You have to clean up one of these hotwives, which will it be?

Are you ready to play a game and lock your cuckold-cleaning fate in?

In this game you simply watch the video below, make sure you are really horny (we recommend edging yourself a little using some of our other amazing hotwife porn), and when you’re ready, press play, jerk your cock to the idea of cleaning up every one of these loads, see which you are drawn to the most and then after the video is over, seal in your clean-up fate with our voting system below.

You can Vote down below.

Things to remember:

  • Cleaning up this load will make your wife more happy than ever before.
  • You don’t have to enjoy it, but you must do it.
  • Some bulls will only play with your wife if you are willing to clean up after.
  • You will have to get every single last drop, that could even mean cleaning up the bull’s cock.
  • Once you start cleaning there might not be anything stopping you from being put on clean-up duty forever.
  • Your wife will treat you more like a cuckold than ever before after you clean her up, don’t be surprised if she starts wanting to be shared a lot more after you have cleaned her off.

Warning: There’s always a chance that once you clean up your wife will have you on clean-up duty every single time she fucks someone else.

There’s also a chance her bull will start creating new boundaries with your wife and you will become second in their relationship.

Just as there is that risk, there’s also a chance your wife will have so much more respect for you and give you even more attention and love. 

Make the game harder: Clean yourself up once you have orgasmed, all training is good training.

Which of these wives and bulls are you going to clean?

Watch the video and once you have, it’s time to seal in your fate, take your time as once you decide you have to be ready to clean every last drop.

By voting you can anonymously see who everyone else voted for.

You have to clean up one of these hotwives, which will it be?

Jack picked number 6 and I picked 10, 2, and 8 for him.

Who are the wives Featured who need to be cleaned?

A collection of the different wives that are in cuckin members area
These wives make the cuckin member’s area a very special place

They are users of Cuckin who have submitted their videos to our members area. Most of them have a real kink for cleaning up, dominating their cucks, or trying to get their hubby to try cleaning up.

Side note: We then get their full permission to post on the public Cuckin, we would never use a video publically that was uploaded to the members area without full permission and the ability to take the video down at any time. We also have thousands more of user-submitted and made by-us cuckold and hotwife porn videos, captions, pics, stories, guides, games, private texts and so much more, it’s an amazing place for couples, a cuckold, hotwives, bulls, vixens, stags, and everyone in between.

Are you ready to become a Cuckin hotwife cleaner-upper?

the big clean up preview
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