I Watched My Naked Wife Get Fucked By A Manly Man

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I am a ‘cuck’ and seeing a real man sleeping with my wife makes me so happy and so turned on. I know that there are men and women reading this who may not be like us, who don’t understand our lifestyle but it’s very much real and being turned on by seeing my wife sleeping with another man or even just hearing about it and seeing her pussy all used up, it doesn’t get much better than that for me.

My Wife Sarah Likes To Be Fucked Hard

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She never tells anyone this that she hooks up with because she does not like it to feel forced or fake, she doesn’t want her date to perform for her and it’s something that has to happen naturally or else the person she is sleeping with may put on a show which is a huge turn off for my wife.

When she meets up with her dates or her bulls she warns them prior to what she likes in the bedroom and they all tend to satisfy her in a way that I just can’t.

The thing is that I enjoy being made to feel worthless and humiliated by another man, knowing they are doing things to my wife I could only dream of, and if you’re a cuckold or even interested in cuckolding you will understand that and be on my level when I say it is the most thrilling thing ever.

I Never Satisfy Her Needs

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We were in a monogamous relationship before we started talking for years about the what if’s of opening our relationship and trying out something we both had always wanted to try. My wife in that time told me all about one of her biggest fantasies, to be fucked hard, not just hard because anyone could do that but in a way where it brought her so much pleasure, she couldn’t speak.

I’ve never been able to really fuck her as she wanted me too and I had never seen someone fuck her as she really wanted. My wife Sarah yearned for someone to fuck her in a way she had been dreaming of for years and although she kept it to herself I knew she was really intent on finding the person that could fulfill that fantasy for her.

The Guy Who Finally Gave Her What She Wanted

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My wife found the perfect guy online, he was a bull (a bull is a man who has sex with another man’s wife) and he wanted to meet up with my hot wife. She showed me all of his pictures, she showed me the dick pix he sent her and I actually marveled at how thick and long it was. My wife loves size play so even if he didn’t satisfy her fantasy, he would be satisfying her internally as she loves being all stretched out. (He stretched out my pussy).

She had been on a few solo dates with her new bull, they had built up some amazing chemistry, but hadn’t done anything but touch each other/kiss.
He was average height, not a bodybuilder type guy, he was just good looking and had real confidence about him. He was definitely my wife’s type and whenever she came back from meeting him she was always so full of life and desperate to tell me just how he had kissed her and how he had made her feel.

The Broken Rule (He Fucked Her In Our Bed)

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He lived kind of far away and some stuff happened to their hotel reservation that lead us to invite him to our home (Something we don’t really do often). My wife asked me to stay, she told me she wanted me to hear and see her fucking her bull and I was totally ok with that, I love touching myself to her moans and something told me that it was going to be one hell of an evening.

I was watching them in our room fooling around on our bed, something I was too horny to care about and once they started kissing her bull felt her body softly and started teasing her, whispering stuff in her ear, kissing her body, running his hands over her pussy and nipples.

He then started teasing her, making her beg and then he went down on her, it was so hot to watch.

He made her so wet, I’d never seen her like this before. He wouldn’t let her cum, he kept stopping before she got there, edging her to the point of orgasm and then stopping and going back to teasing her when he did finally let her cum it was explosive and my wife cried out in total bliss.

My Naked Wife Was A Wet Mess

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He got his cock out and told her that he was going to fuck her now. Her bull made her beg, he slid his big cock in and out of her putting more of his length in with each thrust.

He pinned both her hands down and he treated her like a fuck toy, he thrust deep, hard and fast inside of her and didn’t stop, didn’t cum, he just kept going while whispering that she was a good girl for taking all of his dick, she was a good girl for cumming all over his cock and all I could see and hear was her thong pushed to the side covered in her juices and the sound of her wet pussy being fucked and her moaning and begging him to not stop.

She came again and he whispered ‘did I tell you you could cum?’ and then said ‘I’m not done with you yet, do you understand?’.

It didn’t matter how hard, fast or deep he fucked her he didn’t cum and he was in full control of her and of himself.

I could see she was ready to cum again, but this time he whispered “good girl, you can cum now”, once she was done he then said, “I’m going to cum inside of you, okay?” She nodded at him and he came inside of her, pulled out, and said “come here, get on your knees and suck my cock clean”.

I was so hard it hurt, precum was dripping down my dick watching her with him. I’d never seen my wife Sarah like this before, it was like seeing a different woman. She was totally lost in the moment and completely succumbed to her bull’s powers, that’s when I realized he had fucked her exactly as she had always fantasized about and with that thought a lot I began to cum silently, desperate to feel her pussy after he was done with her.

She Lay There Naked And Trembling

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Once her hole was done with her he kissed her and left, leaving my wife in a huge wet patch, staring at the ceiling. It was magnificent, she was in heaven. I lay down next to her, stroking her naked body as she trembled with each touch.

We had to change all of the bedding because it was covered in what felt like a bucket of water. She had cum so much she had even soaked the mattress.

My wife turned to me later on that evening, once I had fucked her and felt her stretched pussy and she told me that he made her fantasy come true, he had finally fucked her how she had always envisioned and she couldn’t have imagined it going better. She also told me she loved seeing me getting off in the corner but admitted she forgot I was there because she was so lost in the moment.

Would you let your wife’s fantasies come true like this?

I'm the cuckold of cuckin.com. I write about my experiences sharing Sarah and about the things I learned. I've been a cuck for the past 4 years of our relationship, but have been studying this lifestyle for the past 10 years, when I first found out I got turned on by the idea of my partner being with other men.

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