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When Jack and I were starting our cuckold/hotwife journey Reddit was the main resource we used to explore, share and use to find HotWife content.

I’ve spent the last month putting together a list of the best Cuckold/Hotwife Sub-Reddits and posts that all wife lovers need to see.

  • Dating
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Stories
  • Guides

I update this list every week and always look at comments for new sub-Reddits for users to follow, so comment below your most-visited.

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The Best Reddit Hotwife & Cuckold Communities

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Let’s begin this curated list of the finest hotwife and cuckold sub-Reddits.

This Hotwife Reddit is one of the biggest with over 285k subscribers and is perfect for finding lovers, sharing/viewing hotwives and asking questions about the lifestyle.

At the beginning of my hotwife journey, I was really nervous so my boyfriend and I decided to use this subreddit to meet guys I could have webcam sex with, text and then eventually meet once I was comfortable.

My boyfriend and I read it together for ideas and we do get off quite a alot when reading it.

We also have some people from this subreddit tell their stories in more detail, which you can find on our cuckold story page.

r/Cuckold: Over 200k Members.

If you’re looking for more of a cuckold experience then r/cuckold is the go-to cuckold subreddit with over 200k subscribers.

Again, it’s perfect for starting your cuckold journey, it’s easy to ask questions, find other cuckolds/bulls and is amazing for cuckold porn.

r/Wifesharing: Over 330k Members.

Wife sharing has over 330k subscribers and is a gold mine for cuckold and hotwife content.

It’s pretty similar to the sub-reddits above, but with even more content.

r/WouldYouFuckMyWife: Over 230k Members.

If you read this blog you will know one of my favorite parts of group sex and cuckolding Jack (my boyfriend) is voyeurism.

I love being watched, having all eyes on me and getting men off.

WouldYouFuckMyWife has over 230k subscribers and is where I and many others have their husband share their nude images in exchange for peoples feedback.

Share your wife or just enjoy the thousands of pictures of husbands who’ve shared their wives photos, either way, it’s a must see and one of my favorite Reddits.

r/wifepictrading: Over 40k Members.

Picture trading is another wife picture sharing Reddit I frequent, it’s a little less popular than would you fuck my wife, but has a different concept.

Basically, you meet people and trade nude images, I’ve actually got some penpals and some of my best sexts have been using this Reddit.

My boyfriend loves finding other men and swapping my nudes with them, it then leads to swapping contact so I talk to the men and Jack talks to the wives.

r/slutwife: Over 100k Members.

If you’re a slutwife like me or have a slutwife that you want to share then you will love this Reddit.

It’s filled with threesomes, creampies cuckolding, hotwifing and sharing.

Everything from sharing wives, to wives being passed around during threesomes and one of my personal favorites wives getting their first taste of BIG cock.

r/Swingersgw: Over 110k Members.

I always find the swinging community better than the cuckold community for finding dates that don’t flake.


The men I’ve found from swinging are experienced, understanding and easy going, they completely understand cuckolding/hotwife and can be moulded to please both myself and my hubby.

Whereas the men myself or Jack have found through cuckolding do usually flake and rarely materialize into a date.

r/HotWifeRequests: Over 49k Members.

I sometimes go here on my own and post a few requests.

It’s fun to see what’s around in your State/City and I’ve had some interesting conversations.

Nothing has materialized for us using this sub-reddit, but it’s still somewhere I check out every once and a while.

You can also rate hotwives here on cuckin.

r/cuckquean: Over 113k Members.

Something for the ladies out there.

This Reddit is a must for any cuckquean!

I have to admit when I first started exploring myself sexually with my boyfriend Jack I only really wanted to add men to our relationship.

However, once I ventured onto this Reddit a little spark went off and a new kink was created, where I love seeing Jack f**k cuckcakes while I get made to watch and get given orders.

I have this Sub-Reddit to thank for that.

r/workgonewild: Over 350k Members.

If you have a fantasy of your wife being wild at the office then you will love this.

It’s filled with men and women showing their naughty side at their workplace.

r/hotwifetexts: 41k Members.

Want to see what a night looks like as a HotWife? These texts will give you an idea!

We also have a page of hotwife texts from real couples and I release mine and Jack’s texts in our membership if you’re interested.

r/Hotwifecaption: Over 25k Members.

If you like hotwife captions you can try our hotwife caption page with real pictures from real couples.

You can get our explicit captions if you join our membership :).

r/cuckoldcaptions: Over 47k Members.

Go to this sub-reddit for cuckold captions.

You can also check out the cuckold captions from myself and Jack and the people who joined the Cuckin community.

r/HotWifeLifestyle: Over 41K Members.

This is a sub for discussions about the lifestyle.

Anything from pictures to experiences, advice and guides.

You can learn a lot about training a Hotwife or as a woman getting your man to want you to be a HotWife.

The community is really active and pretty friendly which always helps.

r/happycuckold: Over 32k Members.

Is another cuckold community that’s worth checking out. Not as active as some, but still worth a look.

r/wifeshare: Over 26k Members.

This Reddit so for all the lucky women who have amazing husbands who enjoy sharing them!

A wonderful place to show off how sexy and amazing your wife is.

CuckoldPregnancy: Over 19k Members

If you’re looking for breeding porn, cuckold pregnancies and advice about breeding then you need to checkout Cuckold Pregnancy.

It’s one of the best breeding porn sub-reddits around.

I actually love this subreddit and I forgot to mention till AstaSilva reminded me in the comments. 💗

These are the must-see subs, now we’re moving onto some random ones my boyfriend and I love.

Wifelovers & Cheating Sub-Reddits:

Here are the best Reddit pages for people who enjoy posting/consuming wifelover and cheating content.

r/cheatingwives: Over 68k Members.

Jack and I have played with consensual cheating and it’s a massive turn on.

We found this subreddit has some of the best cheating stories, pictures and videos of any cheating page.

Be warned it makes you want to cheat or at-least send some naughty pictures out to some hot men ;).

r/amateurgirlsbigcocks: Over 147k Members.

In all honesty this is my go-to porn page for when Jacks out of town.

This sub-reddit + my large vibrator = 💦💦💦

If you know me or read cuckin you will already know that I LOVE LARGE packages!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a sex toy or the real thing, I just love feeling completely filled up and seeing it on this subreddit gets me off every time!

r/CheatingSluts: Over 54k Members.

Cheating sluts is another sub we love.

It has a really active community, a lot of the content is cuckold/hotwife related, however, this isn’t a place to ask for advice, this is a place to share/view cheating content.

r/gwcumsluts: Over 315k Members.

If you read the blog you will know I have a cum fetish, well it’s less of a fetish and more of a craving.

I find when Jack or another lover cums in my pussy, mouth or over my body it makes me feel complete and this sub is set up for women who have the same idea and love for cum.

r/gonewildcouples: Over 219k Members.

Another of my go-to subs for masturbation.

It’s everything you could want from a SuU

r/BBCSluts: Over 98k Members.

You know I shared my love for the reddit ‘amaturegirlsbigcocks’?

Well, this is my other guilty pleasure, I love BBC and find the videos and pictures on this sub to be hard to resist.

If your wife is on the edge of trying a BBC this will definitely push her over that edge.

r/Threesome: Over 47k Members.

This sub is amazing for finding other couples that are down for threesomes.

It’s also one of the best places to go for Threesome advice and if you like pics/gifs of threesomes you will be in heaven!

r/AmateurWifes: Over 75k Members.

Show your wife some appreciation and share your best pictures of her on AmatuerWifes.

It’s real wives being shown in all of their glory.

Maybe when Jack wifes me up I’ll post something special here 💦😉.

r/WeddingRingsShowing: Over 77k Members.

Jack goes nuts for this Sub-Reddit. It’s all about wife sharing, hotwives, cuckold and couple sex all with married women who are all showing off their gorgeous wedding rings.

Jack and I use the above subs to get off, they aren’t all directly linked to cucking or hotwifing, but they scratch that same itch.

Best HotWife/Cuckold Dating Reddits

These are the Reddit Personals that we use to find the perfect cuckold/hotwife dates, all you need to do is post what you’re looking for, your area and the date you’re available.

r/dirtyr4r: Over 226k Members.

r/hotwifeUK: 2.6k Members.

r/bigdicklovers: Over 28k Members.

sr/swingersr4r: Over 59k Members

r/r4rDFW: Over 9.4k Members.

r/CuckoldPersonals: Over 21k Members.

I used to use Reddit to find lovers, I met a few amazing men and some sex penpals, however, I now use any of these dating sites, as a woman you can literally have your pick of guys (plus, there are lots of hung men). I’ve also started using the hotwife side of Twitter, it’s pretty epic (list of hotwife Twitter profiles).

If you’re into cuckolding/hotwifing lots of the guys using Reddit or the dating sites mentioned in the list are really understanding and will accommodate, even let you film/take pictures of them with your wife.

So, there you have it.

That’s a Reddit resources page every cuck would be proud of.

Everything cuckold reddit you need to explore the kink, start dating, masturbate and learn if you really are a cuckold.

If you have a recommendation or you want to promote your cuckold/hotwife reddit account leave it in the comments below.

If you want to see more of me, head to my girlfriend, that’s where I put all the sex toys I use and my sexual experiences.

Have an amazing day! Sarah <3

I'm Sarah, I'm the hotwife of this blog. I share my stories and experiences of being a hotwife for the past 4 years, the ups the downs and how it affected my relationship.


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