Romantic sex with my ex-boyfriend while my hubby was at home

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When my husband Jack and I laid out all of our rules before we began our cuckold journey we had a strict rule put in there and that was that exes were off-limits. We both considered there to be too much baggage between an ex and bringing them into your new relationship would just be a bad idea. We lived by that rule for a long time but judging by the title of this article, things obviously changed for us momentarily but believe me when I say there was a good reason and this wasn’t just like sleeping with any old ex.

If you don’t know anything about our blog, my husband and I ventured into this incredible world after many years of talking about it and wanting to try it out. It has been the best thing for us and being able to have so many new experiences to talk about led us to talk about it with our readers as openly as possible. Today it’s time for you to read all about me breaking one of our few rules, sleeping with my ex, and my husband knows all about it.

Jack loves hearing about my past romantic sex experiences

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Jack asking me questions about my past sexual relationships and getting off on them is one of the reasons we found out that he may be a cuckold. He would get off to these stories of me being fucked by other men and he would get so hard and he would cum so hard that it was impossible to ignore.

Since finding this out and even since embarking into a cuckold lifestyle we still love to do this. I will tell my husband about all of my sexual experiences and get him off by teasing him and telling him how good they were, he gets so turned on when I tell him how much better they were compared to him.

I usually give Jack a handjob whilst talking all about getting fucked by my ex’s, especially my last ex who had one of the most beautiful big, fat cocks I’ve ever had inside me, you should have seen it :O

My Ex Sent Me A Message

Out of the blue, my ex sent me a text, I have had the same number since forever and to be quite honest I had forgotten I even had his number still on my phone. I had to re-read it a few times, I couldn’t believe he would reach out to me that easily. We ended on good terms but still, messaging an ex is still a pretty out-there thing to do. This is the text he sent me and what I sent back:

romantic texts to my boyfriend

Organizing coffee was an innocent thing to do, there’s no crime in that. Old friends just catching up, I knew Jack wouldn’t mind, and besides, he loves hearing about this ex in particular. Why? well, keep on reading.

What you should know about my ex

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He wasn’t really my type personality-wise, but in the bedroom, we connected on every level. He would make me cum again and again until I was drained of all my body fluids. Our compatibility out of the bedroom sucked, we just were not meant for each other but as soon as we were naked and in that bed, you would have thought we were made for one another. He had a really big dick, something I love (read my size queen article), he knew how to use it and he knew how to make me cum again and again, aside from that though we were always better off as friends.

Jack Let Me Meet Up With Him

I could not resist meeting with him and after remembering some of the best sex I had ever had with him and after speaking to Jack we decided I should go on a coffee date to get some “closure” and to just check upon him and his life.

I was suddenly was very nervous and excited to see my ex, I knew it was just for coffee but I had a rush of emotions overwhelm me, my pussy was fluttering with desire for this cock once again and I knew I had to control myself.

The day we met up

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I was so nervous and I knew it was so irrational and stupid but I couldn’t help it. I was a different woman now and I could appreciate his big dick a whole lot more if I saw it again but I knew I had to get those thoughts out of my head.

I put on my cutest outfit, I wore a little thong, and I didn’t wear a bra.
I wasn’t going to put out I just wanted to be a tease him, he would be shocked to see me so confident and he used to love my tits to see them braless in the cold coffee shop, I knew would drive him wild and I just wanted to make him horny. What can I say?

Jack knew my plans but he didn’t mind, he got off on it and he wanted me to get the closure I needed and he wanted me to show myself off to someone who had given me so many orgasms and fuelled many orgasms for my husband too as I jerked him off telling him some of the tales from the past.

When I saw him sitting there in the coffee shop all of the sexual feelings came flooding back. There was a huge sexual tension between us, we both felt it and it was obvious to anyone who had been sitting around us. There were sexual jokes, innuendos, hints and we even started talking about one of our best nights having sex.

I was so close to just sucking his dick in the coffee shop toilets, if we had enough privacy he would have been in my mouth :O

Telling Jack Everything While I Touched His Dick

When I got home Jack asked me everything about my coffee date with my ex, I told him how much sexual tension there was and whilst we still would never ever get on as a couple, there was something so strong there sexually between us.

I got Jack on our bed and began touching his dick, he was already hard from me telling him just how much I had been fantasizing about sucking my exes big dick. I told him every part of the story, how much my nipples trembled as my shirt stroked against them, how he couldn’t take his eyes off of my body, and how he would have fucked me senseless then and there if we could have had the chance.

Finally Getting The Romantic Sex I Craved

We kept texting each other after we met for coffee. Jack encouraged me to subtly tell him about our situation and how we aren’t monogamous. It was great opening up and as I figured he was turned on by how my relationship now worked. There was a ton of chemistry between us, we were both so horny and lusting for one another, a few nudes got sent to one another and luckily he was still as hung as I remembered.

sexy texts to my ex boyfriend

We arranged to meet, Jack actually encouraged me to do it. He wanted me to tell him everything when I got home, he was excited for me to fuck an old flame, knowing how much it turned me on and feeling left out was his dream come true.

I went to my exes place, I wore a really cute tight dress, I made sure to wear a red thong, his favorite color and as I was getting ready I felt how wet I was, my pussy was having butterflies and she just couldn’t wait to feel that big dick once again.

I kissed Jack goodbye and he lay waiting for me to return, he wanted to fuck me after as I told him how my ex fucked me. I left him with a raging boner, I got into the Uber and I headed to my exes place. I was so turned on, I could barely think straight.

Getting To My Ex’s House

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I arrived and we barely talked, we practically jumped one another. I usually use condoms, but he was my ex and I just wanted to feel every part of him and it’s not complete without a little or a lot of cum. Plus Jack asked me to not to wear one.

He was fucking me and using me as his personal slut, just like he always had done. Parting my legs and stretching me out with his big dick, when he first slid himself inside of me I could have died it felt so good and my body felt like it was on fire with desire.

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He always loved fucking me in doggy style and playing with my ass. He was so good at doing deep, sensual thrusts, and feeling him doing it once again made me tremble with pleasure and cum again and again just as I had always done with him.

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He made sure to fill up my pussy with his cum again and again before finishing for the final time on my tits. We both high fived one another, agreeing that other sex rarely came close to ours, it was amazing. I went home, my legs still trembling, his cum still drying on my chest and between my legs.

Getting Home To My Horny Husband

I practically ran up the stairs to Jack who was laying on our bed, his boner out for me, and waiting to hear all about it. I then fucked him and while he was teasing me and playing with my body he got out every detail about how my ex fucked me. He asked how he did it and then acted it out on me ‘did he fuck you like this?’… ‘yes… fuck… yesss’.

It really turned Jack on knowing what he did to me and he could tell when I was reliving what had just happened how wet it was making me.

It was an incredible moment and one of the best experiences of my life having my ex fuck me like that and then my husband getting off on it once I was home. I love our lifestyle, I am living the dream.

I'm Sarah, I'm the hotwife of this blog. I share my stories and experiences of being a hotwife for the past 4 years, the ups the downs and how it affected my relationship.


  1. Its my ultimate fantasy to do with my wife. Trying to convince her. Untill now she revealed if she was single she eill fuck her ex again.

  2. I need my wife to do this lol

    • If your wife tries it, let us know, maybe you could share the story – Sarah <3

  3. Sarah what an amazing story concerning your EX. I am from the camp that feels women that are truly loved should have complete sexual freedom. That freedom includes fucking anyone you wish, when. where and so on. Don’t you feel that it would be wonderful if you could continue to have that huge cock once in a while if opportunity presents itself ? Jack is the husband you love and need in your life, I doubt any huge cock can change that.

  4. What a wonderful way to relive old memories. Doggie has always been my favorite. But my wife’s bull now keeps my wife satisfied most of the time. Being that I’m female led by my wife, I have no say as to when I get her. That’s always up to her.

  5. Fantastic, done the almost the same with two of my five ex
    Love to lick cumm out of wife’s body
    Only difference I am bisex and I am in the room too.

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