Hotwife Training Program (Every Cuck Must Watch)

I am a bull and I’m the guy from the big dick problems story and today I wanted to show you just a snippet into my hotwife training program and what it may consist of.

Every hotwife is different and her cuckold husband usually is too so I tailor what they need to their desires, however, it usually is the same sort of format. Below you will find just a little of what your wife may go through if you choose me to explore this lifestyle with.

The Hotwife Training Program

Does it seem easy to you? something you and your wife could partake in? or does it seem hard? something you would struggle with? It can be hard to face the truth sometimes and some cucks really struggle with it but on the other hand, some cucks love the truth, and the more the better.

There’s more videos like this one inside of the membership.

I’m A Hotwife Trainer (Also known as a bull)

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Hotwives meet with me and I train them and their cuck husband what it means to be with a real, dedicated, and respectful bull. I will train the cucks wife up to be the perfect hotwife or just show the cock what she is capable of without him involved. It’s very efficient and I get wives and cucks from all over the country asking for my advice.

How Love Have I Been Doing This For?

I have been doing this for years now, I found something that I loved away from my professional life and realized I could help people whilst doing it. I like to think I am really good at it too, having left many couples very satisfied.

How Many Wives?

collection of hotwives

I’d never say a number, as the saying goes, a gentleman never tells but these are some of the hotwife’s that I currently play with regularly and we have a kind of boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, I’m basically a fuck buddy for them now, we just had the added bonus of having a cuck to think about too.

Most of them have either husbands or boyfriends that watch us, but some like solo dates and when their husband is away I’ll go and stay at their house and fuck his wife and we will send pictures of us in their bed together.

My relationship with the wife in the video

a wife taking different selfies

Her cuckold hubby and herself actually asked me to make this video for them and then asked me if I wanted to post in on cuckin. I have written a few things for Jack and Sarah before so it wasn’t a huge step for me.

Our relationship is pretty simple, she was a first-time hotwife, they wanted to open things up, but couldn’t find the right guy, they didn’t want complicated or guys who would try to ruin their relationship and after a lot of searching they found me on Twitter and they liked the way that I did things.

Want Me To Train Your wife?

First, I’d recommend you cuckolds read cuckins guide on hotwife transformation, to make sure it’s something your wife wants and something you are definitely open too.

If it is then leave a comment and we can get talking. I try to keep my Twitter private, but if you have Twitter, it’s a pretty good place to talk and arrange things, plus you can see a little more about me.

I am a bull with lots of experiences with all kinds of hotwives and cucks. I love meeting new people and helping out newbie couples find their feet in this lifestyle.


  1. We are a cuck couple (only one experience) looking for more and would be interested to know you.

  2. New here to

    • hi johnny. My wife and I are not new to this but we are very interested in what you’re posting. So far we have stuck strictly to Bbc but her main lust is for super thick cock. i’ll wait to see if you’re still active and get a message back. Thanks Rick

  3. My girlfriend wants this soo bad and I want to give her this, let’s get in touch!

  4. I would be more than happy to help any of you out near Fort Lauderdale, FL

  5. I’m having trouble finding people to even be real
    I need help and guidance

    • Hi,
      M32 here. Together for 10 years with my gf (27).
      Really want to share her with a bull but dont know where to start. Can you reach out to me? Thanks!

  6. Hi Big Dick Bull,
    Would you visit Key West for a week of training? If willing in October, will send pictures of my hot wife.
    Thanks, Paul

  7. Very interested in learning how to train my wife

  8. Interested.

    • Another cuckold couple here interested in your help please.

  9. Hi me and my wife are extremely interested in this!

    • We used to do this a few years ago, and it never got to the point that I fully got to experience humiliation and what I was craving in being a cuckold! We’ve done it a few times and I only got to watch three times, and my wife ended up falling in love with one guy and it nearly ruined our marriage we had to stop and change our lifestyle. Now our marriage is better, I wish I could bring this up to her again I’d love to see her get pounded, but I dare not

  10. locked in chastity and panties by wife. Next step cuckolding?

  11. What a beautiful video

  12. I’m interested in what you have to offer.

  13. Interested! Just started this lifestyle and would love to have someone guide and talk to my hotwife

  14. I’ve agreed to hotwife but have not “dated” yet. My husband and I started with threesomes. I’m a very shy, and introverted with people I don’t know. I can’t seem to get excited to meet the bulls I’ve chatted with online and my anxiety wins and I cancel the dates. Any suggestions how to get past that and actually go through with a hotwife date?

    • Hi, I had so many nervous my first time and it was so hard for me to push through the feelings. What made it easier was having a guy (bull) that I actually wanted to get with and wanted to meet. There’s ways to make that connection and first date easier like having a voice note chat so you can hear their voice, going to a sex club (if you have one in your area) or starting with someone you know obviously with caution. We actually have a question that got sent in just like yours that we’re answering next week and I go into loads more detail, I’ll update this comment once it’s up. – Sarah <3

  15. Hi BigDickBull,

    I’m trying to get my wife into cuckolding me. So far she has enjoyed fantasizing about and has said she would like to some day have a threesome with a other guy. I’ve tried to take it further with her, but she is resisting. Can you help?

    • Hey BigDickBull,
      We are both 24 yo married couple, We have been fantasizing about cuckolds since the very beginning of our relationship. It’s been 7 years since then. Now we have moved on to themed sites where we are trying to find someone interesting, could you help?

      Thank you

  16. Big fantasy of mine. I long to be a cuckold and watch my wife being hammered by a bull! She isn’t willing but I keep trying!!!!

  17. Hi BigdickBull:

    We are a very attractive couple who fantasized with the idea of sharing her with a huge guy for years but never did it and now it seems like the time passed. Can you help?

  18. Hello,

    We are a French cuckold couple in the lifestyle for 3 years. It’s fucking amazing and we both love it. But now I need more domination and humiliation from her and she doesn’t know how to do it and could really appreciate advices and training. Could you help ? Or someone ?

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