Hotwife Getting Ready For Her Bull (Behind The Scenes)

Hi, I’m a passionate hotwife called ‘Sluttysam’. I’m a little more strict than most, what I mean by that is that I usually save sex for my bulls only and I just love teasing my cuck boyfriend.

I like to be a switch, I’m super dominant with my man and super submissive with my bulls.

I actually don’t think cucks should have sex, not mine, not any and if I could I’d take that away from all the cuckolds out there.

I’ve released a few uncensored videos of my kinky adventures on the membership but I wanted to release this one of me getting ready before I see my seriously hot and hung bull.

My goal is to encourage other cucks to film their wives or girlfriends getting ready for a big night with their bull. Not only is it a great memory for bulls who don’t want to be filmed but it gives cucks something to jerk off to when their wife is busy with another man, knowing how much effort she put in and knowing how much he is going to enjoy her body.

Just A Hotwife Getting Ready For Her bull And Showing You My Beauty Process

My boyfriend and I have a hotel near where we live so that’s where I filmed myself getting ready, as that’s where I meet my bulls (it just makes sense because I turn into a little slut in hotels and you can times that sluttiness by ten when I’m fucking someone who isn’t my boyfriend).

I have some questions though, would you be happy to turn up with me looking like this? Do you think I’m fuckable and if you were my bull what would you do with me?

These Are My Current Favorite Things To Wear For My Bulls

Which is your favorite? I post all my images along with my videos in the member’s area so if you want to see the afters of all these images and my videos they are all uploaded and uncensored there.

The Real Work Starts Way Before The Video

I keep myself fit, healthy, and fuckable.

Don’t get me wrong I used to do this before I became a hotwife, but my cuck boyfriend agrees that I have changed my game since becoming a full-time hotwife.

I just want to look as good as I can and nothing matches the feeling I get when a hot guy I fancy wants to fuck my brains out and I let him.

What Happened After The Video Ended?

close up of hotwife sluttysam taking big black cock in doggy style
Pic that got for my cuckold hubby.

My bull turned up to the hotel and fucked me with his really big cock, he tried my ass, it was ready but didn’t fit even after a lot of play and warming up, we fucked for almost 4 hours and he came inside of me a few times. Then he left and I made a video of my hubby coming into the hotel room.

I Have More To Show You From Behind The Scenes

snapshots of all the videos uploaded by sluttysam showing all her hotwife behind the scenes moments
You can unlock the next video here (and all my videos that follow on from the one I made

I have uploaded loads of videos of my hotwife process, from getting ready, picking my outfits, showing off my holes before and after my bull, and teasing the living hell out of my cuckold husband.

I literally let people vote on if I should let him cum. He is already down to just being able to use my hands and my last video voted for him to only be able to jerk off to me naked.

It’s all in the member’s area. See you inside!

Just a passionate hotwife who loves showing my slutty wife routines, behind the scenes fun and my porn with and without my boyfriend.


  1. He is lucky to have such a hot sexy wife.
    No way should he ever fuck you again, cock should be caged

  2. I was lucky to have a tall sexy hispanic hotwife that lover to fuck ,but never got to see her in action.

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