Girlfriend [F24] Is Nervous About Being Shared, Would You Be Happy To Share Her?

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I’ve always wanted to share my girlfriend.

We’ve talked about it loads, but for some reason she’s worried that a guy woud be disapointed and wouldn’t want to sleep with her.

Could you let her know if you’d be happy to share her with me. She will read all the comments and you might be the difference between her becoming a hotwife.

What Do You Think Of The Biggest Dick My Wife Has Had Inside Her?

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My wife is a size queen, put simply the bigger the better.

I shared her a few times with pretty hung men, but the second she found this guy, she made him her boyfriend.

He is the biggest she’s ever had and the noises she makes when they have sex is unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

He also lets me watch and film, which is amazing.

Let me know what you think of my wife and her bull.

Hotwife [F46] Looking For A Bull In Florida (Gotta Let My Hubby Watch)

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My wife [F46] and myself [m39] are looking for a bull around the Florida area.

We can travel and are happy to cover hotel costs.

My wife likes guys who are above average (cock size), clean and dress smart.

We’re also interested in couples who want to try swapping.

Let us know in the comments and you could always flatter my wife with a rate to let her know what you think of her.

If it gets enough rates, she will do more.

My Wife Says Thank You!

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My wife is back again, you are all so amazing, she can’t get over the fact that hundreds of people have rated her pictures and actually think she’s hot.

We took some images tonight right before we had sex.

Something about sharing these images has made her a wet mess, we’ve had more sex the last week than ever before.

We talked about it and she told me that she loves the idea of people masturbating over her and she also can’t believe so many men would happily sleep with her.

Thank you so much Cuckin and all the people who rated and commented <3

My Wife Wants To Share More (Before & After)

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You guys are freaking amazing.

The ratings and the comments you left have completely changed my wifes mindset.

She’s more confident and asked me to take more pictures and upload them.

You’ve helped her unlock her inner woman and she’s been more slutty than in our whole marriage.

She started flashing me in public, taking more nudes and has been a lot more wild in the bedroom.

We did a complete before and after, with/without clothes, I hope you enjoy.

My Wife Is Shy And Very Unconfident, What Do You Think?

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My wife is super shy about her body, she always has been.

She loves the idea of a threesome, but she’s really self consious.

She’s the hottest woman I’ve ever been with, she thinks I just say it to be kind.

What do you think? I’ll show her your rating, hopefully it will help her gain some confidence.

This is the first time she’s shared any type of nude before, so please go easy.

Would You?

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Wife back again, we’re at my place this time.

We’re still looking for someone to open things up with, just the idea of having a new lover has made my wifes sex drive go even higher and seeing the ratings has made her want to share more.

So, would you be interested in fucking my wife?

If you could fuck her, how would you do it? Hard, soft? Would you use a condom? She really wants to know.

The more details the better.

What Do You Think Of My [f28] Wife (& My Car)?

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We’ve been bored recently and decided to drive to a quite desert road and have some fun.

My hotwife loves getting naked, we both love going to nudist beaches and she loves seeing men look at her tight body.

Probably didn’t have to say this, but after this we had a beautiful quickie up against the car as the sun set, what did I find out? Sunsets and the outdoors make my wife really, really wet.

Let her know what you think of her, did she make your cock rise?

Where Would You Start With MY Wife [F34]?

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My wifes pussy and ass is so freaking hot that it would be rude if I didn’t share it.

What would you do to her? Where would you start?

She loves anal and she loves anything thick inside her pussy.

She’s got a really high sex drive, I’ve been thinking about sharing her with another man for a while, she really wants too, but it’s so hard to find the right guy.

My sex drive can’t keep up with sex 2 – 3 times per day, having someone to jump in and help me would be really hot.

My Wife Showing Off Before Dinner, What Do You Think?

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My wife is in her late thirties, she enjoys playing tennis with her girlfriends on the weekends and going on lunch dates.

She loves teasing me before we go to dinner and we wanted to share our last collection of photos with you. What do you think of her?

Would you fuck my wife? Would you make me watch?