Amateur American Hotwife Fucks British Guy In Hotel Hookup

When I’m asked what the most memorable and hottest moment of my life was along with the best sex, it’s pretty easy for me to remember every last detail, especially because there is a video of the whole experience. This video captures not just a life-changing event but the best thing to ever happen to me.

Fucking His Hotwife In A Hotel (Her First Weekend Away)

This is the video that has given me so much joy, the video that I watch back frequently, and the video I get to share with those who understand our lifestyle, but if you want a little more information on how this all came about and how I got myself into this intense and kinky situation, keep on reading.

How I Ended Up Borrowing His Wife For A Whole Weekend

american hotwife posing on a hotel sofa

It all started when I went to visit one of my oldest friends in the US.

We had a wonderful time, I had never met his wife before but we really hit it off.

Obviously, it’s one of my best friend’s wives so I wasn’t being flirty, but she was being very flirty with me and he was all for it.

I just went along with it and was just enjoying the whole vibe. At first, I didn’t look too much into it, I just passed it off as friendly American hospitality.

I’d been around swingers before and heard the term hotwife quite a few times, but other than watching porn about it I’d never actually been involved in this kink.

After a few days, one late night, my buddy asked if I found his wife hot, I was flabbergasted, I had no idea what to say because the answer was yes. This then lead to him saying she’d love to spend a weekend away with me, it would be her first away trip with another man, and to top it all off, she had a big crush on me.

I was pretty careful as to not say the wrong thing, after all, I was a guest in their home but after he confessed her desires and I told him that I would be open to it, she came out and basically re-told everything he just said.

We had a little play together that night, but then my buddy treated us to a hotel room where we would get to know each other even better.

What It Felt Like To Fuck Another Man’s Wife (Bull’s Perspective)

hotwife sitting on her bulls face

It was the best sex I have ever had in my entire life.

I haven’t been with many Americans, but if they can take dick and fuck like his wife, sign me up.

In this video, you see bits of what we got up to, but after this, we just became even dirtier, she gave me every part of her graciously and became such a freak.

I will say it’s a little hard to have this intense time with someone, who has a big crush on you and then just leave it there and go back to everyday life, I explained this to my friend after, and we all had a talk about it and we will definitely play together again soon.

It’s hard to find something to top this experience.

It doesn’t help that she really got off on pleasing me and knowing how much I enjoyed the whole thing makes her even more turned on for the next time, I think I’ll share some of our recent texts in a member’s post soon so that you can see.

Our Hotwife Hotel Break Lasted 3 Days (The Next Part)

american hotwife hooking up with bull in hotel room compilation
We uploaded all the parts to the member’s area, the stuff that we all thought was a bit too naughty to make 100% public.

In part two I fucked her as hard as I could and made her cum again and again and in part three (probably the naughtiest part), we did a lot of things in the heat of the moment that neither of us thought we were going to end up doing.

I'm a guy from England who has became a lover for a few couples. I mostly post videos and images about my experiences and I'm open to new ones with the right couple/hotwife.


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