Hotwife Goes On Night Out (What Really Happens On A Girl’s Night Out)

Have you ever wondered what happens when your wife goes on a girl’s night out with her best friend?

Well, for today only, you finally get to be a fly on the wall to one of your wife’s ‘girls-only’ nights out so that you can see exactly what happens when you’re not around.

You should be very honored to be able to see exactly what happens when it’s just your wife and her bestie on a night out, this type of thing is exactly what happens on girls’ holidays too and now you get to experience it all. Does it feel good to know how she behaves without you around?

What You Think Happens On a Hotwife Night Out:

the expectations of a hotwife night out. starts with woman getting ready, next image is off drinks, the next is of the dance floor and the final image is of a taxi

My boyfriend was the same. He used to think it was some sort of girly slumber party or just cute innocent drinks at a bar. My boyfriend didn’t expect me to be eyeing up bulls and waiting to get fucked by other men, nor did he know how slutty I became on those nights out with my best friends, not until he asked me to film it and he got the full cuckold experience without even lifting a finger.

What Really Happens:

the reality of a hotwife night out. This image shows loads of wives being promiscuous away from their husbands

He had no idea of the reality of it, the incessant flirting, the cock teasing, the slut that comes out of me and with all that excitement sometimes it gets a little too much for a hotwife, and if there’s time, a quick hotel room has to be booked for that release and if we are in a rush then a quick blowjob or some quick sex in the back of a car is the answer, all just to feel and experience that dick.

If you think that’s bad, you should see what happens at bachelorette parties. Let’s just say her friends make sure she gets the send-off that she deserves, especially if you expect to only enjoy one cock for the rest of her life.

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