My Cuckold Hypnosis: Turning My Hubby Into A Cuck

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Today I am going to be sharing with you something that not many people know about, something that will change and revolutionize the way that you play and that thing is cuckold Hypno.

Cuckold hypnosis is the act of manipulating the way that you think and changing your thought patterns in a way that you will become a submissive cuckold or just accept your wife’s fantasies as your own.

I wanted to share my steps with you, the things that I did to get my hubby to try out cuckolding. This hypnosis is for their partners to present to their cuckold, act on it, and do the steps below in your own way.

If You Do This With Your Husband You Have Been Warned

If you want your husband to be a cuckold like mine and there’s even a drop of being a cuck inside of him, then doing these steps below will push him over the edge and convert him into a submissive cuckold and possibly a sissy. Make sure that’s what you want before you begin. You have been warned.

I Always Wanted A Man Who Would Share Me

I managed to fall for a guy who was everything I wanted but didn’t seem to have an interest in sharing me. I had experimented a little, but hadn’t been shared or even had a threesome. I wanted to see if I could unlock this part of my husband (boyfriend at the time). Cuckolding always spoke to me but to my husband, he was slightly more reserved and didn’t really understand the fetish, however, that was until hypnosis turned him into a cuck who now loves the lifestyle and begs for me to fuck other men.

The Hypnosis That Turned My Husband Into A Cuckold

Following these steps converted my husband into a full-on cuckold, he now loves everything about it and I can only see us diving deeper and deeper into this new way of life. He now boasts about me being with other men, men bigger than him in every way (look at the last guy he shared me with), he loves watching me get off and he loves to be humiliated. Follow these cuckold hypno steps at your own discretion and let me know your results in the comments down below.

1. Telling Him About Your Fantasy

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If you want him to be a cuck then you have to tell him about your fantasy and I mean every single aspect of it.

I first started by talking about threesomes with my husband, then I told him about how much it turns me on the thought of having him watch me with another man, then I moved onto how much I enjoy big dildos, then how much I’d like to try out a really big dick. I then turned to porn and had us watch cuckolding videos together, letting him see how much it turned me on.

You don’t do this all at once, start small, and work your way up. Feel out his responses, take your time, and let him explore the fantasy through your stories, erotic ideas, and through porn. At first, he had such mixed emotions :’), he hated that he liked the idea of me with another man, he would get so hard and not understand why it was getting him off and once he was enjoying the stories, the porn, the content I was submersing him into, it was time for step 2 of the cuckold Hypno.

2. Showing Him Why You Want It

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If he has never seen you use a dildo, then get one that is your perfect size, my personal preference is extra large. Then have him watch you use it, he will see how much you enjoy a cock that isn’t his and probably bigger than his. My husband was floored watching me using XL-sex toys, he got off on it so hard. Finding out what big dick does to me, how it makes me cum so much, and just watching me insert such a large sex toy into my pussy was changing the inner workings of his brain.

I would literally cum all over the dildo right in front of him, stretch out my pussy and he would see me become soaking wet while taking a dildo that was so much bigger than him. Seeing this was a huge turning point for him because not only did he love watching me using something else, he also loved me being stretched to my limits.

3. Teach him to use the dildo on you

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I had my husband use the extra-large dildo on me while he ate out my pussy, seeing this realistic cock so close to my boyfriend’s mouth made me so wet and he could feel that.

After a few times of doing this, he was ready and when he was going down on me, I grabbed the hand that he was using to hold my dildo with and I made him suck the dildo before it went inside of me, getting him to lube it up with his spit. At first, he was confused but he soon got into it when I encouraged him and told him what a good slut he was. He seemed to really get off on the humiliation I was dishing out so I decided to incorporate that into my next steps. When I was done cumming I then made him clean it up after I was done.

Another thing I liked to do during the hypnosis was make him use a penis extender and fuck me whilst wearing it, it made his cock feel much bigger and it made me feel like I was with someone new. It also gave him some humiliation as he likes to think he can’t satisfy me like that.

4. Showing Him A Cuckold Hypno Video

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Cuckin has a few really good cuckold Hypno videos that I really recommend watching, I wish they had existed a few years back when I first tried out cuckold hypnosis but regardless, showing your cuck a video is what you’re going to be doing next.

I knew that it would help him understand why I wanted to be a hotwife, so I made my hubby watch lots of them, I found them on Pornhub and Xvideos. Some were better than others but all claimed to convert men into cucks and seeing these videos allowed him to see even deeper into why I wanted this so badly. He would get so turned on by them and I even caught him watching them alone from time to time. My cuckold hypno was really working and it this point I just couldn’t wait to progress but I knew I still needed to be patient.

5. Making Him Watch

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Now it’s time to get him away from the bed, it’s time to take things to a higher level. I would make my husband sit outside of our room, sometimes looking through a crack in the door, while I made myself cum, all he could do was listen to my moans and to me cumming. Being left out like that is the feeling that you want to make arise, this will either make him or break him and for me, it made him. He loved being a peeping tom, he loved knowing I was having all of the fun in there without him.

After a few times of doing this, I asked him to imagine me with another man. I would either close the bedroom door fully so that he could only hear my moans or leave it open a crack so that he could see how much I was getting off on the fantasy of being with another man. For an extra realistic approach, we used an ejaculating dildo and once it had left its cum on me I’d have him come in and be my sloppy seconds, feeling the fake cum on my body and in my pussy.

6. Ex Lover Test

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The next step of this cuckold Hypno guide is jerking him off whilst talking about an ex-lover, this can be a real scenario or just a made-up one but it is effective if you have done the other hypnosis steps properly.

I waited until his cock was in my hand, then I started talking about my ex’s and how they would fuck me, I’d talk about how I found out I liked bigger men, etc. Every time he would cum, I’d make sure I was talking about fucking another guy. It soon transpired that he related orgasms to me talking about sexual encounters that I had had prior to meeting him and soon he was getting off instantly to this.

He was turning into a perfect cuck, he enjoyed me getting pleasure from something that wasn’t him, he enjoyed watching and being part of the clean-up process, he loved hearing about me with other men and he loved me getting off without him. There were only a few more steps we needed to take and I knew he was going make the perfect hypnotized cuckold.

6. Going To A Club/Bar

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Go to a busy club or bustling bar with your hubby and flirt, have fun with other guys, pretend your hubby is just a friend of yours and see where the night takes you. Dance with other guys and even take any numbers that get handed your way. Your hubby will feel like a little cuck sitting watching you, admiring your confidence with other men. He should feel a pang in his chest, a desire to stop all of this but his cock will be twitching, telling him how much he secretly likes it.

7. It’s Time To Date

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Start using dating sites with your hubby, the cuckold Hypno will allow him to know that this is a good idea.

It was actually him that started asking me about threesomes and how we could do it, at this point we signed up to a few cuckold/hotwife dating sites and I had him pick me out some men. He messaged them and in honesty, the men he picked were not my type, apart from the fact they were really hung, they were not what I wanted.

However, it didn’t matter, he was engaged with what I was doing, it gave us both confidence and we learned quickly that he enjoyed me flirting with these men online and setting up prospective dates. I soon matched with men that I did find attractive and although my hubby was shocked at my type (BBC, hung, dominant bulls), he still went with it.

8. Cam Sex Without My Husband

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Was he ready for the real thing?

I was sure he was, but I thought that at first, it was best to find a guy to have webcam sex with while he watched in the corner of the room. That way he would see me getting off with another man for real, watch me give him pleasure through the screen and vice versa. I told him how much I wanted it and my husband’s cock sprung to life, he was more than ready for this, he was a cuck well and truly under my spell.

He passed the cam sex test with flying colors and now it was time for me to do it whenever I pleased, whether he was there or not. Entertaining strangers online for mine and their enjoyment, he was completely out of the loop, being humiliated like the little cuck that he was. He had no idea what I got up too with these men, he just had to imagine it and see how wet I was afterward, it was magnificent.

9. My First Solo Date

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I went on dates with men I matched with online, I let my hubby see exactly what they looked like and even showed him our flirty conversations. I would flirt, kiss, and after the date sext these gorgeous men, all while sharing everything with my hubby by sending him screenshots of our texts, pictures of us kissing, and even little video clips of me at the table with these men.

It does feel strange going on these dates at first but you soon get into the swing of things and knowing your hubby is at home, horny, and waiting for his wife to return from being with a man much better than him is great. My hubby was needy, he wanted constant erotic updates and unfortunately for him, I made sure to really humiliate him by sending him the raunchiest pictures I could, for example, the one of me giving one of my dates a blowjob and gagging on his cock.

10. My Beautiful Man Was Ready

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It was a journey to get to the point that we are at now but the cuckold hyno worked and he is now a slutty cuckold who does exactly what I tell him.

This is the roadmap to me being shared:

  • Have your first threesome, include your hubby, make it about both of you. You need to both feel comfortable and know what a threesome entails.
  • Have your hubby just watch from the corner of the room the next time.
  • Then have your hubby wait in another room and just listen to you having the best sex of your life.
  • Next, just leave your phone on and have him wait in the car and listen to you being fucked through your phone.
  • Now it’s time to have sex and just tell him about it after.
  • Have him clean you up and be your sloppy seconds after your bull leaves.
  • Now I have him hold my hand and stroke my hair while I fuck a nice, beautiful guy.

11. He Now Picks The Outfit I’ll Wear

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It’s got to the point where my husband helps me pick and buy lingerie and outfits that he knows the guys he shares me with will love. We buy them together in stores or online and even usually use his credit card to buy it. He likes knowing I am going to be all dressed up for my bulls whilst he gets me in my pajamas at best.

12. See How Many Hotwife Challenges You Can Complete

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Once my hubby was a hypnotized cuck, the next thing I did was look at the challenges page that Sarah created and we started ticking them off. The challenges gave us so many new ideas to try and it just secured us both even more to the fact that this was our life now and being a cuck and a hotwife was a part of our relationship.

Taking Care Of My Hubby

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My husband and I always make sure to lay out the rules, it’s really important to do this. For instance, I always make sure my hubby gets to cum, when I get to cum, whether that’s a few hours after I do because I am out or whether it’s as soon as my bull has left, he gets to cum. We also talk about everything that went down and I’m always completely honest with him and vice versa.

My husband wasn’t a cuckold at the start of our relationship but he really warmed to the idea. Maybe any guy can become a cuck if they have the right partner and a little bit of cuckold Hypno, let me know if it works on your hubby and your results.

Join us for even more cuckold and hotwife content inside of our membership. There’s so much for you to feast on and enjoy, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

I transformed my hubby into a cum loving sissy and now we have so much cuckolding fun, I am just glad he found his true self as now we can explore freely.


  1. I am a want a be cuckold already, I need help with opening my wife’s mind and getting her to understand what I need

  2. My wife is a pharmacist. She started giving me estrogen and testosterone blockers without me knowing about it. She said she wanted me to have hypnosis to stop smoking. The hypnosis wasn’t about stopping smoking it was about feminization. When I would wake up from the hypnosis session I couldn’t remember what happened. Suddenly I had the urge to wear her panties. She thought it was cute and sexy for me to wear her panties. She give me a BJ if I wore her panties. after a couple of months my nipples started to grow and become really sensitive. She’d suck my nipples and play with them and then we had sex but always with her on top. my breasts started to grow and she thought it would be cute if I wore a matching bra to her panties. Wearing a bra was a hypnosis trigger that put me into a trance and gave me so much pleasure. After a short time I really like wearing a bra. She bought silky sexy nightgowns for me to wear to bed. Then it was makeup, nail polish, perfume, a wig, body hair removal all toward making me more feminine. Every time she would introduce another feminisation step I liked it. Today I am her lesbian slave.

  3. I already have the desire to be cuckolded. Its getting my wife to go through with it is the problem.

    • I’m on the journey as well… some wives are hard to get started. My wife hasn’t cuckolded me in real life, but we have introduced toy play.
      I pleasure her with “Tyrone” an 8” black dildo quite often. I always whisper things like, Tyrone is what a real man feels like. Deep down I’ve seen the flicker in her eyes… I will keep you posted.

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