We joined Cuckin it must be over a year ago now, we weren’t into the lifestyle, we were just at the point where we were talking about it and playing with the idea. So, we joined the membership just to read the stories and watch the videos together. That was until we finally committed and my girl became an official hotwife.

My Hotwife Before I Shared Her (Where It All Started)

I posted this video in the member’s area and asked people for their honest advice.

The main issue between us was that I kept cumming too quickly and I kind of felt like I wasn’t satisfying my girlfriend.

I then released two more videos of us fucking, which are both inside the member’s area. I got some amazing words of wisdom and encouragement from other members and it made my girlfriend way freakier which made my premature ejaculation even worse.

Everyone told me she needed to be shared, my doubts were getting smaller and smaller, and finally, when my girlfriend came to me and had made up her mind, I knew it was time.

My Girlfriend Decided It Was Time To Be Shared

cuckold and hotwife couple kissing outside

This was a long time coming, after making and then posting the videos on the membership, reading the encouraging comments, and a lot of talks between us we decided to go ahead with sharing her and just seeing what happens.


  • My girlfriend wanted more
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Us having a perfect relationship but lacking her being completely satisfied.
  • Her wanting to explore.
  • Me getting off on her exploring.
  • Mostly she wanted to be fucked by someone who know what he was doing.

Everyone said they saw it in her and thought that she had the hotwife vibe, I kind of agreed at that point, but after sharing her I know what they could see in her now.

Hotwife Before and After (Me VS Him)

It took a while to find the right bull for her, but we found one who had a massive cock (which is what my girlfriend wanted) and didn’t have a problem with PE, plus he really knew how to fuck her.

I’ve never seen her more aroused, orgasmic and it turns out me cumming the second she was enjoying herself was killing her pleasure.

He was meant to wear a condom when he slept with her, but as you can see he decided to pull out, but his pull-out game sucked.

My girl was transformed after sleeping with him, she went from a sexy, promiscuous slut to a whore overnight and it couldn’t have gone better for us. She is now always on the hunt for other men and I can’t wait to see what more of this lifestyle brings us.

Want All Of The Videos And Pictures Of This Hotwife Transformation?

before and after hotwife compilation pictures
You can find part two here (and the rest of the videos too!)

I posted everything in the member’s area, all the pictures and all the videos from before and after joining this lifestyle. Her transformation has been too wild to share publically.

I'm Sarah, I'm the hotwife of this blog. I share my stories and experiences of being a hotwife for the past 4 years, the ups the downs and how it affected my relationship.


  1. Nice Sarah, I would love to transform my wife like you

  2. I love my wife sunbaking topless, men looking at her, men flirtying with her. Makes me incredibly hard, other men find her very attractive.

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