I Converted His Shy Wife Into My Own Personal Slut

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This is a submission from a ‘bull’ friend of ours who we reached out too. He has lots of experience with shy wives and newbie cuckolds and so we knew he would be the perfect person to write this piece. We hope you enjoy it!

I am a bull, it’s no secret, most of my friends know about it and I assume my family does too. I am not shy about it, although I was was once upon a time but now I just enjoy it, it’s just a part of me and being able to do the thing I love with no judgment from myself is powerful and it’s something I want other bulls, cuckolds and hotwives to learn too and that’s why I wanted to talk to you today about a shy wife that I met and converted into a total slut.

I Saw A Post On Reddit “Help with my shy wife”

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The post was on one of the subreddits that I frequent, I have met people from there before and it had always gone well and when I messaged this couple they were really friendly and just my type. They were in my city, so I decided to ask if they wanted my help. They agreed that they would love to meet me and they explained to me that they had never done anything like it before and they wanted someone who could understand that.

We started slow, I got to know them. She didn’t want solo dates, she didn’t want to go for drinks, she wanted a safe place to play with a new man.

She explained her fears to me and he explained his own too, I talked them both through the process and they were both clearly very open to the idea, they just needed a confidence boost. She told me that she was worried about her body (it was beautiful) and about being judged by a new man in front of her husband. I could see just how much they both wanted this, we just needed them to crack their own shell.

As the days went by and we all became more relaxed with one another talk turned sexual, they were both really awkward at first but once we got things going through the phone I could hear just how turned on they both were and I knew this was going to be some oft he best fun we had all had in a while if I could just get them to relax in real life.

I’ve Helped Many Shy Couples Take The First Step

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I’ve helped a lot of couples take their first steps, this wasn’t my first rodeo. I enjoy the thrill of helping out a new couple and as someone who used to be shy myself, I’ve found I can relate to their worries, understand their needs, and find ways to take away the awkwardness that’s there in the first few hotwife experiences.

It’s a great feeling helping a newbie out and I often get recommended on forums as someone who can help out a couple looking to get into the cuckold world. Sometimes couple finds that it isn’t for them once they actually speak to a bull but other times and way more often than not they realize it’s not as scary as they thought and I am just a real person at the end of the day looking for fun as much as they are.

A Threesome Was Her Biggest Fantasy

He told me that his wife had always wanted to try a threesome, but she’s always been too scared to try it out. The only chance they got was with a close friend and they could not risk him keeping it a secret. We decided then that all three of us would be involved during our first meeting, it would allow them both to feel more comfortable and it would tick off her threesome fantasy.

He explained to me how he has a love for cuckolding but he has never known how to pursue it, he wanted to slowly ease his way into the lifestyle and make sure his wife was comfortable too. I knew exactly what we were going to do at the point I just needed to get his wife to tell me exactly what she wanted from her first hotwife experience and we could begin to arrange a date.

Getting His Wife To Open Up

All of the info on how I got her to open up is at the bottom of this article. However, this just a quick breakdown on how I got her to open up to me and have her really come out of her shy shell. Her husband was way more open than she was and I wanted her to feel just as comfortable with doing this:

  • I explained to her that it’s just sexual pleasure at the end of the day.
  • I got her to tell me all of her fantasies and what she wanted from being a hotwife. I learned that it was a major fantasy of hers, she just didn’t know how to go about it.
  • She didn’t want to go on any ‘dates’ but we did talk a lot over the phone and got to know one another a lot better.
  • I talked to her about wha I do and why I love it so much.

Over the course of a few weeks I really got her to open up to me by being confident, knowledgable and understanding of her desires and before we all knew it, it was time for the inital soft wife swap, although things didn’t excactly go according to plan.

I Could Feel How Much She Wanted This

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We met at a hotel, seeing them in person was great, she was perfect and I could see straight away that being a cuckold was in his blood. They were a great couple and they were both very ready for this soft swap which is something I like to do with shy couples that way things don’t go too far and they are made to feel comfortable and they can they discuss if they really liked it or not.

She smelt amazing, she was clean, cute, visibly awkward and shy, but that look and feel turns me on, nothing beats a shy hotwife.

Not too much talking was had, just how they wanted it and we were back inside of the hotel room, it was dark (they made it dark) and I made my move, we were meant to soft swap first, this means kissing, touching and if it all goes okay I might fondle the shy hotwife through her clothes.

The soft swap didn’t happen to go down like that, we started kissing on the bed and before I know it she was sucking my cock while her boyfriend looked at me. Her blowjob skills were amazing, I could barely speak it all happened so fast. It’s almost like her craving doing this for so long mixed with adrenaline, made her shyness go away and allowed her to unleash the woman inside of she had always wanted to be.

I could feel her heart pumping fast, so I picked her up and laid her down, pulled up her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and I started going down on her. Her pussy was dripping before I even touched it and I could feel it throbbing. She didn’t make a noise as I licked and slurped at her pussy.

Going Inside His Wife For The First Time

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I made eye contact with her husband who was perched on the end of the bed, unbuttoning his wife’s shirt and pulling out her breasts, her eyes were firmly closed as she bucked her pussy against my tongue. She began moaning softly, clearly unable to contain herself any more.

I didn’t expect my evening to go that way, I had no idea this shy hotwife would open up so much. She was so lost in the passion of the moment that she did something I didn’t dream of happening that night. She sat up, pulling my head away from her dripping pussy, I thought she was asking me to stop but she pulled for my pants and grabbed hold of my cock again before laying down and pulling me ontop of her.

Her husband had unbuttoned his own pants and was now playing with his small cock, he was getting off to this, his fantasy being fullfilled so unexpectdly.

shy wife having sex with man on bed

I parted her legs, I began kissing at her neck before slowly sliding my cock inside of her. Her pussy gripped at my cock as I began to thrust, she moaned softly and once she was comfortable I got faster, thrusting my cock in and out of this shy hotwife who had completely come out of her shell.

It Was Meant To Be A Threesome

After this initial meeting (the soft swap) we were meant to have a threesome but all of that had gone out of the window as soon as she disregarded the soft swap. She was too much in the zone and forgot to suck her husband’s cock despite it being so close to her face, she was lost in being fucked by me and just pulled me closer, moaning and gripping onto my body while I fucked her.

I Think I ‘Broke’ His Wife

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She told me to stop as she got onto all fours, her husband watched her as she bent down and seperated her legs for me, her ass was sensational and her pussy could have been in a magazine. I was a lucky guy and I knew her husband was having more fun watching this than he would have been enjoying the sex with us.

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She thrust herself onto my cock, clearly begging me silently to fuck her harder, I did as her body language told me to do and gripped onto her hips, fucking her hard and hearing my balls slap against her.

doggy style

She was squirming underneath my body, moaning and breathing heavily and before I knew it she started cumming super hard. I turned to her husband and he was blushing whilst jerking himself off, it turns out she had never cum from PIV sex before.

By the time I was done with this not so shy hotwife anymore she must have lost liters of water, her pussy was so wet and she had become multi-orgasmic and all you could hear was me thrusting into her deep pussy. Her husband had also come various times, I could see him jerking all over himself and he even let out little moans as he came.

Luckily, I Have Self Control

I have learned over the years to hold off on cumming, but this was hard, seeing a shy wife slowly open up in front of my eyes and seeing her get lost in pleasure and her taking my whole dick. Feeling her tight pussy grip my cock as she was cumming again and again, it was hard.

I wanted my cum shot to be perfect and so I told her to get to her knees and I stood up and pushed my cock into her mouth and down her throat, she looked at me, her tongue out and eyes wide as I fucked her throat, gripping her head as I did so before finally giving in and filling her throat with my cum before pulling out and letting her lick off the remains of my jizz. She did so eagerly before wiping her mouth and turning to her uhsband who was a sweaty, sticky mess.

The Next Time

I kept speaking with her husband in the days after our meeting, he told me that they had sex after I left and it was the best sex of his entire life and like most of the newbie cuckolds I had met he marveled at feeling his wife’s pussy after I had used it up. A few days after the soft swap went wrong he told me that it was a little awkward and hard to talk about, but they had a moment and everything came out about that evening and she wanted to try it with me again and so did he.

Seeing Every Part Of His Wife

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The second time she really gave every part of herself. She was more confident, I saw her whole body, her tight ass looked amazing and she was just as eager as the first time. We tried new positions and she even wanted me to talk dirty to her.

I’ve got loads of stories from this couple (if you want me to submit them) as after 5 months I still play with them twice a month. We’ve done it all, her husband couldn’t be happier. Seeing her transform from a shy hotwife into this slutty butterfly is a job well done and they are now one of my favorite couples to play with.

Advice For Those Who Are Shy (For bulls, partners and hotwives)

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If you are a ‘bull’ who is looking for some advice on what to do if your hotwife is shy or if you’re a hotwife needing some answers I have written down some of my most asked questions and answers for you to reassure yourself with.

Will You Still Love Them

Most of the beginner hotwives worry that their partner will not love them after, or will get some judgement. That’s why I always start with a soft swap, we kiss, cuddle, flirt, maybe I let her touch my cock through my jeans and we fondle one another. That way they can see if they like it and how it makes them feel without committing to the actual sex.

Multiple dates

Meeting up on a date together or either as a trio is also important if that’s something they want to do. Going slow, a kiss, a touch, getting comfortable around one another, etc. Some take a few dates before they feel comfortable enough to even move onto the soft swap.

It’s pleasure, you’re not a slut for enjoying this.

The biggest thing is a lot of women don’t want to deal with the feeling of being a slut, some love that feeling, but at the start, it’s about doing what gives pleasure and reminding them that they are living out a fantasy which they can do once or hundreds of times. Not labeling it slutty and reminding her that it’s just fun is advised unless of course, that’s what she wants.

No talking

Some women, especially first-timers, don’t like the idea of going on a date, having drinks, and getting to know someone, instead, they just want you to come to a hotel room, no questions asked, and have sex with them.
There’s still a lot of talking and sexting before this and always a Skype call to make sure everyone is who they say they are, but in that call there doesn’t have to be anything but a few questions. Just make sure everyone knows exactly what they’re getting and they know what they want.

Become “Friends” with the cuckold

I’ve become friends and gone for drinks with the husband/boyfriend before, we then get to know each other, he can then introduce me to his wife in a ‘friend’s’ way. That way his wife feels like she’s having sex with a friend and not a stranger. Plus, it’s hotter for him to say do you want me to text my friend and get him to come over and fuck you? Or you can test sucking my friends cock first, maybe both our cocks together? It also makes her feel a lot more comfortable if she is shy.
A lot of bulls would leave this step out, due to the fact it takes time, but if you do it correctly you can have lots of couples on call that trust you and want you.

This Is For Her Boyfriend/Husband

Talk to her about her fantasies, open her up, let her know you’ll love her unconditionally, and show her that she can take small steps. If you find the guy and create a safe place to play there’s a big chance magic will happen. It’s finding the guy, meeting him, and setting up everything that puts most women off.


Some people are very secretive about the lifestyle and they would hate even their closest friend to find out, they need to trust you and feel safe and comfortable with you no matter what they type of play that you engage in.

Want Me To Help Your Shy Girlfriend or Wife?

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If you live in the USA, want a hung bull who knows respect, boundaries, and how to deal with shyness and a bull who understands cuckolding better than you know it yourself and understands the needs of the hotwife.

Leave a comment down below or contact Jack and Sarah via the contact form.

I love being a bull, it has allowed me to help so many couples and I get to get myself off too. I feel like being dominant was made for me and helping people into the cuckolding world and unveiling the curtain is something I take pride in.


  1. This is an incredible story. I have been wanting this for years. My wife is a shy wife, but does get wet when we talk about it. She sometimes tells me the things she would do to a stranger and sometimes she wants me tell her what I want her to do to someone. Its typically us in the same room, where she goes from a shy wife to a naughty wife.

  2. You did a great job, well done.
    I wish I could do what you do for hotwives and cucks, oh well, I guess it comes with experience and time.

  3. Phoenix area…

  4. I would like to chat more with you

  5. Would love you to become our bull, we had one previous MFM experience, with a friend, it lasted 6 months, it happened really easily, she knew him well and trusted him, she knew he wasn’t going to get obsessed or stalk her, so she felt safe. I’ve started to get her into the idea again with RP, but when I suggests we do it again she gets hesitant, it worries her, the idea of a stranger, in case she doesnt like him or is not attracted to him, she doesnt want to feel pressured into doing it if that is the case. At this point she needs someone other than me continually bringing it up. So I figure she need s to meet and feel comfortable with someone, get to know him a little, a gentleman outside the bedroom, a bull/dom inside it

  6. I’d love to see a guide for bulls that included common pitfalls that come up when having sex with a married woman. Not an all inclusive list:

    -How to keep proper emotional distance – be close enough they want to date and fuck you, but not have them think about leaving their husbands.

    -Deal with demands for exclusivity (std risk mitigation)

    -Bring up std testing and wanting it done prior to bareback intercourse

    -Dealing with gifts from the wife – I’ve been the recipient of very extravagant gifts from wives, and while it doesn’t seem like it would be a problem, it was for me as I knew their financial situation was not that great.

    -Keeping the wife from crossing a line with her husband. If the husband isn’t happy, you won’t be a bull long.

    Love your write up, it is on point from my personal limited experience as a bull (only served for two couples but were long termish).

    • That’s a really good idea, I’m not sure why I haven’t done something like this. You have amazing points, that I’ll be sure to mention. I’m going to ask my bull his experience with this and I’ll think about mine and Jacks own experience and we will put something together. Thank you for such an amazing comment and I hope to see you around again – Sarah <3

    • where are you? I am a submissive cuckold wannabe who may want to ask your help in overcoming my wife’s shyness

  7. I enjoyed your story and tips immensely. Wife and I have been together since high school. I’m the only one she’s ever been with. Retired now in our mid 50’s in South Florida, half the year. Living the dream. We or I mostly, fantasize about her having causal sex regularly with a hung nice guy. She definitely gets off on the idea, even had a friend that got close to fulfilling the fantasy when we were in our late 30’s but she got nervous that someone would find out so it fizzled out. They even went on a pseudo date, and she kissed him. Best sex we ever had when she came home, we talk about it often. She’s 5’-9”, 160, athletic build nice D’s and always working out and dresses conservative till she’s in the bedroom. She’s not so much shy, but definitely Catholic self-conscious. We both would like to find someone that we are friendly with at first and develops into our fantasy relationship. Thanks so much for the advice.

  8. you are exactly the man i want my shy wife to meet. please advise. (I will send pics in best way i can. kik works best)

  9. This is a fascinating story with so many point my wife and I can relate to. We live in central florida and currently explore the cuck/hotwife lifestyle. We have been for about 4 years. She is older than me, 39. I am 29. We met eachother through mutual friends and within days we were having sex and it escalated into a relationship, then marriage. She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful body, little breasts with cute little sensitive nipples, nice round hips, round perky butt and a pretty little tasty pussy. Honestly the best pussy i have ever had. She spent her life before we met traveling and most of her encounters with men were sexual with no strings. We quickly bonded over our openess about sex and our lack of judgement for being human. I initiated the cuckold/hotwifing fantasy and while scheptical at first we both agreed to try anything at least once. The first experience was ok, he was a much younger guy but we both loved the concept. She loves feeling different men sexually and i loved watching my wife having sex in front of me. She has since fucked many men, some bwc which is absolutely her favorite. I do all the arrangements and she is still so shy to come out of her shell and see what all us men see in her beauty. Once the sex starts she turns into an animal but prior to that she is nervous and very shy. I especially took note that you spoke with the shy woman frequently and got to know her. My wife has never done that with a bull. If florida is in your scope it would be amazing for you to get to know my wife and maybe coach us on how to really accept that its ok to be who we are and enjoy this. She wants to be a true hotwife, we need a man like you to make her just that. Not to mention everything you described is all her favorite desires from a bull. She would love to meet you and enjoy eachother while i watch and learn.

  10. Great story

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