List of Cuckold & Hotwife Resources

If you didn’t know, I’m Jack and my girlfriend, Sarah and I have been part of the Lifestyle (swinging, cuckolding and hotwifing) for 2 years in practice and 4 years as a lurker wanting to try but being too scared.

It has taken me years to put together this amazing list of everything you need to become a Cuckold & Hotwife lover and I created it with everyone in mind, from beginners to advanced and even the people who’re just interested in keeping it as a fantasy.

This is an ever growing list and it’s updated constantly if you have any ideas please share them in the comments, myself and Sarah read every one.

Cuckold Friendly Dating Sites

Finding the right guy to share your wife with is one of the hardest parts about cuckolding and that’s why I’m sharing some of the places I use to find cuckold friendly dates, the winner has to be:

Adult Friend Finder

By far the best dating if you’re looking for men.

We get around 90% of our cuckolding and threesomes using Adult Friend Finder.

There are loads of men, most will send a nude and will meet quickly, sometimes you need to travel, but on a whole, it’s one of the best cuckold dating sites around.

Here are some of the other platforms I’ve had successful hookups on:


We’ve had one cuckold hookup and we arranged one threesome using Tinder.

It’s great for Hotwife conversations, but the audience is a little childish and very flaky when it comes to cuckolding.

Reddit (the Reddits we used)

We used Reddit to research everything at the start and then used it for dating.

It’s not bad, however, it does involve more risk as you have to send pictures and it can sometimes be hard to find people in your area.

I use Reddit to find particular men, for example, to find hung men, that have an understanding of cuckolding and will follow your exact rules.

They are like unicorns to find, but we’ve found a few and after years still have contact and still meet up for fun.

Ashely Madison (Perfect For HotWife)

You can’t use it for threesomes, but you can use it for hotwife.

Sarah had always got turned on at the idea of cheating and going on Ashely Madison turns her on, she’s only met one man on a private date, but from the texts she sent me and the story she told me after it was incredibly hot and one of her favorite sex experiences.

We’re still new to Ashely and due to its bad rap we’re taking it slow, so I will have to update once we’ve had a few more experiences.

If you want our full list of cuckold dating sites, it’s here.

Cuckold Friendly Sex Toys

Did you know your wife can cuckold you using just toys?

She can and trust me it’s amazing! Here are the exact sex toys Sarah uses to cuckold me:

  • Sex Machine

Sarah and I use this sex machine to simulate threesomes.

I turn the lights low, insert it and then have her suck my c**k while this machine does perfect, deep strokes hitting her g-spot every time.

It makes her cum like a charm and is

It took us a while to save up for that sex machine and while we were saving we found a toy mount that holds any of Sarah’s sex toys and simulates the same thing.

This toy mount + A thrusting dildo = an amazing cuckold experiences.

  • Penis Sleeve

Like most women, Sarah has a thing for hung men.

I have an average size penis and it kind of sucked that I’d never been able to hit the spot like her ex’s, so I researched and tested loads of penis extenders until I found this one.

It adds 3 inches in length and makes my cock fat enough to make Sarah cum.

Using this extender was the first time I made Sarah cum during penetration and it’s become one of our most used sex toys.

You can read about my exact experience using this penis sleeve here.

  • Ejaculating Dildos

Sarah just wrote a post explaining her search to find the best ejaculating dildo and boy am I happy she started this journey.

We’ve used this ejaculating dildo to simulate just about every fantasy.

Sometimes she uses it and makes me watch.

Sometimes she uses it and makes it cum before I’m allowed inside her.

My favorite is using it with a strap-on and seeing Sarah go wild with this 7″ beast inside her and then to have the power to fill her with realistic cum and see her go weak at the knees, it’s so damn hot.

Highly recommend!

  • Strap-Ons

Sarah and I have been testing out chastity and a great tool to have is this Vac-U-Strap-on.

Using a strap on as a guy is unreal.


Well, all the attachments are designed to stimulate every part of your partner’s pussy.

Putting on a strap-on, having a good rhythm and speed and you will make your wife cum.

It’s also another way to let your wife experience different sizes inside her without actually doing it.

  • Large Dildos

Sarah uses large dildos to hit the places I can’t reach.

If your partner enjoys size, don’t hold back, see how she acts with one of these large dildos, it’s incredible.

  • Love Eggs

Sarah and I have a naughty game.

After a few drinks, she pops this remote control love egg in and we go to a club.

It takes minutes for me to see a change, then before I know it she’s dancing with other men in a horny mist as wet as you can imagine.

These love eggs are great for foreplay, public play, and use before you share your wife, they get them wet and ready for anything.

Cuckold Chastity

I’m new to chastity, but after speaking to a few cuckolds who swear by it I decided to give it a try.

For a few weeks, I tested chastity devices and Sarah role-played with me.

It was HOT, I wasn’t allowed to cum, she made me watch while she had sex with another man and she only let me near her to clean up and use my tongue or use the strap-on.

I tested a few chastity devices and the best I found was this cock cage.

It was perfect and I highly recommend it to cuckolds who enjoy chastity.


We use condoms with strangers 99% of the time.

Sarah really hates condoms so once we get to know someone she uses askes them to stop using them, usually, this is after we know them well enough to do ask to do an STD test.

If you don’t get this close or have the confidence to ask for them to get tested, don’t risk it.

For cuckolding I recommend these condoms:

You won’t find them at a better price and these are the only two condoms I buy. I always keep them in our overnight bag and Sarah takes two of both everywhere she goes.


Use your favorite lubrication just make sure it’s condom safe.

I swear by this water-based lube for sex toys and vaginal sex and this lube for anal sex.

This is all Sarah and I use and I highly recommend both of them.

Cum Lube

If you have a cum fetish you can get some of this cum lube, it’s realistic, an amazing price, and perfect for ejaculating dildos, role-play cheating/threesome/cuckolding.

Cuckold Porn

man and woman hugging while husband films

I got sick of fake cuckold/hotwife and swinger porn so I decided to create our cuckold membership with real cuckold stories, gifs, pictures, captions, and texts.

We also have a cuckold forum that’s coming soon and will help you find dates and others in the lifestyle.

Another option for cuckold porn is Reddit and Tumblr.

You can check the best hotwife & cuckold Reddit pages for porn here.

There are lots of real stories, pictures, and videos, it’s enough to make any cuck horny.

Cuckold BDSM Kit

cuckold bdsm kit

Whether you want your wife to be tied up so her new lover can do as he pleases or you want to be tied up and gaged yourself so you can watch helplessly as your wife fucks another man.

Either way, you need a good quality BDSM kit.

The best BDSM kit I’ve used is the LoveHoney all you need a kit with 20 BDSM pieces, it has everything you could ever need for BDSM play.

Most of you won’t need a kit that big.

For the basics I recommend this cuckold BDSM kit, it comes with cuff restraints for legs and arms, a ball gag, flogger, blindfold, and collar with leash. The quality of this kit is second to none and is something every cuckold overnight bag should have.

I'm the cuckold of I write about my experiences sharing Sarah and about the things I learned. I've been a cuck for the past 4 years of our relationship, but have been studying this lifestyle for the past 10 years, when I first found out I got turned on by the idea of my partner being with other men.