The Ultimate Hotwife Dares/Challenges

woman walking towards a man who is sat outside drinking a coffee

Jack and I have made something very special for you. We figured it would be a great idea to make the ultimate list of challenges for budding hotwives and their cucks. We wanted to create a list that would include everyone, no matter how submerged into the lifestyle you are. The aim of this list is to allow you to grow, open up your relationship and sex life in new ways, and really discover new kinks and turns on for the both of you.

The great thing about this challenge is that even if you have done some of these things before it allows you to explore from the beginning, opening you up to forgotten experiences and making new memories for you. We made this challenge and yet we have found fun in going back to the easy challenges that we had forgotten about and originally brushed past, so no matter where you are in your hotwife journey, there’s something in this challenge to please everyone and make new sexy memories for us all.

How These Challenges & Dares Work

challenge instructions

Let’s get into the fun!

There are three ways you can play our challenge, which one you choose is up to you. Think about it before you make an instant decision because this list will change the way you and your partner operates if you choose to partake.

30 Day Challenge:

This is your first option, the challenges start off quite easy and get harder as they go along. With this first challenge, you have 30 days to complete as many of the tasks on this list as you possibly can. This could mean you are throwing away your inhibitions and going all out for one month or it could mean you are choosing carefully but deciding to do these carefully chosen tasks every single day without a break.

Hotwife Dare Raffle:

The second way you can complete this hotwife challenge is to pick 15 (or write down every single challenge you like) and write the dares on a piece of paper, tear them into little squares, mix them up and randomly pick one from the box whenever you feel like it and whichever you choose at random, you have to do. This raffle makes the challenge last a lot longer but it’s great to spice up the bedroom and for something to look forward too.

7 Day Challenge:

This challenge works the same as the first except you have 7 full days to complete as many of the challenges as possible. You can pick and choose the tasks you wish to do before you start but you must remember you are on a time limit of 7 days, no more and no less. Doing this option allows you to come back and do 7 more whenever you feel like it.

How Many Have You Done?

Once you have completed the hotwife challenge, no matter which option you choose, make sure to leave your results down below along with your findings and how it went for you or simply send a message in. We are so intrigued and excited about this challenge, we hope you have the best fun. Also, if there is a task you have already tried that is on our challenge be sure to let us know that in the comments down below too, we want to see how many of you are as kinky as you make out!

Warning: Do these challenges/dares at your own risk.

This is just a bit of fun, please only do the challenges you are comfortable with and do them at your own risk.

Mine And Jacks Results

We decided to pull out something new from our homemade raffle whenever we were feeling frisky and just try it out, whether we had done it or not and let me tell you, it was so much fun and we have had so much great sex that we have just kept our raffle going and we try something new from the list and then put it back into the bucket so that we may be able to do it again.

We choose from our raffle bucket so often that we get so excited to do it, it has brought us so much satisfaction and fun.

List Of HotWife Challenges & Dares

cartoon stickman couple having sex in bed

At the very end of this article, I have included a printable checklist with every challenge on it for you to tick off, that way you can have every challenge all in one place ready for you.

Here we go! These are the hotwife challenges and dares for all of you kinky couples embarking on this adventure. We wish you luck, lots of fun, and an extremely rewarding ride! We can’t wait to see your results of how many you did and what you found from this challenge in the comments below (or send them in!), let’s go!

You are going to need: Yourself, your partner, some time and maybe some paper depending on which of the three options you choose from above. That’s it, now go have fun some fun!

#1 – Go out in public a short skirt with no underwear

woman in short skirt showing off panties

This challenge is pretty easy, not wearing any underwear with a short skirt as you venture into the outside world. Can you do it?

#2 – Accidentally Flash Your Boobs To A Stranger or Male Acquaintance

woman lifting up top

This could be at the beach, in a changing room, your shirt becoming unbuttoned, as you answer the door in a towel, etc. Get creative and get flashing.

#3 – Take your panties off in public

woman flashing in public

Wear a skirt to make this easier but whip them off in public. This could be in your car, a parking lot, a public bathroom, etc. Just get them off and leave them off.

#4 – Do an or sex test (see what kinks you have in common)

mojoupgrade screenshot or are both great tools if you are both unsure about your kinks and desires in the bedroom, it will allow to see if you’re both on the same page and it will open up new avenues for your sex life.

So, both take the tests above and compair your results and see if you’re a match and if you unlock any new fantasies you’d both like to try.

#5 – When you go out smile at every guy you think is hot, see where it takes you.

woman smiling

This can be with your partner or not, but make it obvious. Make him jealous if that’s how you both work and enjoy the flirtation.

#6 – Find a hotwife video/story that turns you on and show your partner

woman in blue lingerie

It doesn’t how they’re going to react, you need to show them a story or video that really gets you wet between the legs and show it to them.

#7 – Make yourself cum while thinking of another guy

a lady with beautiful legs

Bonus if you tell your partner who you are thinking of when you are getting off.

#8 – Forget to wear your bra in a lose fitting top

woman in sexy outfit

Some of you may already do this but it’s definitely a challenge for some of us. Be confident and go out there with your nipples and breats out and proud.

#9 – Expose Your Tits in a large shop

woman in summer dress outside

Wether you turn to flash your partner or you have an outfit ‘fail’, it’s up to you but get it done to cross it off.

#10 – Time how quick your hubby cums when you talk about:

cum all over a ladies face
  • Fucking another man
  • Having sex with his best friend
  • Sex with your ex-boyfriend
  • Him cleaning up a bull after he is done with you
  • Him having sloppy seconds
  • Him and another man sharing every one of your holes
  • Him being fucked by your bull
  • If he cums to quick ruin his orgasm

This task takes a little longer than some of the others but it’s fun. You can practice your dirty talk and your erotic story-telling skills, just don’t forget the timer. Write down your results too, we would love to see how long he lasted, you may both even find a new kink!

#11 – Give A Handjob while you describe sex with an ex partner

woman holding a mans crotch

Tricky for some if you have not yet explored cuckolding/hotwifing to a its full extend but lots of fun and let’s just all agree that it’s very kinky.

#12 – Talk to one of his friends/acquaintances/random male or family members on the phone whilst you ride a dildo (or use a vibrator)

woman holding dildo while on sofa

The key is not to moan, not to make a noise, and continue the conversation as normal. Make your partner watch, put on a show. This is way more difficult than it seems.

#13 – Show your husband sexy pictures you’ve sent ex partners

woman holding breasts

If you haven’t got any that you have sent to an ex, make some and then show them to your husband, make them dirty, and way worse than what you would send to him.

#14 – Have Your hubby wear your panties as your jerk him off

black panties

Pick the most feminine pair you have and make him wear them and then soak them with his cum.

#15 – Show your hubby how you would suck his dick if we was hung

man sticking his fingers in a womans mouth

Emphasize how it would be if he had a bigger penis, show him your best moves, blow his mind and act in despair that he just doesn’t have the dick for it.

#16 – Make your husband watch you masturbate and cum and not allow him to touch himself


Make him sit and watch like a good cuck.

#17 – Show your hubby your big dick sucking skills on a dildo

woman kissing dildo

Get a dildo and make your husband watch as you blow it, go down it, be enthusiastic, try out any move you have ever seen, even let out little moans.

#18 – Point out men you would like to sleep with

couple kissing

Head to a park or a restaurant and pick out men you find attractive and ones you would be happy to sleep with. Make your hubby see your taste and make him feel like a bit of a cuck.

#19 – Simulate a threesome using a suction cup dildo/sex machine and your hubby

woman holding big dildo while laying on a bed

Incorporate a sex machine or a suction cup dildo into your bedroom life and simulate having a threesome with your husband. The idea is that you have one in your mouth and one in your pussy. It’s kinky and it is a lot of fun. It’s also great if a real threesome is something you are intrigued about.

#20 – Simulate a foursome

woman using dildo on bed

Same idea as the task above, but this time you use a butt plug/ double ended dildo to simulate a foursome as well as your hubby, a dildo or a sex-machine.

#21 – Accidently show someone you find hot a nude while showing them something on your phone


This is done pretty easily, just go to show them a picture of something they might enjoy such as scenery, your pet, an event, etc and swipe the wrong way, revealing a nude picture to them. Preferably do this infront of your husband.

#22 – Slut Training Challenge (Hard)


You are not allowed to cum until you work your way up to a 10– inch dildo, you must also stretch out your butt using different sized butt plugs to get ready for anal sex, Buy some slutty crotchless panties, Find a cute revealing summer dress, stop wearing your bra in public, Learn to swallow cum and Get a hotwife anklet. Once you have done all of this you have completed the slut training task.

#23 – Play naughty truth and dare with a group of friends (let your inner slut out)

woman in blue dress

This must be with a group of friends that you trust. Ask intimate questions, reveal sexual secrets and let your honest flow out of you.

#24 – Go to a sex club

sex club

There are so many around, you just need to perform a quick search and see what comes up. If you aren’t comfortable with a sex club in your area wait until you next go on vacation and try one out in a different city to your own.

#25 – See how many guys you can flirt with in the sex club

bar seating

You don’t need to sleep with anyone but flirting didn’t hurt anyone, work your way around the club and flirt with as many as possible. Bonus if they are hotter than your husband.

#26 – Have your hubby make his dick big with a penis extender and roleplay that he is a bull

penis sleeve

Make your husband wear a penis extender and get off on how much bigger he feels, roleplay him being your bull, tell him how much better he is compared to your ‘husband’ and really roleplay your way into this one.

#27 – Tell your husband which of his friends you find attractive

couple hugging on sofa

Go through his friends and decide which ones you would be with, which you would fuck, which you would make out with, and so on and so forth. It’s a lot of fun and may reveal a lot about those fantasies you had locked up.

#28 – Show your partner any pictures you have of your exs cocks (If he is smaller than them, let him know)


If you don’t have any improvise and find some online that look very similar.

#29 – Go to a club and dance with another man while your husband watches

club seating

Have some fun, let your hair loose and dance all whilst your husband stands back and observes.

#30 – Find your ideal cock size by using some dildos

big dildo

Buy a few, try them out and distinguish which size is your favorite and be sure to do it all infront of your husband.

#31 – Wear a wireless vibrator in public

remote control vibrator

These are easy to get ahold of just pass the remote to your husband and have him control your pleasure levels.

#32 – Go to a nudist beach and spend the day naked


If you don’t want to go to one local to you wait until you are next heading on vacation and scout one out in the area. For bonus points use the remote control vibrator on the beach.

#33 – Only let your hubby cum at the thought of you with another man

woman kissing a mans tummy

Whether it’s you jerking him off and giving him dirty talk about another man or talking about a cuckolding fantasy, only let him cum when he has heard enough.

#34 – Go on Adult Friend Finder and find someone to have cam sex with (while your hubby watches)

adultfriendfinder screenshot

This is sometimes the first step a lot of hotwives and cucks take and whether you’ve done it before or not, having cam sex with someone new is always exciting and there’s this whole guide here on how to have safe cam sex.

#35 – Don’t let your hubby cum till he gives you full permission to be shared

lady on bed in pink underwear

Tease him, bring him to orgasm again and again until he fully submits to you and you wishes.

#36 – On a girls night out send your husband pictures of you flirting and having fun with other men

lady undressing a man

Drive him wild with your flirtatious nature, tell him about all of the fun and fabulous things you are getting up too.

#37 – Room service/takeout dare

woman in underwear and black stockings

Order room service or get a takeout to your hotel room and open the door doing any of these things:

  • Topless
  • Wearing just a Hotel towel
  • Wearing just Lingerie
  • Wearing No Bra under your shirt
  • Wearing just your Bra only

#38 – Reinstall Tinder on your phone and let your hubby have control of it

tinder screenshot

Let him pick a man for you, let him talk to someone on your behalf and set you up with someone.

#39 – Have a dirty text conversation with a stranger (use Tinder or adult friend finder)

sext convosation

Either with the person, he has selected or someone you have chosen, have a conversation get sexual with this stranger, once you’re done, show your husband.

#40 – Get a guy to send you a dick pic

dick pic

This can be with the person your husband found on Tinder or with someone you found, once you have the dick pic, the task is complete.

#41 – ‘Sext’ a guy, make him cum with your words (ask for proof)

guys body

Again, this can be the same Tinder guy or another one. Engage in some sexting, enjoy it and maybe you could even cum too?

#42 – Suck another guys cock infront of your significant other

woman giving blowjob

How you do this is between you two but it’s on the hotwife challenege for a reason, no matter how deep you are into this lifestyle.

#43 – Learn to deep throat your bulls cock

woman and man on sofa

Deepthroating takes some skill and so learn how to do it but not on your hubby, on your bull.

#44 – Have a guy you like clone his cock using ‘clone a willy’ (use it in front of your husband)

clone a willy

This can be a big ask but it’s very frustrating for your husband to see you getting off on another guy’s cock when he is right there.

#45 – Wear your sluttiest clothes when his friends are over

woman in garden wearing sexy clothes

This could be your shortest skirt, a low-cut top, no panties, or even just a towel.

#46 – Tell your husband about the men in your life (work, friends) that you would love to fuck

doggy style position

Tell him everything, all about them and their lives, and how you would fuck them.

#47 – Send another man a naked pic

woman on all fours in underwear on floor

Be sure you trust this man but once you have selecred the right man, send him a naked pictire of yourself and let your husband know of course.

#48 – Have a professional photographer take nude pictures of yourself and show your hubby after

woman with bubble butt

There are plenty of photographers out there who are willing to do this.

#49 – Have your husband show a sexy/nude picture of you to one or more of his friends (ask them for their feedback)

lady on all fours on bed

He has to trust his friends to be able to do this and if it’s something he isn’t sure if he could do, have him show them something else on his phone and then accidentally swipe to a picture of you.

#50 – Use a vibrator while watching big dick porn while your husband masturbates in the corner of the room

rabbit vibrator

Make him feel like a little cuckold.

#51 – Wear a remote control vibrator to a bar/club


This is lots of fun and it’s up to you if you or your husband controls the vibrations or you could even have your partner watch you from a distance and control it.

#52 – Share a faceless sexy selfie for people to rate online

woman standing by car with a rate my wife sign

There’s lots of places you can do this and it’s thrilling to have other people rate your naked body. We even have a place on this blog where you can rate a wife and we also have it in our membership, for people who want more privacy, but still want the thrill.

You can also go to any of these Reddits to share your nudes for feedback:

#53 – Go on a solo date (tinder is a good place to start)

resturant menu

Make some rules and then go on a date whilst your husband stays at home.

Tinder is probably the best place to find a date, but here’s some other amazing hotwife dating sites that we use.

#54 – Wear a micro bikini to the beach/pool

lady wearing micro bikini by a pool

If micro bikinis are not your thing find the smallest bikini you can that leaves very little to the imagination.

#55 – Kiss a date

couple kissing on bed

Have a kiss with your date, tongues, just lips, whatever you feel most comfortable with.

#56 – Touch a guys dick through his pants

woman taking off a mans jeans

Preferably the guy you decide to go on a date with, feel his crotch and tell your hubby all about it.

#57 – Give a date a handjob

woman undressing a man in a bedroom

In the back of his car? Back at his place? In a nightclub?

#58 – Have a date give you a hickey

couple kissing while laying on bed

Make sure it’s somewhere your husband will see, this could be your neck, breast, stomach or even thigh.

#59 – After a date give have your hubby fuck you slowly while you tell him all about it

couple on bed

Go into detail about how thrilling it was, what a great guy he is and how hot he is too.

#60 – Give someone who is not your hubby a blowjob


It’s up to you both who it is.

#61 – Have your hubby be your sloppy seconds

cum on a ladies back

Either blowjob sloppy seconds or more extremely sex sloppy seconds.

This guide explains everything about having fun with sex leftovers.

#62 – Have your hubbys and your boytoy cum on your body at the same time

cum on a womans foot

This could be your hubby and your bull, your hubby and your new date, whoeever it is, ensure they time their orgasm so that you are covered in both of their cum.

#63 – Swap nudes with another couple

woman in pink underwear on bed

Find a couple you like and trust and swap your nudes with them.

#64 – Blindfolded and fucked


That’s it! Wear a blindfold and be fucked. A nice twist is to have your hubby blindfold you and arrange a guy to meet you at your hotel room and fuck you without having you say a word, just like what happened in this story.

#65 – Leave your husband on the phone line while you get fucked


You could leave on facetime so that he can watch or just don’t hang up when you speak to him so that he can hear you banging.

#66 – Have your hubby practice cleaning up cum

cum dripping down chin

Have him cum on/in you and clean you up.

#67 – Have another man cum on/in you and have your hubby on clean up duties

cum on a ladies face

Practice makes perfect and once he is used to his own cum, somebody else’s will be a walk in the park.

You can gain some more ideas, by reading this story from one of our friends about her husband’s clean up duties.

#68 – Take a selfie with another guys cock that isn’t your husbands

woman holding a big penis

Even better if the guy is hard and bigger than your husband.

#69 – Fuck someone 10 years older than you

old guy

Find some who is 10 years older than you and fuck them.

#70 – Go on a date with a remote control vibrator or a butt plug inside you

butt plug

Control it yourself if its a vibrator and keep the butt plug in on the date. Text your husband all about it and even tell your date about if they know about it.

#71 – See if your Stag cums at the idea of cleaning up your bulls cock


Talk to your hubby about cleaning up your bulls cock as you jerk him off or fuck him, see how he reacts and try and make him cum as you talk about it.

#72 – Measure your cucks and your bulls cock


See the size difference and even if your hubby is bigger, make out that your bull is far superior down there.

#73 – Have your bull and hubby compare cocks in real life

lady holding two guys penises in her hand

Make them both hard and then have them compare their sizes together.

#74 – Come home with cum stained clothes

cum stained clothes

After a meeting with your bull or date go home with cum somewhere on your clothes. It could be on your lingerie, your shirt, jeans, or skirt, just somewhere noticeable.

#75 – Shove your cum stained item of clothing in your cucks mouth while you give him a blowjob/handjob/sex

woman with mouth open

Have your bull cum over an item of clothing and bring cum stained item to your hubby and have him clean it up while you give a blowjob, handjob or have sex.

#76 – Peg your hubby and tell him to image you’re a bull

woman wearing pegging dildo

If you enjoy pegging, have your hubby image you as the bull while you peg him. Treat him like your bull treats you and show him what it’s like to be on the otherside of a hung bull.

#77 – Suck a cock together with your hubby

woman giving blowjob

Transform your hubby into more of a girlfriend and both enjoy pleasing and cleaning off a hung bull.

This is more for couples who enjoy the sissy husband side of cuckolding.

#78 – Get your cuck a nice cock cage and lock him up for a week

pink cock cage

A great way to play with submissive and dominant roles and very good teasing experience.

#79 – Try double penetration with your bull and your hubby

double penetration

Remember to prepare your ass, stretch it out and get it used to anal sex or if you prefer use your mouth and pussy instead.

#80 – Do something with your bull that you haven’t done with your stag

woman in yellow summer dress

This could be anything sexual, really think about what it is and then tick it off with your bull and leave your hubby behind.

#81 – Have two dicks in your mouth (can be hubbys and bull or two bulls)


Get your throat all filled up and practice with a dildo and your hubby if you need some practice.

#82 – Have your stag wear his cage in public

lady sunbathing by pool

He will have to be discreet about it but it will remind him what a cuck he is when he is out there in the real world.

#83 – Pick a guy and have your cuck ask him out for you

woman in black lingerie

This guy will need to be informed about your dynamic so it’s important to find someone who understands cuckolding.

#84 – Go to a sex club and see how many cocks you can have inside you in one night

hotwife challenge

See how many you can do and then boast about it to your hubby.

#85 – Want another 200 hundred challenges? If you want 200 more challenges and new challenges every month, plus loads of cuckold/hotwife guides, stories and porn then join our private membership, if you think this was good the membership is even better.

Printable Check List

printable checklist

If you want a checklist with every single task on it that you can then print out, then this is our printable checklist. We created this for those who want to be that bit more organized and for those who enjoy a big challenge.

Any Dares/Challenges I’ve Missed?

If there are any dares or challenges that you wish to see on this list we will get them added on. Just leave your ideas in the comments below or send them into us and we can add them onto this growing list.

Your Results (Comment Them)

Comment below what you would like to try, what you have tried and what your results are when you’re done.

If you would rather send us your results you can do that too. We can’t wait to see what you all get up to with this hotwife challenge!

Jack & Sarah.

I'm Sarah, I'm the hotwife of this blog. I share my stories and experiences of being a hotwife for the past 4 years, the ups the downs and how it affected my relationship.


  1. Another hot and deliciously humiliating challenge would be a cuckold threesome: Hotwife fucks hubbys ass with a strapon while the Bull fucks the Wife anally. This can be performed f.e. in the doggy style position. Being fucked in the ass is very submissive and this act gives the impression, that the Bull is not only fucking the Wife, but the cuck as well. To maximize the fun, the cocklet of the cuck can be locked up and if he cums in his cage, it is deeply humiliating for him and extreme erotic for all! Isn’t that beautiful, Sarah? 🙂

  2. It’s exciting. I’ll try

  3. A great list. I read other cuckolding sites but, you two make it interesting and fun. Again, a great list of things to try.

  4. Find a guy online and hook up with him in 7 messages or less

  5. My list (some overlap here): (BF = boyfriend or husband)
    *Send a photo of your creampied pussy to your BF
    *Send a text to your BF you won’t be coming home that night
    *Deliberately do not wash after sex, but ask him to go down on you (or sit down on his face)
    *Tell him how good your lover/Bull makes you feel
    *Get a cock-cage and make him wear for a week. Tease him by flashing your ass/pussy for him
    *Make him go down on you to orgasm at least 5 times before you even touch his cock
    *Give him a handjob, but stop just before he cums. (edging) Do not touch him again for another week
    *Comment how his cock does not satisfy you
    *Have some photographer take photos of you having sex with your Bull/lover
    *Make him wear a cock-cage while your lover stays for the weekend
    *Take sexy selfies and show to your BF. Tell him you’ve sent them to other guys (not who)
    *Make your BF watch as you masturbate (dildo/vibrator ea), but not touching him at all. Cover up when you’re done
    *Make it a habit of commenting guys you’d like to have sex with, and why. (handsome/young/hung ea)
    *Suck/deepthroat your lover/Bull to ejaculation in front of your BF
    *Rim your lover/Bull in front of your BF, or send him picts of you doing it
    *Send teasing/naughty picts or texts to other men, while your BF knows
    *Refuse your BF access to your pussy other than after you already had sex with another
    *Take a selfie with another mans larger cock in your 1)mouth 2)pussy 3)ass
    *Reveal to your lover/Bull that your BF has a small and/or limp cock that can’t satisfy you. Et the cuck know
    *Reveal to your best friend that your BF has a small and/or limp cock that can’t satisfy you. Et the cuck know
    *When having been with your lover/Bull, and come home with cum-stained panties, take them off and have your BF smell and lick them.

    • Make your bf wear a cock-cage while your lover stays for the weekend and force him to wear tiny thong and a big but plug all the time. It will be very hard for him to sleep a d he will be very horny all the time.
      You can suck and have little sex with him then his dick is inside tha cage and can’t be hard.
      Whip his ass.

  6. Hi Ori,

    My wife has been cuckolding me for 5 years. It has been quite an experience for the both of us. But like everything else in life there are limits. Commutation and ground rules are a must. I let my wife know from the start that I would only put up with so much humilation and degrading. She has to be careful how far she takes it. It hasn’t happen yet but, if I think she is getting to close to her bull I’ll let her know. If she doesn’t seem to care, I would tell her to have a nice life and I’m gone. It hasn’t happened yet but, she knows what will happen if it does.

  7. You re Fantastic!! I road everywords in a one breath!! Your suggest are very trilling me. I would like to meet you both. Im Italian, living in Riccione a beautifull turistic place on the sea. If you will plan a trip here, tell me please. Im Andy nice to meet you!

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