My Girlfriend Begs Me To Use This Penis Extender

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Is a 4-inch dick really enough to make a woman cum?

Some hotwives and cuckolds ask themselves that question and then rush into the lifestyle, looking for a big penis without properly knowing the answer.

I knew a guy who rushed into cuckolding and it ruined his marriage.

In this guide, I will teach you how to find out if your wife/girlfriend could take and enjoy a massive cock without any of the risks.

You will also learn what it feels like to have an over 8-inch package and trust me as a guy with an average size penis this was game-changing.

Let’s talk about the method of my madness: the penis extender…

What Is A Penis Sleeve?

So, what is a penis extender/sleeve? A penis sleeve/extender is a condom-like dildo that goes over the top of your penis adding inches in length and circumference.

They are used to simulate fantasies, help men with below average/average penis size satisfy their partner and to stop premature ejaculation by eliminating stimulation of the male’s penis so that you can last longer in bed.

Why Penis Sleeves Are Worthless!

Lots of penis extenders SUCK! They are usually unusable pieces of garbage that sit in your bedside cabinet un-used for months.

However, despite finding so many of them to be useless there is one penis extender that I do use and it’s probably the only male toy I own that my girlfriend asks me to use at least once per week to use on her.

The Penis Extender My Girlfriend Begs Me To Use

What is the best extender we’ve used? Here it is…

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Price checked: I looked everywhere online and I found the best price for this penis extender on the  16/06/2024.

It doesn’t look like much, but once I put this on my erect penis it feels like I have a massive penis and the feeling of being able to wrap both my hands around my cock and still have inches to play with is impressive.

To give you an idea of the size, the dildo is 6 inches in length and 4.5 inches in circumference.

dildo inside penis extender

It adds the perfect length and circumference and honestly transforms an average dick into something every woman wants to try… even just once.

Why I Got This Sheath?

One night my girlfriend and I got a little drunk and we started talking about fantasies, we’re really open sexually so the conversations always get a little crazy.

She started telling me about one of her ex’s and she giggled as she talked about how large his member was.

My adrenaline went through the roof and I started asking her all kinds of questions.

This is when I found out that my girlfriend loved size play and that he was the first and only man to ever make her orgasm through penetration alone.

It sucked knowing I hadn’t done this for her, but also in a weird way it kinda turned me on. It gave me a kick to go searching for a sex toy or enhancement product and that’s when I found penis sleeves.

Fast forward buying and trying multiple extenders and that’s how we are where we are now.

The First Time We Used This Penis Extender

My girlfriend had been away for a few weeks with her family and I got horny one night and ordered the sleeve on LoveHoney It was my last attempt at trying one of these penis extenders, I didn’t hold up much hope for it and the next day it arrived.

I tried it on the second it arrived…Wow!

The circumference and length shocked me, it felt so real and gripped my penis like a condom and felt very natural.

It succeeded where all the others had failed.

I messaged my girlfriend and told her.

text messages to my girlfriend

She got back, we had a catch-up and within the hour I was going down on her.

Before she was about to cum she pulled me up, started kissing me and asked if we could try the ‘new toy?’.

I jumped up, got it and lubed up myself and the extender.

I didn’t know if it would fit inside of her, but one tiny push later and ‘pop’ it slid effortlessly inside her to the point every inch had disappeared.

I thrusted deeper and deeper, I still remember her moans.

Within what felt like seconds she let out one massive moan, covered her mouth and her body started trembling.

I didn’t stop, kept rhythm, she started squirting, not like how you see in movies, it was like she was leaking water and the orgasm went on for what felt like minutes.

She pulled me close and we passed out.

This was the day I found out my girlfriend loved size play and since then we use this exact extender at-least once per week.

A Message From My Girlfriend

girlfriend showing butt as she takes off her lingerie

*I just wanted to give you guys my input on the penis extender that my boyfriend bought.

It’s true that I LOVE size play, I guess I didn’t really realize it was a fetish of mine until we tried the extender. I knew I liked big dick but I didn’t realize that trying to push it into my tight vagina was an actual kink of mine.

Using this extender has changed our sex life, my boyfriend lasts way longer in bed, I can cum through penetration and feeling such a big cock inside of me is such a turn on. My boyfriend also really gets off on the idea of using big cock to pleasure me, it has given him a huge confidence boost. *

How To Use An Extender

So, how do you use a penis sleeve/extender?

Firstly, Apply a decent amount of lube to your erect penis (the water based-lube I use).

You then get the penis extender and push your erect penis inside of it, you can roll the extender up like a condom to make it easier or not it’s up to you.

You will usually get a weird sound from the air escaping the extender, but this is totally normal.

Next, you gently secure your balls inside the ball support, this makes sure the extender stays in place and doesn’t move about.

Finally, you apply more water-based lube to the extender and you gently push it inside of your partner.

Tips & Tricks

how to use a penis extender

If you want your wife/girlfriend to fall-in-love with the extender you need to do the following:

  • Make sure your partner is horny and turned on, make her cum before you use it. My girlfriend does come through penetration but making her cum before we even use the penis extender has the best results for us and makes her orgasm more intense the second time around.
  • You won’t even get the extender on your penis without a nice helping of this lube, so stock up and always be sure to lube yourself and the toy up before going near your wife’s pussy.
  • Blindfolding your partner will add a dash of kink in there, it will also mean you can put on the penis extender without her watching your every move, using a blindfold will also make it feel like she’s with a new man.

There you have it, one of the easiest ways to spice things up in the bedroom.

I’d love to hear from other men and women who have used penis extenders and see what you think.

Let me know in the comments!

I'm the cuckold of I write about my experiences sharing Sarah and about the things I learned. I've been a cuck for the past 4 years of our relationship, but have been studying this lifestyle for the past 10 years, when I first found out I got turned on by the idea of my partner being with other men.


  1. I have just ordered this extender, I can’t wait to use it. Thanks Jack, you really painted a picture there and I loved hearing what Sarah had to say about it too.

  2. We used this and it’s a game-changer. It felt like my partners cock was so much thicker and bigger, it felt so good inside of me. He also didn’t cum as quickly which was heavenly.

    • It really is one of my favorite toys to use with Jack, glad you liked it too! – Sarah <3

  3. Its a fantacy of mine to be a cuckold penis has srunk from 8 + imches to micripenis after my accident and broke mu back. … but now i can still cum from stimulation or have been sol playint with prostate with diffrent kunds of toys massagers and secretly i found the bbc dildos were best i came 8 times

  4. It was fun with my wife when I used the penis extender, and my wife Mona thanks you

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